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Sodium and Exercise

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Hi all,
Just a quick question on this.  I just consumed about 2000mg of sodium for lunch....  I always drink a lot of water. 

I guess my question is what can I do to minimize the effects?  Will working out today help?

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200 mg isn't a huge deal.  In any case, keep drinking plenty of water, it'll flush the sodium out of your body.  

2,000? That's a lot. Minimize your sodium over the next few days, think fresh fruit and veggies and tons of water. If you drink 80 oz per day add 40 oz or more on top of that.
I thought that 2,000 was well within the recommended guidelines?  (Isn't it 2,500 per day?)   I'd avoid processed foods for the rest of the day, but really, it's no big whup.

HAHA, I would image 200mg to be great! 
2000 is another story.  I will up the water intake, but how  about working out?  I don't know how sodium relates to working out.  Does this help at all?

She consumed this in one meal so she still has dinner to go and already ate breakfast.... so it will probably be well over 3,000. And yes, not a big deal but the after effects suck. Water weight is really not a good feeling!

I am not a 'she'!  It's cowboydude, not cowgirldude :)

Exactly - still have dinner to go... and if I work out, more food.

Wow, sorry!!  Apparently I can't read.  I definitely read 200mg not 2000mg. 


I guess my answer still applies about drinking more water.  And working out will help you sweat out some of the sodium as well.


What on earth did you eat that was so salty?!

Well, from my calculations, you can have one and a quarter cups of multi-grain pasta, half a cup of Classico Mushroom and Olive pasta sauce, one cup of carrots, one cup of squash and one cup of yellow snap-beans for dinner - and still be exactly at the daily recommended allowance.  (And under 550 calories for a big dinner!)

edit: added calorie count

It's amazing, a day eating just home-cooked food and I can stay way under 1000mg.  But just one meal out and I can easily exceed the daily amount. 

Yes, sweating is an excellent way to excrete excess salt. 

YIKES!!! Sorry dude!!!!

Go drink your water... you should be peeing every 15 minutes, lol!

I had Panera bread...  they didn't have what I normally get, so I got something I figured would be okay.  Smoked Turkey breast sandwich... which is like 1000mg and then a french onion soup.  I didn't think the french onion soup would be 1250mg.

It was either Panera or Subway... I didn't go w/ subway because I know that is extremely salty....  I will try to run a few miles today then. 

Nothing to sweat about. (Pun intended)  Back in the Middle Ages when I was in high school they passed out salt tablets to everyone after football practices to to replace the lost electrolytes.  Now they just use a sports drink (sweatened salt water) instead.  Unless you're salt sensitive your body can process as much as 30,000 mg of sodium a day with no ill affects.  However, I generally try to stay around the recommended 2500 mg most days but I will intentionally go higher when working out in the heat of the summer.

I'll probably end up running later and lifting some weigths.  Try to have a low sodium dinner also.  For the last few weeks I've had a good sodium intake, so I don't think it'll be so bad, but don't want to get back in the habit.

Original Post by cowboydude99:

HAHA, I would image 200mg to be great!
2000 is another story. I will up the water intake, but how about working out? I don't know how sodium relates to working out. Does this help at all?

I can take off 3 to 5 pounds of water weight to counteract the effects of sodium in a single workout that combines high-intensity cardio with weight training (I do them together). It usually takes me 4 hours (or two 2-hour sessions during the day) to lose the 5 lbs., though. So while you probably won't want to go that route (and probably didn't gain that much, anyway), I suspect that exercise in general will help anyone with water weight.

Drinking extra water doesn't help me with water weight, but it certainly seems to help a great many people.

yeah, 4 hours is too long for me.  Probably do an hour workout, have a low cal dinner, and up the water. 

I think this might be a good way to go.

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Working out won't "undo" the amount of sodium.  I can sympathize with you today.  The teriyaki sauce on my chicken totally busted my daily sodium.  You can do with up to 2500mg, but 1800 shows up in a lot of the kinesiology stuff my roommate did in college.  If you've been within guidelines over the long run, one day isn't going to kill you.  You might feel a little puffy or heavy in the legs.  Drink lots of plain water for the rest of the day to counteract this and focus on a low sodium dinner.  If you aren't urinating every 2-3 hours, drink more.  You have proton pumps in your body that are based off a balance of sodium and potassium in solution.  When you take in too much dietary sodium, your body tries to retain water to keep the percentages in balance.  You might be more likely to cramp up today, but exercise is neither going to help or hurt your sodium intake.

Going over your sodium once in a while isnt a huge crisis! You might retain some water, feel a little bloated, maybe even feel sluggish! But its nothing to freak out about!

considering that 2300-2500mg/day is the FDA recommended MAX for sodium, having consumed 2000mg of sodium just in lunch is not a good thing.  Do a lot of water - a lot! and just stick with more fresh foods, fruits and veggies and stay away from frozen dinners or anything that would have preservatives in it.

Like Kankan213 said, excessive sodium once in a while isn't a big deal, just don't get into the habit of it.  Flush your system with a lot of water and it'll even out the sodium in the next few days. :)

Good Luck to you!

No, working out does not lower your Na- in fact if you work out and sweat too much - loosing water - while the actual amount of sodium will not be higher - it will be a higher ratio. Example - 1tsp of salt in 8 0z - not a big deal BUT 1 tsp in 1/4 cup - murky. Try "lite salt" from Morton. From one salt lover to another - especially on popcorn- if you don't do it often OK. A cardiologist I used to work with used to say  - LIVE - but do it in moderation, ( I know  - just what our folks used to say - WHO knew they were RIGHT? Penny R.N.

Potassium helps helps with high sodium.  A banana would have a lot of carbs, but that, or potassium pills will help.  I'm not sure, but I think you need the potassium before the salt intake.  If I remember correctly, the potassium will help balance sodium and take up some of the receptor cells,  therefore the excess would flush out.  Something like that.


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