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does slim-fast really work???

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has anyone ever tried the slim-fast program? or is it a waste of money??? just curious...

amanda =-)
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IMHO all fad diets are a waste as you can diet effectivily and healthiyl for free through this site.
If they were sooo good, they'd sell it to governments to sovle their obseity problems
Int he end self-dicipline and a healthy realtionship with food and healthy lifestyle is the only true way to lose weight effectivly (long term) and without health issues

I wouldnt do slim fast at all, so many people that i know as soon as they quit using slimfast and started eating solid foods for every meal again gained thier weight back +. Its not a quick fix at all.
I did it a long time ago as part of whatever I was already doing, like weight watchers or calorie counting. 

I wouldn't do it now because I don't like some of the things in there.  (the whole diet product thing again). 

Whatever you do it generally comes down to how many calories you take in, vs. how many you burn.  Beyond that it's really just about what you personally can deal with as far as how to accomplish it.  There is no magic.  You could achieve just about the same results just about by eating instant breakfast instead of some of your meals.  For me it was good for a time because I had trouble getting down food in the morning and there were times it was hard to get me to eat during the day in general, but overall you don't need it and again, it's all different versions of the same thing going after the same result.
I have never done the "Slim-Fast Diet," but I do drink Slim-Fast from time to time.  Nutritionally, I think it contains a lot of what we need, and it is convenient to grab a shake on the way out the door.  I don't always have time to make breakfast, or to pull something together to bring with me to work, so on those days I am grateful to have it on hand.

Additionally, for just 220 calories or less, I don't have to worry about wandering to the vending machine and getting something disgusting and bad for me with no nutritional value!!

There is no way that I would actually replace two of my meals with Slim-Fast, because as stated in pp's, as soon as you go back to eating normally (assuming more calories), you are likely to gain the weight back.  I don't think that anyone wants to drink 2/3 of their meals for the rest of their life to maintain that diet.

I think we'd all agree that it's about lifestyle change, not a quick-fix.
I do the slim fast diet, but it's more a matter of convienience, I have three boys that never stop, and I always seem to be going somewhere and fast.  So I grab slim fast.  Actually, it just kind of works for me.  when I do it, I actually feel like I have more energy, don't know why.  The days that I'm off of it, I feel sluggish.  Maybe it's in my head though, whatever, it works for me.  When I lose the last of this baby weight, I'll probably keep it around for at least one meal a day, because like I said, it's easy, and so much healthier than what I would grab otherwise.

That being said, it's not for everyone, my sister always feels like complete crap when she tries it.

Yes, it will work but it doesn't teach you to make healthier choices. 
i have a friend who lost about 50lbs on slimfast.  at the same time, though, she was doing cardio at least five times a week and totally changing her eating habits.

it definitely helped her, but it was only a part of her program.
I've done it in the past, and just didn't find that it was a long term solution -- and the shakes and bars were so sweet, they hurt my teeth! -
If you are looking for the convenience, on the way out the door type of thing -- check out something like clif or luna bars -- much better for you, not an everyday meal replacement  - but tasty, and very handy -- I've always got Luna Bars in my desk drawer at work for emergencies.
all the fad type diets do work, just note the fine print on the advertisment.   RESULTS NOT TYPICAL.   hell i read one today this lady lost 24 pounds in 12 weeks (3 months esentially) so 24 pounds in 3 months isnt even typical for most of them... that is crazy to me to pay for.  Also many say coupled with an exercise routine, so ya...  they work but they just dont do much.
I tried it for a little while.  Sure, it works.  It's the same principal of cutting calories as here.  But let's face it... a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch gets old very fast.  I could stick with it for a couple of months, but the prospect of that same meal day after day for month after month after month was unbearably dull.   I also didn't find them satisfying in the least.  Even when I nursed my shake for half an hour to make it last, I would be hungry again within half an hour.  

I've been MUCH more successful monitoring my calories using this site then I ever was with Slim Fast.  I know that I'm not going to need to worry when I reach my goal weight about what I'm going to eat when I don't have the shakes.
I eat the slim fast bars as a meal sometimes just to monitor my calories, but I would never just eat the slim fast food.  Have a drink or a bar occasionally in your diet, but counting you calories will work a lot better and be much more rewarding in the long run.
I just use the Slim Fast drink, 230 calories, for one meal or snack per day.  The other meals are healthy choices, fruits, veggies, protein, carbs, etc.  Some days I don't have a Slim Fast at all, just depends on the day.  Any diet can work, you just have to count total calories.  I am learning to eat regular food which is more of a lifestyle than a diet.
I don't exactly follow a slim fast diet, but I do drink a shake in the morning for breakfast, it's honestly more out of convienance than anything.  A shake for breakfast typically keeps me full, until lunch, although I do eat a small snack in between.  Along with eating healthy and staying active, I've been very successful losing weight!
The slim fast optima meal bars are AWESOME!

I've never done the slim-fast diet. I don't think it works because it won't teach you healthy eating habits or portion control - the two things that will help you keep the weight off! I do eat the meal bars for breakfast sometimes when I don't have time to sit down and have a real breakfast. They actually keep me full and are a good source of protein and fiber.
I use the Slimfast shakes in the morning and lunch for convenience.

During the week, it is difficult getting two kids ready, yourself, and getting everyone out the door on time. With the Slimfast, I can grab a can and still have some kind of nutrients in me. I also use one at lunch just because I also don't make my lunch and it is better than going out to get something.

I do snack on fruit or something and drink my water in between. I never feel hungry at all. I do not mess with those bars and other snacks that Slimfast makes though, not even worth it in my opinion!
It didn't work for me :(
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I'm currently on SlimFast because I am extremely busy and have caught myself grabbing food to go at every meal and eating in my car!  I have gained 15lbs in 2 months...this coming from an ex-college cheerleader is not good! 

It is very convenient and I have great results.  Gaining the weight back is your own fault - you must maintain the same amount of calories and activities to maintain your weight.  The problem with most people is that they don't realize how much the "little" calories add up:  sugar, syrups, salad dressings, condiments, drinks, alcohol, sauces, butter, etc.  Those can add up to HUNDREDS of calories a day - if not more.  People also usually stop working out once they meet their ideal weight.

Everyone is different and you must find what works for YOU - not someone else.  Also, if you choose to diet, you have to stick with it. 


As far as myself, the little Slim Fast snacks really help me get past cravings and such and they're quite tasty. BUT...the whole Slim Fast diet doesn't work for me. Those shakes just don't fill me up and I always feel starving.

However, like I said, some of their products are helpful if you inlcude them in a healthy balanced diet. I like to have a Slim Fast Optima snack bar (Chewy Caramel and Peanut Nougat are my favs) as my afternoon snack. They're packed with vitamins and they're low fat/low calorie.

I like mixing diet products into a well balanced diet. I don't see the harm in that, but the SlimFast diet itself isn't fabulous.
I work in a convenience store and sell a lot of junk food! We do have fruit, but, the fruit is delivered once a week through the donut vendor, so we have no control on the fruit order :( So the fruit is not fresh most of the time.

What sucks, we don't get breaks at all during our shift and so we have to eat when we can. On those busy days that I can't eat, I drink a chocolate slim fast shake. It does keep the hunger lion at bay for 4 hrs. So slim fast is good when you're on the go or don't have time to eat a meal. As a diet plan, I don't think it is wise. I like to eat healthy, real foods!

God Bless


I dont think its a waste... im currently on it and so far I like it. I am not doing it long term and i think as long as you understand after you diet you need to keep up cutting calories you will be fine. The shakes taste good and dont make you completely full but as long as you drink plenty of water and have small snacks in between you will be satisfied. I love the snack bars, they totally kill my sweet cravings. The peanut butter crunch bar taste just like a butter finger and only 100 calories, way better then actually eating a candy bar.

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