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SlimQuick Pure, is it safe?

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I'm 31 and would like some extra help in losing weight with working out so I bought a bottle of SlimQuick gummies. I finished the bottle but didn't notice any extra weight loss but did noticed how my stomach accepted smaller portions of food. (Meaning I get full with only half my plate eaten.) I like this and would like to continue with SlimQuick but in pill form. My question is has anyone used this product and continued with it and was successful with it without any medical complications?
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Your wallet did not loose weight??? surprising ;)


Joking aside, just counting calories and limiting food intake will quite quickly reduce your desire for large portions. Even just using smaller plates helps. I would not use any chemicals or so called "natural" products for that, its risky for no reason and you will spend enough money on new cloths as it is :)

Thank you for your response, Blacktip. And yeah my wallet lost a lot of weight. LOL I guess I'm just as impatient as the next person trying to lose weight I want to see immediate results. Thanks for your insight! :)

We all have that desire I can guarantee you, fortunately it is a lot faster to loose weight than it is to gain it. It was 24 times faster for me to loose 40 pounds than to gain it :) Still needed 5 months though, time well spent.

The benefit of a gradual weight loss is your body has the time to adjust, so lower chance of loose skin etc and you adjust your eating as a habit instead of just temporarily adjusting it, lowering the chance of bouncing back. Now if there was a pill to give me that 6pack over night without side effects I might be sorely tempted ;)

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