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Weight Loss
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20 something females with 20-70 pounds to lose!

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Hello ALL!!

So i have been looking all over this site and i havent found an active forum for females in their 20's looking to lose 20-70 pounds! I recently lost 41 pounds and i am looking to lose another 20 or so to get back down to my ideal weight. Since i didnt see one i decided to start one!

I need a place to rant about weight loss frustrations, exercise habits and healthful tips so that all my friends don't abandon me because all I talk about is weight loss! I've been reading reall beautiful forums but none of them are currently active and i would love to form some community with females my own age struggling with weight loss. If anyone KNOWS of a community, let me know! Thanks!


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Hi! I'd like to join too! I'm 27 5'5 and 185. Just started tracking my calories two days ago. Would like to get down to 145 by Oct. and I live in Atlanta, Ga. I've thought about juicing before but don't want to spend a ton on a juicer. Any suggestion for a reliable brand?
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Hello there I would love to join I am 20 also and I would live to lose 60 pounds since I weight 166 and I hate when I see myself in the mirror everything is so tight I don't know how I got to these weight.

Welcome guys!

@ Schooae- I bought an Omega juicer BMJ3300 Ill put the link below. It was 175 bucks but i got it from Bed Bath and Beyond and i had a 25% off coupon and my credit card gives me reward points so i got 200 bucks in rewards point and basically got the juicer for free. Juicers seem to be one of those things that people use a few times and then give away so try looking on craiglist or something for a used one if money is en issue. Welcome to the forum!

@ybabygirl-Welcome! Its so hard to feel overweight and have all your clothes fit tight. I know how you feel. This cant definitely be the place to vent. You want to get down to 106 lbs? How tall are you? Aim for health weight loss at about 1-2 lbs per week and eating health and exercising youll get there! a+juicer&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=fir efox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop& ;cid=10400505627853479961&sa=X&ei=Lzl _T-_ZK6bY0QGY1634Bw&ved=0CL8BEPICMAM

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I am 5 ft tall but i it's possible for me to weight 110 I would say there you now I don't want to be super skinny either

Good Morning Ladies!!

I am on top of the world right now! I woke up this morning and weighed 144.5 after being on a plateau of 146-149 for the past 3 weeks despite eating right and working out harder than i have ever in my life. I cant even begin to explain how frustrated and discouraged I was after going to the gym day after day and not seeing the results on the scale. My body looked slimmer and i was happy about that but i want to see the number drop so i can have something concrete to mark the weight loss. And boy did it this morning, 144.5. I have seen 143.5 back in february before i fell off the wagon again (i met a guy, we were drinking and eating late into the night, every night, couldnt do THAT anymore!) So i am hoping that in the next week i can see 143.5 and then just keep going. I dont care if the next 5-6 pounds takes a month, im sure it will but i just really want to weigh 135 for my big trip to Europe this summer.

I will be in Europe for a month after i graduate my masters program and I want to feel and look my fittest! I want a picture of myself and my bestie on the beach in Italy looking fit and tan, happy and healthy!

Yay! I am so glad i didnt give up last week when i was really discouraged because the scale wouldnt move! Really proud of myself then i kept going!

How is everything progress? What are everyones goals? What are your ultimate goals weights and how are things moving along!?

Happy Saturday everyone :)



Moiragbk- Congrats on getting past the plateau! Thats awesome that you have your Europe trip to look forward to and to use as motivation. I did a month long trip in Europe last summer and it was so much fun!


I've been doing ok this weekend (weekends are always hard since I enjoy going out at night and it seems like friends always want to get dinner somewhere). I also live in NYC so yesterday I decided to try something new for exercise. I went to a hip hop dance class and it was so much fun! I don't think I was very good at it, but its nice to change things up. I'm quite sore today, so I can tell I was using parts of my body I don't usually use when I'm just running or going on the elliptical.

I just graduated from undergrad last May and I definitely found it difficult to eat healthy. It seemed like I never had time to cook (and I'm not very good at it) so I would always eat on Campus. Now work is starting to slow down a little bit that I'm not eating every meal at work. I really want to try other types of class. Have any of you taken kickboxing before?

Hope you're all having a good weekend!


I seem to fit the brief for the group nicely! Mind if I join? You all seem super class and I'm very much looking forward to hearing your rants. :D

Oh yeah, I'm 20 years old and 185lb (down from 200 since March) hoping to lose around 60 more.

@moiragbk Ha, you and I have a lot in common already! I study psychology and recently finished classes on cognitive behavioural therapy and I've been looking into the subject myself, it seems incredibly interesting! Also, I'm inter-railing around Europe in June. Can't wait, eeeeeeeee! :3

Good luck everyone! :)



@Claire- Sweet that you live in NYC too! Its so hard to be a 20-something and be social and stay within your calorie budget. When i go out with friends we always have dinner somewhere, where i am sure everything is covered in butter and oil and then on top of that, we are drinking! I have been trying to do other social activities with friends like take yoga classes and see plays so we dont spend the whole night eating and drinking. Thus far its working pretty well!

I have taken kickboxing. I dont really love it. Its not my style of working out. I dont see a HUGE benefit from it. Its good cardio but i like more structured workouts. Way to go thought because sore. God i love that feeling! I love dance classes. I like zumba and bootcamp sorts of classes.

@focus-Yes please join the group!! I know exactly what it feels like to be 185. I was there last year girl. Awesome job losing 15 pounds! Keep up the good work!

Where are you going in Europe? I love to travel in Europe. I backpacked when i graduated high school and we took the Eurail all over. It was so much fun. Now my best friend lives in Paris and i am staying with her for the month and then we are heading to Italy to celebrate the fact that we both got our masters.

CBT is super interesting. Its exactly what i want to do, its a cross between Buddhism and tradition therapy which is exactly what i wanted to teach people to better their lives. Welcome!

I had a total cheat today today! Haha awful day calorie wise but an excellent day in general. I went to NJ to see my family, who are probably just the most wonderful human beings on the planet. I love spending time with them. We always have such a good time.

I dined on shrimp cocktails, potato chips, chocolate and burgers and i enjoyed every second of it. I told myself i could cheat all day. I am not exactly sure how many potato chips i ate so its hard to say how many calories i actually consumed but i couldnt imagine it went much over 2100+ which is fine for a cheat day.

However, now i feel sluggish and i am craving more bad food which i know is a side effect of eating **** food all day. Luckily i got an hour long walk in Prospect Park this morning so that was decent. I am very much looking forward to eating healthy and exercise a TON tomorrow. I want to hit the gym SUPER hard. Run in the morning and then take a class at noon. There are two classes in a row so ill try and see if i can make it through both of them to make up for some of the excessive calories today. Then i am off to have an awesome week! Luckily i have off tomorrow so i can spend it in the gym and get back on track first thing monday morning. I will food shop when i get home from the gym too to make sure i have plenty of health stuff to cook up during the week and BRING MY LUNCH TO WORK!!. Spinach, grilled chicken, tomato soup (low sodium) almonds, and plenty of fresh fruit!! Apples, bananas, mangos, blackberry raspberries and strawberries! So excited that all the fruit is coming into season.

Keep on the great work ladies!!


Im 27 and his is my second time on the site, didnt do well last time as couldnt get my head into gear but thought its time to try gain, i need massive amounts of motivation as that is something that doesnt come naturally, any one with any help and advice i would love to hear from you,


i hope your all doing well and wish you all the best, i hope we will be able to support each other x x

Hi Leanne! welcome :)

What are some of your goals? What are you having the most trouble with? We can definitely be buddies in this whole weight loss journey! I would love to know more about some of the issues you are facing.

Can you go to the gym?What are your eating habits like and your fitness level?

We can all do this together!

I'd love to join, too!!

I'm 25, 5'5" and 221 lbs. - down from 278 last May, woohoo! It's so weird...I originally set myself a goal to lose just 10-15 lbs., then I went home for the summer, ignored our notoriously unreliable scale, and came back to school last fall 25 lbs. lighter. Totally awesome! My eventual goal is 165 lbs., but my short-term goal is to comfortably fit into a size 16 for graduation (currently at a...well, probably a 17.75).

@moira - thanks for coming up with this thread, and CONGRATULATIONS on your impending graduation! Feel proud of yourself that you're becoming a master of not only social work...but of your own health! :D I'm getting my masters in speech therapy in 32 days, ack...finding the time and motivation to continue hitting the gym every day is going to be a challenge, but I refuse to give up! And I would let yourself have a quote-unquote cheating day once in a may be bad for the diet, but it's good for the soul. Or that's what I tell myself when I add a small scoop of hot chocolate mix in my morning coffee, ha ha. ;) 

@claire I took kickboxing for a short while in undergrad and it was intense. I wasn't in shape as much as I am now, but it apparently works all those fiddly muscles that you (read: I) would have to work out using the machines in the gym that make you look like a doofus, so I know I would be down for it if I had the opportunity! 

By the way, how many of us are east coasters? I live in the DC metro area currently.

Hey Leanne! I hope that you find this group motivational. I know that it always helps me stay motivated throughout the day when I know I'll be sharing how I'm doing with others. 

Hi Crystal! Congrats on your weightloss so far! You're doing great!  As for kickboxing...I'm not in that great of shape right now and I'm fully expecting the class to be intense! I know how you feel about those machines at the gym. I always feel like I'm using them incorrectly. What do you like to do for exercise now?

Moiragbk- I'm pretty sure its impossible for me to visit my family without the day becoming a cheat day! How did you do at the gym today?

My Monday went pretty well. I went to the gym before work, stayed around 1600 cal today and walked home from work.


no, I don't belong to any gym. but I'm thinking about joining a Thai Boxing class :D

but DVD sounds great too. maybe I'll try to see if there's boxing one lol

I kicked off 3 pounds already :D yeah me!!! I'm the kind of mesomoph so I lose easy as much as I gain :p still I need some exercise all I can do now is jumping jack lol

do you girls go to gym? how do you all exercise?

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Hey everyone!! I'm 21 years old, 5'4" and I currently weigh 148 pounds down from 155 about a month ago.  I really need help with motivation and support to get to my goal of 130 by graduation May 20th.  Would you guys mind if I joined?  I loved reading all the posts on this forum and I can be really helpful with both motivation and recipes!  

I need help getting away from salty food.  I only ever crave salt, and I don't eat anything sugary simply because I don't have a sweet tooth.  Salt retains water weight and makes me feel really bloated.  I work out 6 days a week, usually for an hour.  Sometimes it will only be a half hour if I'm doing a trifecta of Tony Horton 10 min videos.  I'll usually do a cardio one, a lower body one, and an abs one.  I would say my body type is neither pear nor apple.  I think I gain weight proportionally, but I gain A LOT of weight in my chest, and it's just too much.  I'm trying to lose a great deal of that because I have horrible back issues and they just seem to suffocate me.  Does anyone know any good exercises to make your chest smaller?  I have also started to recently (within the past year) gain extra weight in my neck, giving me a double chin, and I can't seem to lose it.  I'm not sure there are any exercises specifically for that part of your body, but if anyone knows anything that could help, that would be wonderful.  I'd love to hear more rants.  I know it can be frustrating not having many people to rant to because they either think it's annoying to hear or they aren't supportive.  Also, I don't go to the gym.  I just don't have time to drive there.  But I have ton's of home workouts if anyone is interested.  I used to have a trainer during the summers, so I get many of my workouts from that.  Good luck everyone, and have a great day tomorrow!! :) 

Hey all!

Welcome Meg! We have similar stats I am also trying to get down to 130 by my graduation may 20! Lets do it together!! What are you graduation from? Congrats! I am also really struggling with my sodium intake. I am going over every single day and its so frustrating because its so hard for me to avoid!! More on that later..I do not know any exercises to make your chest smaller. I am having the opposite problem, i am trying to make my chest more toned.

So glad to hear everyone is doing well!Keep up the good eating and exercising!

I didn't go to the gym yesterday because my girlfriend i usually go with had an audition so i decided to stay in Brooklyn and not travel into Manhattan just to go to the gym. I lifted weights and dance in my apartment to Britney Spears and Beyonce for about 2 hours since i had the apartment to myself :)

I went to the gym this morning. I go to Lucille Robert, which i love because they have all different types of classes at different levels of impact. Its also all women which i love because theres no mental game with men there. Ive gone to coed gyms before and men always check you out or you are selfconscious bc there IS a hot guy there and you dont want to be all red and sweaty because thats exactly why you ARE there to be red and sweaty! I also love that their are women of all shapes and sizes. There are women who clearly have eating disorders and there are 400+ women and everyone is so friendly and encouraging to one another.

I try and go to the gym 5-6 times a week. I often exercise with a friend so that's useful to have a workout buddy who gets my butt in the gym because there is a built social aspect into the exercise but its also nice to have private time because i can normally push myself a little harder when my workout buddy isn't around. She is always injuring herself or complaining of pain and cant do much running or cardio which holds me back sometimes.

So i went to the gym today and ran/walked for 30 minutes and then took a FIT Bootcamp class which i really enjoy! I like when classes yell at you 'PUSH UPS! JUMPING JACKS! SQUATS! RUN AROUND THE ROOM!"  it makes me feel like i am getting a good workout. I worked out yesterday and today and i intend on hitting the gym tomorrow after work, thursday morning 10-12 and friday morning from 11-2. I am going to Philadelphia friday to see some friends and i am worried i will drink too much and it will ruin my weight loss for the week.

I was so happy last week when i woke up on day 3 and weighed 144.5! Then i had a night of drinking and Easter ( too much sodium) and have been waking up weighing 146.5 which is so annoying because i havent eaten THAT much over my calories but the salt and booze affects my weight so much. Drinking is so caloric and makes me bloated and retain water. Then after a day or two of eating 200-300 over my 1500 calorie intake and drinking, it takes me days to get back down to my regular weight. Its the most frustrating thing.

Even when i think i am eating pretty well, like today i had a yogurt, 6inch turkey sandwich from subway and veggie stir fry with one tblsp low sodium soy sauce and i am already at 118% of my daily sodium! Its been impossible to stay under the sodium intake for the day. I am really going to try and stay under the next week and see if it makes a big difference in my weight. I really want to weight 139 by may 1. Thats my next goal!

Despite the frustration about the scale i am going to keep up the hard work and clean eating!! I am going to cut back on the salt, eating fresh fruits and veggies, exercising 5-6 times a week and limit alcohol to 2-3 glasses a week of red wine or light beer. I also want to up the cardio and running. My tracy anderson DVDS on are coming friday!! So excited to start them!!



I go to the gym at my school 6 days a week...the 7th I usually just go on a long walk because the gym is closed. :P I'm getting super bored though. There's not a lot of variety in the machines (, but I've been doing 20-25 minutes of elliptical, 10 minutes of cycling, and 10-15 minutes of weights every day. And by "bored" I mean mentally - I'm sweating and my heart's pounding, but there's not the feeling of challenge to it anymore (I'm actually at max resistance on the elliptical sometimes). I may actually need a higher-intensity non-gym workout soon, but I'm not sure what to do because I have knee and foot problems (so no treadmill/running). Anyone have any suggestions? 

I am with you all on the salty food! I tend to justify it in the sense that I know I'm sweating a lot and drink a ton of water anyways...I drink at least 30-40 oz of water while I'm at the gym plus another 40-60oz throughout the day so that's diluting the salt concentration in my body, right? I typically don't add salt to anything but happen to sometimes eat foods that CC says has a lot of salt (e.g. the soup that I get for free lunch at my internship. I mean, free lunch! But still).

@Meg - I've lost a lot of weight in my chest only just recently (read: a whole cup size) after working at it for a long time, so I don't know if that helps...but I'm more hippy to begin with. 

What I *am* frustrated about is that I think all the bits of me that have stretch marks from quickly gaining weight (*cough* over the course of a very stressful first semester of graduate school) are stubborn to getting slimmer. Specifically, my upper arms, thighs, and belly pooch are very resistant, though my butt, back, and calves are slimming down considerably. Has anyone else noticed this? 

@claire - thanks :) I don't know that I would even join a kickboxing class right now...still too self-conscious about all the jigglyness I'm carrying around, haha! It would be so much fun though, and you'd feel like a ninja!

@moira - don't worry about having too much fun in Philly, consider it a reward for working so hard! Maybe it'll be a good exercise in moderation? Maybe? And you can TOTALLY reach your goal. It's so close! You can do it!!

@disaster - what's a Thai Boxing class like? 

What DOES everyone else do for a workout? Do you recommend any good DVD's? Or, even, if you all do weights, what specific areas do you work on? I do a lot of arm/upper back exercises because I have wide hips and I figure it'll make me look more even overall...but I'm starting to do more squats and inner/outer thigh stuff too. 

Also, what gets/keeps you motivated? I listen to my favorite music on the elliptical and change the resistance and speed that I use it based on how fast or slow the song is. So for example, I go at a lower resistance/higher speed for faster songs, but higher resistance/slower speed for slower song. I should also add that I *only* allow myself to listen to music while working out, which gets me to the gym every day in the first place ;)

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Moira, thank you and congrats to you as well!  I'm from New Jersey but I go to school at the University of Rhode Island, and we do seem to have all the same goals! Where do you go to school?  I'd like to get down to 139 by May 1st as well.  I understand your sodium frustration all too well.  I had a blueberry light yoplait yogurt for breakfast on the way to class and a 22 cal. rice cake after.  Then for lunch I had a light veggie burger, just the patty, and I made a salmon avocado sushi roll.  I had a couple glasses of water with it so that I wouldn't want to eat more.  Then, the next step killed me.  I had soy sauce with my sushi, about a tablespoon, and now I'm over for my sodium for the day :(.  I feel like I would be losing all the extra pounds if my sodium intake was just cut in half.  Salt is definitely my weak spot, as I can eat it as is.  I can never have too much salt, and trying to cut it out is not working well for me.  I'll be working out in about an hour with one of my roommates who really motivates me.  Moira, that's funny you say that you probably get a better workout without your friend because she holds you back, as thats probably what my roommate thinks as we're working out together haha.  You seem to be having a great workout schedule in the days ahead, putting a lot of time to working out.  I wish I had a gym around me that did classes like that, or an ALL WOMENS gym.  I hate how men can stare and you feel like they're either judging you or hitting on you :/ men.  An all women's gym seems like the perfect workout environment.  Women always band together and help each other out.  I've never heard of tracy anderson.  What kind of workout does she do?  I'm really nervous to weigh myself in again because I don't feel like I'm looking any different and I don't want to get discouraged.  I think sodium is the only thing holding me back.

 @Crystal- I really like the idea of NOT listening to music unless you are working out. If i have a new record or play list it motivates me to work out so i always try a Download new music to bop along to!

Do you have a park you can workout in or flat roads near you that aren't that busy? I love to Rollerblade! CC puts is at burning 795 per hour!! It is quite the workout. I live in Brooklyn near the main park, Prospect Park and there is this big hill that kicks my booty every time. I love rollerblading!

I also love to dance. I mostly do it when I am alone in the house so i can blast my cheesy 90's guilty pleasure pop music without bothering anyone.

I also love to jump rope, its a KILLER workout and its super cheap! Its so hard to do! Its awesome cardio and great for your calves and butt but im not sure how it would work with your knees. If anyone is going to jump rope, dont do it on a concrete/very hard surface because it can cause shin splints so do it on grass or a softer material surface.

Lastly, I love to do yoga which i think would work well for you Crystal if you can tolerate the slower pace. There's a very peaceful quality to the workout. Its very mediative and connects you to your body. When i was a beginner, i used a beginner DVD and did it for months and enjoyed it. Luckily i have a "by donation" yoga studio in my neighborhood so i try and take classes a few times a month when i need a good stretch!

I have a few motivational tools. Every couple of months i buy a pair of pants that i can button up but that are ENITRELY too tight and give me a wicked muffin top! I have fit into each pair that i've bought thus far and i just bought a new pair of size 6 white jeans to work myself into. They always FIT but are just super tight! I try them on each week and see some much closer i am to my goal!

I will post something later on tonight about the different body parts and how you lift them! I will write up something comprehensive when i leave i am sitting in class NOT paying attention right now. Haha!!

@Meg- Ughh the salt. I am in the EXACT same boat. I think all the weight would fall off if i cut my sodium in half. Its so hard to limit my salt intake. If you eat any soup, or canned ANYTHING ( i had hearts of palm in a salad, HALF my sodium intake for the day), salad dressing, jalapenos, its absurd!

Tracy Anderson is a guru personal trainer who works with Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Nicole Richie. Her method is to work the accessory muscles surrounding the main muscles ( main muscles = biceps, triceps,quads, etc) So these accessory muscles are supposed to bring in the main muscles giving a toned but not bulky look to the muscles. I read about 400 reviews and most people said they saw result within the first couple of weeks so I cant wait to try it out!

Maybe try to cut back on the salt for the next three days and then weigh yourself to get a baseline about where you are at.... I think i am going to do a juice/fresh fruit/veggie fast the next two days to rid myself of the bloat and excess salt in my system and try to get back down o 144.5 so that way i can get to 143.5 by next week!


Hi guys! My name is Elizabeth and Im 24 years old.  Mother of a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old! So I joined quite a while back, but have never really followed the program :/ I hope that this time it will help me reach my goals! I currently weigh 168 and I want to weigh 125lbs.  Ive been up and down for the longest and I had actually reached 150 back in october and then completely lost it and gained it all back!! Ive been doing the Jillian Michaels body revolution program for three weeks now and feel so discouraged because havent managed to los ANY weight! I try to follow her diet plan as much as possible and still seem to not see any results!! I feel like something is wrong with, but Im trying to keep my hopes up and hope that I can find the motivation here.  Today is my first day back on CC!

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