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Weight Loss
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Is this smart/ doeable?

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I keep reading about finding the right deficit here and seems like the breakdown is -500 to lose 1lb a week (3500/7=500). However, I'd like to lose between 2-3lbs which I still think is pretty healthy (basically 10lbs a month). The calculations I came up with were for 3lbs loss a week I'd need to have a 500-700 cal deficit and burn the remainder of the 1500 cal in exercise. So if I had 500 cal deficit and burned 1000 cal in exercise (fairly normal in my Zumba class) I'd have burned my 1500 cal in a day and should lose 3lbs that week providing I did this 7 days a week. Am I missing something here or is this correct? I have a significant amount of weight to lose and just upped my target calories as I think I figured out I wasn't eating enough. I believe 1500 leaves me either a 500 or 700 deficit, then I just exercise in addition to that. Thoughts, advice, suggestions? Thanks.
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1) That might be too large a deficit to keep up long-term (and by that I mean months).

2) Zumba most likely isn't making you burn 1,000 calories. Where did you get that estimate?

You're calculations are correct, but remember these are just very, VERY, rough estimates about the average person (no attention paid to age, gender, types of food eaten, genetics, etc.). It can be unsafe to try to lose much more than 2 pounds each week and less energy means less effort put into workouts and maintaining an active lifestyle. First and foremost, make sure you're fueling your body for the type of life you live in way that you can maintain for the long term. Good luck though! Sounds like you're kickin' butt at Zumba!

It's a high intensity class. I track my heart rate during the class then take an average and find online calculations. I'm actually getting a monitor to help track better and calculate calories burned. Plus I also do toning prior to the class but the class itself is very close to 1000 (guess I should've said that). I suppose I'm looking at this for maybe the first 50lbs off, then back off to a 2lb per week loss for the next 50lbs then alternate again until I reach my desired weight. I have to mix things up as I find I get used to things easily. In short term would this work?

Yeah, most likely. Remember the heavier you are the easier it is to burn calories. As you slim down you will burn fewer calories and your weight loss will taper off.

You are probably burning less than 1000 calories through Zumba. Even if you use a heart rate monitor, they can be wrong. And online calculations aren't very accurate.

If you're doing Zumba for two hours, maybe you'll burn 1000 calories.


How much do you weigh now. As a rule of thumb 1% of your body weight per week is  a reasonabe target.l

I'm 302.4 at the moment. I also deal with lymphadema in one leg due to a prior surgery to remove a tumor so that sometimes messes with my numbers. I know I'll drop quickly at first and then will slow down so that's why I was thinking of switching it up. Thanks for the help.
So taking my current weight and multiplying by.01 I get that 3lbs is reasonable. Once I drop 50lbs is when I plan to drop back to 2lbs a week which would be along the same "rule".

3lbs a week starting from 302 is very reasonable. Go for it.

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So taking my current weight and multiplying by.01 I get that 3lbs is reasonable. Once I drop 50lbs is when I plan to drop back to 2lbs a week which would be along the same "rule".

Correct !

The "rule" is about sustainability along with health. You burn more calories with the same amount of exercise when you are heavier. At 200 you would need to exercise more to burn the same number.

Thanks, that's what I was thinking. If I take it 50lbs at a time it hopefully will give me a good steady loss and plan to follow. Does anyone know if CC automatically changes your caloric cap as you weight changes or should I check it at say 10 or 25lb intervals. I think I'm running a 700 calorie deficit now.
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