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Slim Fast drinks success

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Anyone out there with some slim fast drink success please share
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i have personally never tried it...but i think that the problem w/ slim fast is not losing weight...obviously if you only have like 200 calories for breakfast and lunch and then a "sensible" dinner, you will lose weight.

problem is, you never learn how to eat once you stop the slimfast may not know what is healthy and what is not.  so you start eating normal foods and then start gaining again because you don't realize how much you're eating. or you could just stay on the slimfast diet for the rest of your life.  ugh!!  no thanks ;)
I've never had any success on the slim fast drinks.
I bought some the other day at walmart, and I just do not know like today I am bringing a can of the slim fast and half a sandwhich for lunch but to me drinking calories is annoying because for 220 calories/can I could be eating a pretty big lunch! We will just have to see how it goes, thanks!
Once I only let myself have one slim-fast shake and one apple a day - for almost two weeks. I lost weight pretty fast then! :) However, that was short lived - the day I started eating I gained it all back. The things we do to try to loose!!

But, really - like notalone said, is that slim fast is just a reduced calorie diet, but - you don't learn how to eat well at all. And - the not being hungry for 4 hour thing... yeah right! Count your calories - you'll do much better, feel so much better, and learn so much more. Also, take a look at the nutrition facts of a shake... it doesn't seem to me that it would nutritious enough to live on.
I use slim fast as an emergency backup. It's good because I know exactly how many calories are in it, which gives me peace of mind and is easy to put into my log. You need to keep your metabolism going so having them on hand if you get super hungry is useful. They have too much sugar for me to drink too often though. I probably would have no more than 3-4 per week.
I drink one shake a day for breakfast. I am not a morning eater at all, and have found (and still struggle with) that I end the day on a lot of calories and start with few. I just don't like to eat in the morning.

I started drinking the Shake as a way to jump start my morning and make sure I am spreading the calories around more evenly. And each shake is pretty balanced as far as nutrition goes, so I like that as well.

The only thing is that I am a complete addict! I love my morning shake- I don't think I have lost weight due to it, more so due to eating more frequently and in smaller amounts, rather than a huge dinner.  For right now, though, it seems as though this will be my breakfast of champs for quite a while, until I learn to eat real food in the morning.
I eat the Slim Fast Optima "Rich Chocolately Brownie" MEAL bar a couple times a week for lunch.  Like someone else said, it's good because you know the exact amount of calories. It's 235cal for a meal bar, and I find that its 'heaviness' (along with gulps of water after each bite) fill me up just as much as when I brought a sandwich.  After that I eat a vegetable or fruit; usually an apple or carrots.  The other reason I chose this bar was because it's chocolate.  You always hear about people depriving themselves and then binging.  I always (not only during ttom) get cravings for chocolate, and so having it this way satisfies me. I agree that using Slim Fast doesn't help you learn to make proper food choices, but I eat healthy food (that I choose) for my breakfast, dinner, snacks in between, and 2-3 lunches a week.  As long as you make an effort to make good choices with your other meals, I think it's ok.  As for the success, I look at it as portion control - something to help me along the way.  If you have Slim fast for one meal (it recommends two but I only do one) a day but eat poorly the rest, it won't help.  Combine it with portion control for the rest of your meals/snacks and exercise, and I believe it will make a difference. Hope that helps; PM me if you want to talk more!
My friends extremely anorexic mom drank slim fast to try to gain weight. So I think it has lotsa good stuff in there for you. 
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Twenty-five years ago my husband lost about 30 pounds with Slimfast shakes... then he gained it all back.  The problem with these sorts of diets is tat tey don't teach you to manage real food in the real food... people don't know what to do when they stopusing them. If yu eating real food, to maintain you know you just need to add back a few hundred calories of the same types of foods.  At some point, whether during weight loss or maintenance, you have to learn to count calories or portions.
So funny because I was just starting my slimfast this week ... I like the chocolate drinks - I find that they do fill me up and I love to have something super chocolatey during the day ... Today I decided to give the shake for bfast, shake for lunch a try and by 12pm I was SO HUNGRY I got myself a garden salad with a little bit of dressing.

Honestly I think it is good for a meal replacement every once and a while - but doing their plan - very tough and not maintainable.
Well, I do slim fast, but not really because I'm dieting, more because I just think they are yummy, and I have a serious lack of time.  I don't buy the premade shakes though, I don't like those, I buy the powder and add milk and ice and blend in the blender, I love it.  I don't know if it's helped me lose weight, and I don't think I'll stop even when I hit my target.  I'm a homeschooling mom of three boys and never seem to be able to sit and eat when they do, so it's the only way that I get something in me, without reaching for the quick junk food.  I do try to eat fruit with it though.  It works for me on more levels than just weight loss.
I have never seen anyone loose weight drinking slim fast.  
i tried their strawberry cheesecake bar for breakfast gave me the worst gas i've ever had in my life and i was stuck at work all day!!!  sorry if it's TMI!!
I've used the Slim-Fast shakes as a meal replacement. You're right you do lose weight by drinking the shakes. My plan is to use the shakes,I've already lost 15 pounds, eat sensible snacks and dinner. Once you get positive momentum then try to replace a shake with a meal and learn how to eat right.
I agree I would not want to be downing those shakes for the next 30 years. I hope this helps.
I think that the SF shakes are great - if combined with a healthy diet.  This is really what the manufacturer recomends anyway - not that you use it all the time.

Like abdesigns, I never use the pre-made shakes and make one/day for breakfast.  They are yummy, nutritionally balanced, and provide a good base of calories for the morning - most other breakfast food that I like is just terrible for you, except yogurt which I usually have 1-2 days a week instead of the SF.

I am sure you can lose lots of weight eating only SF but I agree you would eventually gain it back.  Much healthier to use it as a part of a good diet/nutritional plan.

Those slimfast shakes just don't fill me up at all! I've actually had more success with the Carnation Instant Breakfast shakes (chocolate only). They have 150 calories - as opposed to slimfast's 190-220 - and they taste so much better. They actually fill me up too! If anyone is dead set on doing the slimfast diet I'd recommend switching to these shakes instead.

Just my personal experience...I think the slimfast shakes taste like chalk.
I tried doing the shakes and their diet... didn't lose a thing...

but I still eat a "meal" bar probably three times a week just as part of my daily calorie intake... they fill me up for a long time, and I don't want chocolate bars when I eat those.
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I have had great success with Slim Fast, but only because I use it in moderation and I exercise (moderate strength training and cardio) 1 hour 5x/week.  I could also go the route of normal meals 3x/day with reduced calories but this does make it easier.  I was exercising like crazy and still having 3 full (mostly healthy) meals and couldn't lose any weight.  I have one Slim Fast for breakfast, a normal lunch (about 500 calories), a Slim Fast 30 minutes before my workout, and a 400-600 calorie dinner, depending on the intensity of my workout.  I also take one dose of Metamucil a day and I think that ensures I have enough fiber in my diet, which is essential for healthy weight loss (don't take too much, though!).  I only had about 25 lbs to lose to start with and think I should lose another 13-16 lbs.  Do NOT replace all your meals with Slim Fast and don't eat junk for your other meals.  You can eat right and exercise with the Slim Fast as the icing. :)
I often have the shakes for breakfast, because they're quick, and that's good when I sleep in until 7:30 and find myself scrambling for something.

I've been drinking them once a day for a month or so now, and with the addition of healthy eating, I've lost 9 pounds going on ten. So...I'd say...use them in moderation? I dunno.XD
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hey...sorry if i'm re-iterating something.. i didn't read the posts before mine :P i think that the reason slim fast drinks work is because they have 10 grams of protein, vitamins, and low calories, so it's basically the same as replacing a meal with an energy bar and then having one later on in the day with a meal to help keep you full for longer with the extra protein in your diet. but, as always, it's better to get protein and vitamins from lean meats and veggies/fruit/etc. instead of an energy bar. but i still eat energy bars all the time and love i guess it just depends how you want to go about your weightloss!xx
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