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South Beach or Weight Watchers?

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So... I've been doing Weight watchers for the past 2 weeks, but I'm starting to wonder if another plan is right for me. I did very well the first week with WW, but not so well on the second week, and even managed to gain a little bit back of what was lost. I understand that this is because I didn't stick to the plan on a couple of days....completely and totally my fault.

However, with a system that only focuses on a point system with suggested healthy foods, I find myself filling up my daily points with really carby things (to the point that I'm eating more carbs than I did before WW) simply because they fit into my daily point values and the healthy foods are only suggestions. This can't possibly be good for my cravings and carb crashes. Would a more strict system be better for me? One that tells me what is good and what is not?

I came across the South Beach Diet on here, and I immediately liked the idea of focusing on Good carb and bad carbs to eliminate crab crashes and cravings. However, the idea that you can lose so much weight so quickly is unnerving. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is! But, I have done a bit of research on the internet (haven't read the book) and was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback on the diet and if its worth buying the book and following. How good is it for long term weight loss, and how healthy is it to cut out so many important fibers (cereals, etc) and nutrients (fruits) for a month (which I understand to be phase 1). A jump start loss of 15 pounds would be reeeaallllyyy nice, but how realistic is it, really?

Any advice would be great! Thanks!


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I am personally in favor of South Beach.  On South Beach, you only cut out grains and fruit for 2 weeks, not a month.  Then you add them back in.  I lost 90 pounds with South Beach and kept it off for 8 years.  I find that when I stick to South Beach, my carb cravings go away entirely, which makes it much easier to continue to eat healthy.  I also count my calories when doing South Beach, to maximize my weight loss.

Most of what you lose in the first phase of South Beach is going to be water weight. The important part is getting rid of those cravings.

I personally think south beach is a good way to go.  I tried it for a few weeks and failed because of lack of follow through.  I am planning on starting it up again here real soon.  During the first phase I didn't lose as much as the book claims but my body is unique (thyroid cancer affects metabolism)

I did not buy the book.  I got it at the library!  I checked out the regular book and the recipe book.    I recommend doing that before spending money on something that might not be the best option for you.

I do not know about long term but it sounds like the weight management part (or phase 3) is reasonable.
Good luck!  And go to the library!  =)


I have been doing weight watchers (again) since the end of January with so-so results.   Recently, I've begun following a combination of South Beach and weight watchers and its going really well.  I cut out all refined carbs but still stay within my daily points target. 

I found I'm not as hungry during the day.  I've lost 5 pounds in the last week and I don't have the cravings I do when I eat carbs.  It seems to be working!

Why do you need to do either? Many of us on here have lost weight simply by counting calories and eating a balanced diet.

Must agree with theholla...Yup...I've tried both WW and SB...and yet here I am, doing neither, losing weight slowly but steadily doing nothing more than eating sensibly and counting calories.  Oh, and working out at least 5 days/week.  I think the key isn't in how many carbs you eat, cutting fruit out of your diet or using a silly points system (which I could NEVER figure out anyway).  It's in making good choices, making sure you're burning more than you're putting in your body and being smart.

 BTW...with south beach...they don't put a restriction on how many calories you eat, just the types of food.  Makes no sense really.  I can spend two weeks eating no carbs but I can eat as many cheese sticks as I want?  Really?  Not super healthy now is that?  

I do have to say I enjoy the south beach cookbooks though.  I don't follow their phases at all...I eat whatever I want, but they do have some very good, easy to prepare meals.  

But it's all what works for you.  Like I said...tried both...failed at both.  Good luck with whatever you choose though! ;)

Maybe give WW a little more time? 2 weeks is not long enough to form a habit. You can obviously identify where your problems were in week 2 - so why not work towards addressing those rather than quit and try something else?

It is true WW might not be ideal "for you" - but don't be so quick to flip flop from fad to fad.

Dedication is what will work!

which one is free?

I have been on WW since the summer (on and off I suppose lol) but overall I have lost about 20 pounds and I wasn't really that overweight. My mom and dad have also been on it and combined we have lost about 90 lbs. I never did south beach, but I would have to say WW. It takes a little while to get your body used to the amount of points you can eat. It definitely took me a month to start being satisfied, but I think it is worth it. Recently, I have been counting and doing the point system. I feel this is working best because some "points" are more calorie dense. I compare the two and lately I have been eating less than my alotted points. I am still at the calorie goal for the day, but it just allows you to see it both ways.

But for the beginning I would stick to the points and not worry about the calories. That's just my opinion! Hope it helps a little.

I've tried WW and SB at various times and one can lose weight on them, but then one can lose weight on almost any diet provided the calories consumed are less than the calories burned. And that is the problem. Lifestyle change is what is needed to keep the weight off and a healthy approach to food and exercise is the best long term. Because of medical conditions I count calories using CC, but follow SB low sugars/serving food choices, and also favor higher protein, low fat choices. This helps keep my triglycerides and LDL cholesterol low. Find what works for you as far as food choices, marry it with CC, and stick with it.

Thanks all for the input! I actually decided this morning to mesh South Beach and WW together. This way the food that fills up my points are healthier, and I get the benefits of good carbs versus bad carbs.

I understand where everyone is coming from when they say that any diet will work so long as the calories burned are greater than those taken in. However, I want to lose the healthiest way possible, and I thought South beach's system to be based off of healthy principles (Phase 2 and phase 3). I know a day will come when I have to eat and get by without the aid of a diet, but with 70 pounds to lose, and having tried calorie counting before, I felt the need to try something different in hopes that it would stick and burn all of this unhealthy weight off before I have to face heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. 

Thanks again everyone!

Best of luck!  ;)

I have been on the Weight Watchers plan for 2 years now. And a few months ago I read an article titled "Turbo Weight Watchers PLan" in a local health magazine. I read that if you cut carbs from the Weight Watchers plan you can speed up your weight loss. So, I incorporated the Weight Watchers plan with the South Beach Diet and received very exciting results. I did Phase 1 for two weeks while still counting my points and I lost 10 pounds and have managed to keep the weight off. So I would suggest that you do both. Just google the South Beach plan for free. Dont waste your money buying the book. 

I'd give WW a bit longer, bulking up meals with plenty of fruit and veg and lowering your carbs.  I've lost weight successfully with WW before, but haven't tried the South Beach diet. I did get the book out of the library, but to be honest, i thought it looked like it would be too expensive to follow - expensive cuts of meat and type of fish and vegetables which would be expensive to buy here in Scotland out of season.  Good Luck with it!

Actually I'm sick of low carb I miss fruit and vegetables to much!! So ww may b a great option. Or a low fat mid carb
I'm not even going to pretend to address the OP since its from 2009, but oh pollyalice... Does this mean you are not going to advise new people on your diet-du-jour until you sort this out?
Lol no. I'm a wreck! Always wanting to find a lifestyle that fits. I'm currently researching thai diet. Lots of rice spices veges.
Will you make a promise to not recommend the merits of the Thai diet (whatever that is) until you've been on long enough to at least count as days instead of hours? I'd consider it a favor if you'd promise.
Promise:))) sorry. I am obsessed with finding the perfect fit. I can't just count calories. It has to be natural and easy.
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