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Weight Loss
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does slim-fast really work???

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has anyone ever tried the slim-fast program? or is it a waste of money??? just curious...

amanda =-)
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that is simular to what i am doing..

i have slim fast 2 times a day... as a meal.. and they do make me feel full just like a normal meal. adn fro dinner i eat a small or light meal... but every morning i doing the 5 factor fitness work out for 25 min, from harley pasternak.

but in gernal i am changing my whole eating and sport habits so that i dont gain the weight again.


I tried the shakes some but they never filled me up and I was always hungry.  I do much better mixing complex carbs w/lean protein for all my meals and snacks.

In short--it does work. But you have to have the discipline to make it work.

A little about myself--I am just shy of 6'1" and am currently at 270. I'm from a Scots/Irish/German/Finnish family so I am a pretty stocky guy to begin with. A lot of people are shocked when I tell them how much I weigh lol. I have a long torso, really muscular legs/calves and pretty big arms. As my wife says--I carry my weight well =P

That said, I started Slim Fast the very beginning of December 2010. At that time I was pushing 302. I do 2 shakes, 2 bars and a reasonably-portioned meal for dinner. During the days I also drink *plenty* of water and sometimes slip in a green tea or Gatorade. I have just started to integrate a couple bananas w/ the snacking. If I feel hungry any other time I kill it w/ water, water, water. I weighed myself for the first time since my start date and I lost almost 32 pounds.

I know this may sound drastic, but I have dieted before (not Slim Fast) and lost nearly the same weight in the same amount of time. I know a portion of the weight is water loss but I have noticed a considerable difference. I feel better. I can tie my shoes w/o getting winded lol. I have more energy. I sleep better. And best of all--my belly is shrinking

3 weeks ago I got a new pair of jeans. I was in a 44 waist but noticed they were getting a little lose. So I went w/ a 42 waist thinking they would fit fine. I got home and tried them on--and had to grab a belt anyway lol

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded reply. As I said, it does work. But you really have to have the discipline to make it work. Good luck!

not really an answer to your question but a friend of mine drinks the shakes for breakfast although she is not really trying to lose weight, just for convenience and we would jokingly call it 'slim eventually' LOL

I love Slim Fast. I try the generic brand...that doesn't say that you have to be 18, either. And I eat at least 1500 calories a day for my age.

It's so discouraging to hear people say negative things about it, when it's worked for me so far, and they make it sound like I can't keep it off.

I've lost 15 pounds in 17 days! (: I know some of it is water weight though. I started New Years.

I also do Turbo Jam's 30 minute workout called Fat Blaster, and if I have a lot of time on my hands, I might do another low key dvd by Turbo Jam, too. And after school, sometimess I go to the gym. But after finding Turbo Jam, the gym seems to go so slow and boring.

I would recommend it! But I'm going to learn to make healthy meals in the mean time with the meal I do eat everyday, and simple snacks, like potatoes and grapes. I need to learn to do stuff with veggies! When I get closer to my goal weight, I am going to slowly switch off of it to one drink, and then off of it completely and count my calories for a while until I can get the idea of what I need to maintain in my diet.

So this is like my training wheels, so I don't obsess about food, until I get the hang of eating healthy. (:

Good luck if you try it! It's worked for me so far!

I keep slim fast shakes in my work fridge and will have one when I have forgotten my lunch of if I stay late and need dinner. The official diet is bunk but if a shake keeps you away from the cafeteria cheeseburgers and fries and or an entire family sized bag of utz potatoe chips by not letting yourself get so ravenous that you would eat anything then I think they have their place.


I've tried slim fast before and it does not work at all. The shake is so sweet it probably has added a few more pounds.  Sigh..slim fast was just another of my weight loss project that failed misearably. I'm on a new weight loss program that seems to work so far....very excited...will keep posting my progress frineds called me the guinea pig of all diet/weigh loss programs..

I tried it for awhile.  While I loved the Rich Chocolate Royale shake, I never lost any weight.  In fact I became addicted to the shake and years later still crave it's creamy deliciousness (what's in that thing?!??!)  A good protein and fiber boost, but no weight loss.

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It don't work.

maybe you'll lose 5 pounds the first couple of week.

it is difficult to JUST have a chalky chocolate sludgy drink for your lunch.

Also, if you even DID lose weight on it, you'd have to BUY THE SHAKES forever and ever to KEEP the weight off. As soon as you go back to eating normally, you'd get big again.

Weight Watchers works. and eating ONLY natural, Whole foods works. NO processed things, no junk food, no soda, no sugar.


good luck!

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Slimfast is garbage.  25carbs and 18 sugars?  If you want to stop buring fat just eat some sugar.  It raises insulin levels which causes your body to store fat.  That is the short answer.

Sure- it works. Like any liquid diet. In all seriousness, it is really bad for your gallbladder. My doctor warned me against it- to never use it, he has seen too many women get some kind of gall bladder disease - which comes along with repeated dieting and binge eating too. Just don't do it- limit yourself to 1400 calories a day with real food and feel happy when the weight comes off in a healthy way- which is more likely to stay off too.  Just Saying!

My boyfriend lost 130lbs on it (going from 350 to 220) and he has maintained that weight for two years now (while eating solid food and counting calories). So yes, it can work.

I'm sure followed properly slim fast can help you lose 'weight', as well as other fads.  But it's only temporary and it doesn't sound healthy, to me. What happens when you start eating normal meals? Well, most people gain back the weight from a fad diet.  So ask yourself: Do you want to lose weight just for now? Or do you want to lose weight and learn how to keep it off for life? If it's the latter, learn how your body works, what it needs, take care of it and forget about dieting.

I didn't really try the Slim Fast diet, per se, but a pilot friend of mine with whom I used to fly used to have a Slim Fast shake for breakfast (he added a Clif Bar because he was a guy and could eat that much in the morning), Gatorade and another Clif Bar in the air for lunch and then a wholesome (real food) dinner.

I kind of adopted his eating habits when I was flying with him and maintained a healthy weight.  Now that I'm trying to eat healthy for all three meals of the day and working out more than I did when I was flying, I'm overweight.

Go figure.

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Slim Fast is not a fad diet, however, it does not work because of it's ingredients. The program can work with a different product. I lost about 50 pounds doing on a liquid diet and was never hungry, but NOT with Slimfast. Slimfast is made with almost all sugar substitutes and simple carbs. Not only will you still feel hungry after drinking it, but it will make you crave more simple sugars. Don't do it. I tried for a couple days, and quickly realized it wasn't the same as the soy based drink I had been drinking. Go to a natural food store (NOT a supplement store) to look for comparable products. There are healthier options out there.

Slim-Fast is not magic. It is just portion control with low calorie intake. JUst like the hCG diet. It's not the hCG, it's the portion control. Unfortunately, when you leave this artificial diet, you are left with little skills for eating in the real world. So Slim-Fast might work, but does it teach you how to eat when you are done with Slim-Fast?.

One of the benefits of Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers is that they train you how to eat after the intense dieting is done. (I am convinced most adults will always need to diet due to our decreased metabolic rates as we age.) Portion control works just like the 100 calorie snack packs work. But all of these are expensive solutions where you pay for the idea. A less expensive way is to weigh and package. Buy a small food scale. Note the portion sizes and calories on your favorite snack and then buy a large box of the snack, weigh out enough for 100 calories and then place in a baggie. For less expensive portion control methods for frozen dinners, try one of the many frozen dinners with lower calories - Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Smart Ones, to name a few.

I try to eat 300 to 350 calories a meal which is easy to do with these pre-packaged frozen dinners, lunches and even breakfasts. Then I eat one of my pre-weighed and bagged 100 calorie snacks between meals. And it can be whatever snack I want as long as it is 100 calories - Twinkies, cupcakes, ice cream (Skinny Cow is awesome!), etc. Doing this and an off and on low carbohydrate diet has helped me lose 30 pounds in about 3 months. Why pay someone to pre-package portion control food when you can either do it yourself or find it at the grocery store for a lot less money.

I tried doing something similar with pre-packaged meals (only I used Eating Right or Eating Well . . . can't remember the title . . . rather than Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, simply because I could pick them up in the grocery store, they were "cheap" or "on sale" and for all the benefits you mention -- they're pre-made, only 300-500 calories).

The only problem is that they have a lot of sodium and they don't really fill me up (even if they say they're high in fiber), which leaves me hungry and eating later in the day.  Didn't really work for me.

I'm working more on portion control and also eating a combination of protein and carbs for every meal (breakfast is hardest since I'm on the go, although I think I'm on to something with English muffins and peanut butter).

Unlike any diet where you are buying either prepackaged food or drinks, the most important thing that THIS site can teach is what to eat and how it impacts you nutritionally. It is a training tool.

I have seen friends lose LOTS of weight on unrealistic "diets" like Slimfast or any of the delivered diets you see on TV, but they ALL gain it bak because it is unsustainable.

The main reason to diet is not lose weight but to get healthy. Period.

The only way to do that is cut out the crap which pretends to be food....processed everything, sugars, etc...cut down on the caloric intake, shrink your tummy and exercise.

If you begin to reorient your thinking to health rather than a clothing size, you will see wonderful rfesults.

Best wishes



I wished that worked for 100% of people for 100% of the time.  However, I eat mostly right (I do eat some bad stuff some of the time, but always in moderation) and exercise a ton (on weekends, I'll go out and ride in the mountains -- hilly road biking rides -- for about 4 or 5 hours . . . and no, I'm not overestimating.  These are 50-60 mile rides), yet I still managed to gain weight.

Best guess right now is that it's due to stress (my job is very stressful) or that I'm big boned (ha!  All y'all probably think you've heard that one before).  I think I can stand to lose a few pounds, but I'm probably considered pretty healthy because of what I (physically) can do on the bike, even if my BMI says I'm overweight.

As with most 'fad' diets - yes you'll probably lose weight, but as soon as you stop doing it you'll have learned nothing and inevitably go back to your old ways.

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