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Weight Loss
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can someone check my numbers?

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ok, i know i can check this stuff myself but i don't know if i'm doing it right and would appreciate someone jsut telling me what i need to do :)

i'm about 5'4", about 135 measurements 35-29-40

i'm EXTREMELY sedentary... i spend 8 hours on my butt at work and 2 more on it on the train.

i logged for a couple weeks and found i ate about on average 1700 calories (not counting weekends, i'm sure they were 2000-2500)

so i got that i'm supposed to eat around 1300 calories...

i'm trying to lose about 10 lbs. but tone up at the same time.  i'd like to do so by may.  i need my measurements to drop to 35-28-40 (or 35-27-39).... or about a pants size.

i know i need to exercise i do, how do i do that then? if i start exercising and burning 300-400 calories what would i do with eating? do i have to eat back 300-400 calories? 

are these goals impossible?? :(


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how much do you burn daily (not just exercise, but all day long)?

according to this "burn meter" tool i burn 1000 calories a day

according to this other tool i need to consume 1200 calories a day to lose 10lbs. by may.... eh

That can't be right - are you sure that's not the calories you've burned so far today?

your right, it's not right. oops. i just did it again. i burn 1700 calories in a day, and would want 1200 to lose about 10 lbs. by may.

 1700 sounds right since that is what i was eating around before exc. weekends, i try to drop to 1200 but i'm hungry!  i can do 1300-1400 okay though without being hungry.  i was wondering how to factor in exercise now though since i haven't been doing any. and somehow top out at 1200.



Ok, so you are burning 1700 without exercise. Which means your BMR is probably about 1400 or so. You want to eat at least 1400, just because that is the calories your body needs to lie in bed, just breathing and thinking and living.

In order to still have a 500 deficit, you are going to need to exercise. If you work out and burn an additional 200 calories, you will burn 1900 total, eat 1400 = 500 deficit. If you work out a little more than that, you can have a little more to eat or have a little larger deficit.

Don't think about food minus exercise, because that doesn't mean anything - exercise is just a way to burn calories faster, but you are always burning calories just being alive. It's always calories burned throughout the day (regardless of how or when) and calories eaten throughout the day. So when you exercise, just add that number into your total burned.

As for exercises, start trying some cardio for 30 minutes, and weight lifting 2-3x/week - work your big muscle groups so do things like leg presses and lat pulldowns. Find a weight that you can do 12 reps, but your 12th rep is really hard to do. Then do 3 sets of 12 reps at that weight. If you find that you can do more on your second set, go for it!

wow thank you for explaining that so clearly!  i definately was not thinking/understanding things that way.  that helps, thanks a lot!
I think amethystgirl got pretty good there.  She came up with about the same numbers I did.
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