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snow shoveling calories

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Well seeings how we woke up buried this morning, I wanted to log calories for an hour of shoveling, but that particular activity isnt under winter stuff or home repair/activities so I looked on another site to find I burned about 502 calories..My question is, to log it on my own here, you have to enter the number of kcals...I dont even know what a kcal is, let alone how to convert it..Anyone??

Ok maybe I found something..So is kcal just another word for calories, and the numbers are the same?
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yep kcal is just another word for calories. I really think we need more snow activities on this thing! cause they're good for burning.
snow shoveling is in the database. i search for "snow" and it comes up just fine. :)
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But it doesn't break down the sort of snow.

Light fluffy snow is a lot different then heavy wet snow.
thanks all    kirs, I didnt find it, but I will try again....This was some heavy wet snow, I definately wanna count it!

another thing I was cusiour about, since the more one weighs, the more calories they burn doing a particular activity, does this site take just give an average for all, not based on any particular weight? I'm asking because I did find the shoveling thing, and it said 462 calories...the other site I checked asked for my weight first, before giving me a number, over 500
I hope a lot- I shoveled this morning. : P
I live in Canada (Not sure where everyone else lives) and it snows ALL THE TIME! haha.. It takes me about 30mins to do all of my driveway and sidewalks. I hope its really burning those calories!!!!
WOOT!!! WOOT!!! Shoveling SNOW!!! WOOT!!! =) I started around the first of November and it's going be almost a daily chore until around the middle of November. So in about a month I might not be so excited about it.... it's be more...

*grumble, grumble* ...stupid shoveling this freezing white crap! *wink*
According to CC, I burned over 400 calories shoveling snow today.  (I can feel it too!)  I'm having a glass of red wine as part of my extra calorie allotment.  Woo Hoo!
Even though Vermont has escaped snow this year so far, except for a couple of traces, I too had wondered how to guesstimate the weight of one shovelful of snow because your expenditure is based up the weight of the snow.  What are people doing with this?

Also, I generally like to keep on top of it when it snows when I am around home and PUSH my shovel.  How would I count that?
Hi all. Here in SoCal it doesn't snow, but I "shovel" everyday!!! It's great exercise. I was looking into upper body exercise, and I don't wanna join a gym, but I need to do something, so I found this site. - I started making shoveling motions using a broomstick - didn't want to hurt myself, then I switched to an axe handle I found at Home Depot, then I moved up to a 6 pound sledge hammer, now, three months later, I am using a 10 pound sledge to do the shoveling motions. I do it 14 minutes a day, five days a week, weekends off. I do walking for cardio, the only thing I am looking to add is abdominal exercises.
cant wait til it snows here.  i love shoveling snow && raking leaves <33
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