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Weight Loss
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5'4" small frames...what is your goal weight?

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I am curious as to what your "ideal" weight is.  I have a very small frame.  My engagement ring is a size 4.25 and if I shake my hand hard enough it will fly off.  (I need to get it sized to probably a 3.75).  Anyway, I am small boned.  My original goal was 130 then it was 125 and lastly 120.  I swore I wouldn't go below 120.  Well, as of this morning I am 114.8.  I don't think this is too small considering my frame size. 

Point being....where do you want to be or where are you at?

ETA:  I just recently found out that I am 5'3" not 5'4".  Boo hoo. 
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you should check the post "5'3" and under" or something like that
i am 5 ft tall and I started at 134 and now I am down to 112 but I want to get to 110
I'm 5'5" and my goal weight is 135-140 but I'm medium framed and very curvy. I would say, if your fingers are THAT small, 114-110 is not a bad weight for you. Whatever makes YOU feel good is most important.
I'm 5'4" and pretty small framed as well.  My goal right now is 125, but I could probably go down to 110 - 115.  Right now, 125 seems more achievable, so I'm going to see how that feels before reducing my goal.

As long as you are eating enough, I think you body will settle out where it wants to be.
I am 5 4 and small framed. I was 110 lbs before I had kids. Now I am trying to achieve my pre pregnancy weight of 135, after that I would like to go down to 125 and I think someday my ultimate dream goal weight would be 120. I am trying to be realistic and take one goal at a time! For me 110 was almost underweight but for you it might not be. Congratulations on reaching your goals!
Hey, I'm 5'4" and I'm not sure what my frame size is. I think maybe it's medium because my fingers just touch around my wrist but almost overlap. Anyways, I weigh 115 and I'd like to either stay here or gain a pound.
Hey I'm 5'4" with a small frame, but not quite as small as yours... my goal is somewhere between 110 and 125 depending on how I feel, but for a small frame the lowest you should go is about 107, so no I wouldn't say you're too small for your frame size. And congrats on the weight loss!

Take care
I am 5'4" and weight 120 right now.  I am small framed. I wanted to go to 115 but my body isn't cooperating - it seems to like 120!!  I think it is fine to weigh down to 108 if I remember correctly - 108 - 142 is the range - depending on your frame size and muscle tone etc.  I am going to get my mind off of the weight and concentrate on a dress size - I want to be solid size 3 if I weigh 120 or whatever why should I care right?! 
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I'm 5' 4" and 129 .  I'm small  framed.(I think-my fingers almost overlap).

 My goal is to get to 120 that said, my dream would be to get down to 115 but I just don't think I've got the discipline to do that.  I've been 115 before and it was really hard to maintain without unhealthy habits on the sside.  
Hah, I feel like I could've written this post myself! :) Although I maintain that for all intents and purposes I'm really 5'3," my mom insists that I'm 5'4"(heh, I wish) -- and my lowest weight (in the a.m., on an empty stomach, no clothes) is 106ish. I'm tinily framed too -- all fingers overlap on my wrist -- I need watches to be sized for me. But I am bottom heavy -- I would love to be around 100, but will settle for anything around 105 as long as I can get toned!

Good luck! :)

<3- Krissy
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I'm between 5'4 and 5'5 and I believe I'm smallframed but everyone likes to tell me that my fingers are abnormally long. :P My goal weight is currently between 115 and 125 but like others have said, judging from your ring size, your weight seems good for you. :)
Roxanned, I am with you. I'm 5'4" and after a brief foray to 115-117 world, my body's been between 120-122. I just have recommitted myself to better eating and giving losing a bit more a try after an unofficial few-week break (there was some sort of psychosomatic rebellion in August!) But perhaps I'll stay at 120. I have a small frame, but tend to have some muscle, so below 115 probably wouldn't be tenable. As Roxanne mentioned, the difference between 115 and 120 in the real world is minimal. No one cares that you're 115 rather than 120; no one can tell! :) It's really tilting at windmills to focus on it too much. Good luck kheather, whatever you do, and congratulations on all you've lost.
5'2 and Im @ 155 right now.. Im thinking my goal weight might be around 130-135.. My sister and me have the same frame but she is a bit taller.. She is 123 and IMO she is too slim.. That is why my goal weight isnt that low, but we will see what happens when I get near 135
I am 5'4" (small/medium frame)and weigh around 122 now. I have a lot of muscle mass though. I am slowly losing remaining body fat and I aim for 110-115ish. Gotta up the cardio. Congrats to all on our weightloss! Sometimes it's harder when you have less to lose.
I am 5 feet tall.  I am sitting at 119.5 and aiming for 115 first.  If I feel good at that weight I will stay there, otherwise I will aim for 110.  I actually feel good at this weight, but I think I could LOOK better... especially for my wedding next year.

I have a small frame for sure, but I also have quite a bit of muscle mass.  Actually since I lost the last few pounds... you can actually see some of them!

Some charts say that if you are 5 ft you should be 100 lbs.  I think I would feel like death at that weight!
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I'm still getting used to this forum thing don't know the etiquette.  So if I'm breaching social graces, please let me know!  I'd love to learn!\

I always considered myself a small frame.  I'm 5'3" and have been as low as 100-110lbs my last year of high school.  I would say I was a bit under at that point (I really underate).  In the first two years of college I gained 30lbs and continued up until I reached 167lbs at the beginning of this summer.

I'm having trouble losing weight now(I've been inconsistently working at it since the end of July), and I was wondering if undereating in the past can have an affect now?  I am now 164 and would like to be 125-130lb on average.
height 5'2" medium frame.  Current weight is 140 and my goal is 120 but wonder if that may be too thin.  125 will probaby be what I maintain but plan to test out 120.
I am also wondering do we take our age into consideration when shootingfor a goal. I am 42 so I would probably havea harder time maintaing under 110 than a 20yo with the same frame and height, no?

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glamstarlette, we could be twins! One of my talents is stabbing extra holes in watch bands to make them do up ;) (And same with any shoes that have buckles!)
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I too am 5'4" and, if you check your BMI you would be considered underweight if you go below 118 pounds. I'm not sure what the size of your finger has to do with anything, but if you're down to 114.8 then I think your dieting days should be over. Being underweight is just as dangerous as being overweight. Your best bet is to consult your doctor if you are questioning whether or not your weight is healthy for you.
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