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Slim Fast Low Carb

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Has anyone been on Slim Fast Low Carb I have been thinking about it. I need to lose 8-10 more pounds and I can't seem to drop them and I thought that would be an easy way to do low carb.
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why have you chosen to do low carb? 
I know low carb usually works my goal weight is 150 -155 I am 163 right know. I lost my first 20 low carb and 55 low cal and exercise. I have been stuck for 3 weeks. My wedding anniv. is in 5 weeks. I need to be at goal.
THATS THE optimum one right? (spelling is off) . TOO MUCH SUGAR!

If you are going to do shakes for a meal replacement and looking for low carb, go with something like PVL WHey Gourmet!  INSANE good, a bit more expensive...but theres  like 2grms sugar (if that) the slim fast has ALOT!  And the whey gourmet has alot of great flavs.  Slim fast isnt that low in carbs compared to its original stuff either. 

you can buy wheygourment online at bodybuilders or yourgymbag theres a couple other places..its just great stuff..check out the values, flavours etc on ... .... I think thats is...SOO yummy!
Ya I agree with pennyhollett those slimfast products are loaded with sugar. You could even look at the atkins shakes or look at the whey protein shakes they have at the store. Just look at the amount of sugar in them. I myself like Prostar by Ultimate Nutrition.
ulitmate nutrition is good...but wheygourmet is  And cheaper I think...

Ninav...wanna go?  Just jokes.  I havent even tried prostar, i tried isosupreme, think its the same company. but they had a selected few choices like 4 I think..of flavours...mine WHeyGourmet has like 14.  from Vanilla, mintchocolate, whitechocolate,coconut creme pie..etc..sooo many..then they aslo have whey cooler, which is like juicy flavours.

Whey gourment has approx:

Cals 120

Fats 2.5

Carbs 3

Fiber 1

Sugars 1

Protein 23

Ah Peanutbutter Chocolate! I'm in! Maybe I'll order some to check it out. I have to order the ultimate nutrition stuff on line too cuz I can't get it around here.
I use the Slim fast Optima Shakes, not always on a daily or consistant basis.  They do have a lot of sugar but I do like all the vitamins and minerals that they contain. I don't take vitamins (probably should) So that helps me know that I'm getting a portion of my nutrition. I did go to the websit and check the other stuff out. I'm not as knowledgeable as others on the site. But I do like them and use them.
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