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When will someone notice my weight loss?

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At what point in my weight loss will someone notice that I've lost weight?  I've heard 10% is a magic number for it to be noticable.

But I've lost my 10% or at least close (169 to 154 at 5'5") and no one has said a word to me.  I saw my mom this weekend for the first time since starting my weight loss journey and she didn't say anything.  If she had noticed she would have complimented me. 


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well from your head popping out of the pictures you look great lol!

i imagine that with your size and current weight you were never obese in the first place, your probably still weaing the same clothes you did 15lbs ago right?

i mean most people only really notice weight when someone is overweight drastically, you may look fantastic naked now compared to before but wearing clothes nobody will see much difference.

but the main thing is that you notice and keep going till you hit your goal! when bikini time comes im sure many people will notice unless last year you were already the weight your striving to achieve, then they will just stay jealous and wonder how you keep in such fine shape.


hope this helps

Congratulations on 15 lbs down! You should be able to tell the difference in clothes being slightly looser or feeling a little lighter on your feet but unfortunately unless you carry all your weight in one place it can take awhile for people to notice. I lost 22lbs a few years ago and no one noticed other than my parents and one friend said my face looked thinner. I know I am healthier and that will just have to be enough :) Keep going eventually some one will notice or you will be so happy with yourself it doesn't matter!

Hate to tell you, but it took me losing over 30 pounds before people said anything about it. They usually notice, but don't say anything until it's really noticeable. Also, it depends on the rate that you get it off. But take photos of yourself so you can see the changes without needing to hear it from the peeps around you.

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Like Isk1022, 30 pounds (10 pounds from my goal) is when I have started receiving a few comments. As many on this site have said, people who see you everyday don't seem to notice, and many people are quite reluctant to comment on weight because it is such a sensitive subject.  A male coworker told me, "I don't go there," when it comes to commenting on weight loss, particularly when it's a woman who has reduced. I guess not everyone takes it as a compliment.  And while getting some better-fitting clothes is a boost, a woman at work commented that my slacks were getting baggy, thinking those were the same slacks I had been wearing since I began my journey. . . I had actually gone down 2 clothes sizes.

In the end, humans tend to be pretty self-absorbed, too concerned with our/their own issues to notice others. That's why external gratification is such a mixed bag. 

I'm feeling the same way:( I've lost about 15 pounds, too, and NO ONE has noticed, except for myself and my husband. However, I know that people aren't noticing yet, because I'm being healthy about it. I keep praising myself for the changes I am noticing, i.e. my tummy is much smaller, my legs and arms are thinner and more toned, and my face is thinner. Continuing to make wise choices and being patient will pay off in the end; especially when we don't gain all of the weight back!

Keep up the good work!

Well, I lost about 38 pounds and no one commented until 6 months after the fact. I went from overweight to very low but normal BMI so it was definitely noticeable, but people just weren't saying anything about it. 

Don't worry about what other people say- trust yourself.

There are other threads around with a similar theme, lots of people have experienced the silence.  I think that generally speaking, people do notice, but don't say anything because they are afraid of embarrassing you.  Maybe they worry that if they say "You've lost weight, good for you!" it will sound like, "Wow, you were really fat before but now not so much!"  

Original Post by andesite:

There are other threads around with a similar theme, lots of people have experienced the silence.  I think that generally speaking, people do notice, but don't say anything because they are afraid of embarrassing you.  Maybe they worry that if they say "You've lost weight, good for you!" it will sound like, "Wow, you were really fat before but now not so much!"  

Haha I definitely agree. Most people are so busy worrying about how they come off (not unlike us worrying about our weight/appearance) that they won't say anything for fear of saying the wrong thing. 

yeah....my husband and I are both down about 20lbs and no one says anything about my loss.... always to my hubby- like " gee you lost alot of weight didnt you?" Not one as said anything about my loss!! However, his is more noticeable in that he carries most of his weight around his belly(santa clause style) and mine is spread out fairly evenly over my frame...maybe a bit more on my belly but after all I have had 5 children!!

Yeah.. I go by how I feel and since losing the 20 and eating right I feel fantastic!!

Good luck, and keep up the good fight!!

Congratulations! That's awesome that you lost the much! 

People may notice and just not be saying anything. Whenever I notice someone I know has lost weight I don't usually comment because I feel like I am implying that they need to lose weight. 

It just might not show on you so much, depending on where the weight was. Mostly in one place (like belly or booty) then the loss is noticeable, but an all over loss unless it is a lot of pounds, is harder for people to detect (unless you are stood next to your "before" picture maybe.

For instance, when I first started this effort, for support my hubby did it with me. After he lost 10 -15 pounds, mostly off his belly, people kept commenting on how great he looked. At that point I had lost 25 pounds (much more than him) but apparently it hardly showed at all because it was an "all over" loss.

Now he regained some (different job) but I have continued to lose (down 50 lbs and still going) and NOW people (even my hubby's family) comment often on how good/ slim I am looking.

For me, people noticed when I had lost about 15lbs. I've now lost 25, and others have stopped commenting. Maybe because as my weight continues to go down for me, it's more toning than fat loss. I also noticed that the friends and family who commented were the ones who didn't see me everyday, so it was more dramatic changes, not a gradual thing. My clothes are a big indication, too. Just this weekend, I bought a new pair of shorts because my old ones are too big. That is such a wonderful feeling.

Maybe this is shallow, but I'm a 21 year old girl, and when I get attention from guys around my age, it's a boost to my self confidence and motivation. I get that more now than I did 25lbs ago. 

sometimes pounds lost might be in unnoticable places. 

I get more "wow you are getting thinner" remarks when I do more weight lifting.  Even though I haven't loss significant pounds in the last 2 months people are always complimenting me on my physique. 

If you aren't exercising start doing that also if you can do some weight lifting that will help also to get the reshping started and people noticing quicker.

Good luck

I've lost 37 lbs and am only 5'0. I've noticed that people are very hesitant even now that it's very obvious to say anything. I was frustrated for a while because I wanted to know that people noticed, but I get it now. I hung out with a friend this weekend who I haven't seen in a long time. He looked great. He wasn't really overweight before, but he has obviously been working out. I didn't say anything to him because I felt awkward saying, "Have you been working out?" lol. My boyfriend and I discussed it afterwards and both agreed that he looked really good even though neither of us said anything. So trust me, people notice. Keep up the great work! 

I have to say, I come from the camp of not minding when people don't notice. I've lost upwards of 50 lbs over the last 1.5 years, and even though it is pretty hard *not* to notice, I like when people don't say anything. I know it's silly, but when people say, "Wow! You look great," I feel really bad for the person I was 50 lbs ago, and wonder what they're thinking about her.

That being said, I think it takes a bunch of weight for people to notice. While that can be annoying, it's also nice to remember we have that cushion. There are days when I'll have my period and "gain" 5 lbs, or will have eaten a giant meal one day and "gain" up to 7 or 8. I always feel worried about how I'll look to people -- but honestly, nobody else can tell.

And just because nobody has consciously noticed doesn't mean they haven't noticed, which is the real thing. Keep up the good work!


Recently, I had the exact opposite experience. I was at home, and my mother said something along the lines of, "wow, you look great, how much weight have you lost?"... I had actually gained about 10 lbs.

Just goes to show that it's all in the eye of the beholder.

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