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something cool...I've lost close to 15lbs~ but I'm kinda bummed...nobody seems to notice:(

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I guess it's just nice to hear people ask..."have you lost sum weight?" makes you feel good when you've been working so hard at it~
Maybe I really haven't lost that much yet for others to notice, but I feel like there is a visible difference around my mid section~I also went down a pant size~
I'm 5' 2" and my SW was about 202lbs and my CW is 188~
If nobody notices after 20lbs, I think I'll feel really sad~

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I was the same as you! I dropped 20lbs and nobody noticed..not even my family. I was like woah, ok..but I could see a BIG difference. It's harder to tell with clothes on (obviously). Don't let it discourage you though!

It takes a little while before people notice, but if u don't keep at it, all the hard work u've already done will be wasted! But 15lbs is great! That's fantastic. I wish u the best of luck.

People don't want to offend. And I know, you say, "How is complimenting someone offensive?" Well, it can be offensive if you haven't lost weight or have gained weight. For instance, I lost 100 pounds and regained 20 and people kept commenting, saying, "Have you lost weight?" and I felt like crap because I actually gained weight since they last saw me. Simply stated, people generally won't comment on your weight unless they are without a doubt positive you have in fact lost weight. I didn't seem to get a lot of weight loss comments until I lost over 30. 

Also, you have to consider your clothing. You have lost 15 pounds, which is great, but I doubt you have bought smaller clothes already, so people won't notice this weight loss easily.

I Guess it will still be a while before people start to notice, it really isn't that drastic of a change...as far as new clothes...no I haven't bought any, but I have pants in sizes from 12 to 16 in my closet~ I was actually happy that I could fit into my 14 jeans again :)

Well done with 15lbs!

The people who see you often probably won't notice for a while. I've lost 22lbs and my immediate family haven't said anything.

However, my step family have. 

My boyfriend has as well though, and one time a friend at university said they could see a difference.  I guess whether people notice your loss depends on how often they see you and how observant they are... Also it could be affected by how quickly you lose the weight. 

It took me a year to lose 20 lbs (I lost motivation and maintained for half a year) and can definately feel the difference, but didn't realise how different I look until I compared one of this year's Christmas photos with last year's. People (and yourself) get used to how you look.

15lbs should be noticeable though, and you noticed it yourself. You must have lost at least an inch and as you said, you lost a size.

Also, don't forget that the closer you get to your goal, the more noticeable the loss will be. 

First of all:  CONGRATS IN THE WEIGHT LOSS!  You are among people who can appreciate what it took to lose 15 pounds.  I expect that you are feeling better, moving more easily, starting to need a smaller size in your clothes....sometimes we just have to find the smallest bits of positive feedback to give ourselves.  Somedays it might be that I had a "perfect" calorie count day and did an awesome workout.  Other days it is because I did not eat an entire large pizza by myself.

People began to comment on my weight loss when I had dropped 25-30 pounds (I am taller than you, BTW), and those were people who saw me infrequently.  I think it becomes important to find other reinforcements beside what other people think.

Same here.  I finally pointed it out to my daughter and she said, "Wow, that's good!"  But I had to brag myself before she noticed.  I don't care!  I'm doing okay, plan to keep it up with or without support.  I have also been able to say, "No" when people offer me candy and stuff.  This effort has enable me to finally start buying clothes again.  YEA!

Don't quit!   One pound at a time.

If your focus is to get others attention, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Don't let that be your motivation. Look at  yourself and compliment yourself. I can't imagine walking around hoping that someone says " you've lost weight."Keep working hard for your health and after about 40 or 50 lbs, believe me, they will notice. And if they don't?......y does it even matter?

durenia, I highly doubt the OP's sole reason for wanting to lose weight is so people will compliment her, but that doesn't mean it isn't nice to hear! It's like getting a haircut, or buying new clothes. You might have just done it because your fringe was getting in your eyes, or your favourite top got a stain, but you're still slightly bummed if no one notices. 

OP, congratulations on your weight loss! 15lbs is fantastic and you definitely shouldn't feel discouraged, keep at it. I can definitely echo what people have said about people they see on a regular basis not noticing. I got no comments about a fairly small loss from people I saw every day, but when I saw a friend I hadn't seen in months, he said I looked great and asked if I'd lost weight?

Another reason people might not say anything is politeness. As Danny said, most people will try not to make any comments - positive or negative - about a person's weight unless they're absolutely sure they're right. In fact, the friend I just mentioned almost didn't say he thought I'd lost weight, as he worried it might come across as offensive. You ever meet those hyper-sensitive people, who you tell them they look nice and they respond with 'What? So normally I look like crap?' I'm not saying you're that person at all, but nobody wants to run the risk of illiciting that kind of response with what was intended to be a compliment.

It might take a while for people to say anything, but that shouldn't dishearten you. You've made amazing progress already and YOU can see the difference, on the scale and in front of the mirror, so keep doing it for you.

Darling, you look amazing!!! Have you lost weight?

people don't notice because they're mostly concerned with their own stuff.

Yeah, sometimes people notice, but don't want to say anything because they don't want to risk offending you. I was visiting my fiancée's family this past weekend, and his mom later told him that I looked like I've lost weight, but she didn't want me to think that she thought I was fat before. And I've only lost 10 pounds! Odds are, they HAVE noticed, but just haven't mentioned it to you. Don't be discouraged, though! Another 15 pounds, and they won't be able to stop themselves from complimenting you!

From observing a small number of men who have lost substantial weight, no-one seems to notice until the man loses at least 10% of body weight.  I don't know if that holds true for women.

Remember, before losing weight, we all tend to dress in clothes that conceal those extra pounds.  And everyone is wearing winter clothes now anyway.



We're in the same boat, I've also lost 15lbs, but truthfully I think people don't start to really notice until it's like 25-30lbs, I can definitely tell the difference though and it's awesome! Good job!!

If they see you every day, weight loss is not as dramatic than if they see you once a week or so. 

candidateforwax~ Thanks so much for understanding~ And coigue...Your a Sweet Thing;)~
Actually...Thanks for all your commentsWink

That's just silly...of course my "FOCUS" in losing weight is not solely for others attention. There is not just one reason why people want to lose weight~
I defiantly don't walk around just hoping for someone to notice me.
I will say, I do look forward to it when someone says "Wow, you look good have you lost weight". Am I wrong in wanting to hear this from people?


For me there are MANY reasons why I wanna lose weight(I wont list all). My "Focus" is aimed at my health. Wanting to improve my appearance is another. I'd like to FEEL & LOOK better~ And YES damn it...I want people to see a difference in how I look, if I didn't care how people saw me...I would most likely lose some of my motivation to lose weight.

I think you'd be a bit of a fibber if you said you didn't care just a little bit of what people think of you and how they see you~

Anyhow...This is a great topic because I think we all want, and not in an insane vain kinda way, for people to notice us and complement us on our accomplishments~

I feel alot of people are concerned about their appearance and how others see them~ I'm not ashamed...I'm the first to say when I have to run to the store and I'm looking like major crap.."I hope I dont see anyone I know today, I look like hell"~
I am by far a vain person...I guess it's the totally opposite...I'm very self conscious~
I do know it boosts my confidence when I am complemented by others, and I do need a little bit of that to succeed~
IDK, I just seems like human nature, to crave some attention from others~

I think it's perfectly acceptable to wanna lose weight to look/feel good, it's important for you to feel confident, so it is partly for vanity and there's nothing wrong with that. I know I want to look good in whatever I wear and that's a big reason why I wanna drop those lbs.

Everyone is vain to some extent. I like it when people tell me I look nice. Is that the reason I decide to put on make-up, do my hair and wear nice clothes that day? Hell no, I do all that for me and to make ME feel good. But compliments aren't unwelcome, unless they're creepy/sleazy of course...

I made this comment to my husband last night, lol. I said no one has said anything about me losing weight. People have however said I look great which I suppose is a politer way of talking about weight although I did get alot of new clothes that flatter my new figure. I myself have hesitated to comment on someones weight loss not being sure if they would find it offensive. So many people are so sensitive about their weight. I have even wondered if I should not have said anything when I did for various reasons. All that said I bet someone has commented on you looking great lately without directly mentioning the weight coming off, they may not even realize why you look so great. The clothes unfortunately do set off people noticing. Men esp. have no idea and do not notice weightloss until it is dramatic in my experience. Only girls who are weight concerned notice small changes in others. Its also ALOT in the attitude girl, so flaunt it like the fabulous rockstar you are!! Cool

Pretty sure I lost 40lbs before anyone noticed! Now people comment all the time, but I am getting close to goal.

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