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SLIMQUICK - Suggested Menu Plans

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I purchased the nutritional supplement SLIMQUICK for women to aid fat loss in conjunction with my diet and exercise routine.  I decided to try and follow the suggested menu plans included in the guidance packet provided (they also include some great workouts).

My question is that based on the recommended menu, I only get about 900 calories.  This is following it to the letter which also includes a pretty intense 50 min workout.  Does any else think this seems a little low?  And if so, what to add?  I am feeling unsure, I want to see results but am worried this is not enough to sustain the workouts. 
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I think it is low, especially if you are gonig to be doing a 50 min workout as well. I am not familiar with SLIMQUICK...what are they telling you to eat? Maybe we can find more stuff to add to it.
Well..I'd say that's part of the scam of the 'diet pill' wouldn't even need a pill if you were going to cut that much..which isn't at all healthy. There's no magic diet pill.

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I agree, definitely no "magic pill" which is why I do the eating and working out as well. 

A suggested day:

BFAST: 2 slices reduced fat cheese, 1 slice whole wheat toast

SNACK: 1 piece fruit OR 1 cup veggies

LUNCH: Medium salad with light dressing and 4 oz chicken/fish

SNACK: 1 cup yogurt OR 1 piece fruit

DINNER: 4 oz salmon/chicken/lean red meat, 1 cup veggies, side salad with light dressing

Any thoughts?
I suggest a little more for breakfast. That seems like it is less than 200 calories. I always aim for atleast 400 calories for breakfast. You should try to be at least 300-350 calories. Although if you update your profile and tell us a little more about yourself, we may be able to help out more. How much are you trying to lose? What are your current stats?

yes , i would just like to say that 900 is too low. For a woman it is recommended no lower then 1200 calories a day. I was going to purchase slimquick a while back but i decided to do some research first. The reveiws i got about it were not good. I read that the pill it self really does nothing, thats its only a dose of caffeine and some chemicals that make ur bodys motebalism increase. I decided not to get it also because there are side effects to ur body when u take diet pills. i suggest u do some research on this pill and read what other people have to say about it.
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I am 5'6 and 150 lbs.   I would like to get to be 135.   I think that this is reasonable goal to be accomplised in 8 -10 weeks with consistency. 
yes, it is too low.   using the slim fast drinks as part of a meal replacement is fine, but you should also look at your particular calorie burn rates and daily deficit ... 

calculating your deficit:  how much you burn - less what you eat = equals your deficit, and try to keep your daily deficit in the 500 - 1,000 calorie range

#2) don't go below the generally recommended minimum of 1,200 cals for women

hope this helps :)
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