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Weight Loss
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SLim Fast DIet success so far.

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any one ever try the Slim Fast? I been On a strict calorie intake of 1250-1350daily with My slim fast shakes...SO far I have loast 4.3lbs and I been on since sunday. I am posting my weight every friday. Start weight 199lbs looking to loose 60lbs.

anyone  have any comments about the slim? SO far its been great for me


tasha K

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I tried incorporating the slim fast shakes into my diet but i just have a problem with drinking my calories, no matter if it is supposed to be healthy or not. After i drank them i would still feel hungry and then got upset thinking about the food i could have eaten for less or just as many calories. The food would have made me full.

Well Slim fast has two diff shakes The OLD slim which ave 290 cals per shake and the new optima which is 190cals per shake. I have snacks (slim bars or english muffins) a lunch (from some frozen healthy dinner i.e. Lean Cuisuine, SOuth Beach ect which ever has sensible cals and looks filling try that chicken Panine from Healthy choice very filling and delicous.) Im brand new to slim fast but since I started counting my cals I realize how easy it is to rank them up and decided to try this diet and so far its been less than a week and I been within my cal limits and eliminated my soda and I already have results.

now thats cool

I hate those optima shakes. They taste like crap.

It's much better to just make your own shakes, and eat the caloric equivalent in real food of what these products provide.

also healthy dinner have a metric ton od sodium in them so I would be reduce how often you eat them.
well, Im a beginner so I will try the strict calorie slim diet until new year and if my results aren't so great then I will move on to bigger and better things but if the results are tremendous, I be sure to let ya know. and continue my slim diet.
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The problem with the slim fast diet you may lose weight but sooo many people gain it back once they stop because they never learned portion control. 

I think I would use it for short term weigh loss...if you wanted just to lose a bunch of weight fast...but honestly after losing weight on and off for 4 years I realize now...short quick weight loss is the WORST option.  Slow and steady and lifestyle changes are really what is needed. 

Btw - the optima shakes have splenda in them.  (sucralose)

well tashak, i have to tell you that i've had success with them. At the end of my senior year i lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks with them!! Of course, i basically starved myself and only had 2 shakes a day and a bowl or 2 of cereal - i know, not healthy - but that was over 4 years ago so i know better now.

  Of course i have fluctuated in weight over the past 4 years, but i have never gone back to what i was in high school. And as of today, i have kept that 20 pounds off, plus 5 more!! Now i try to eat healthy, but if i ever screw up my diet for a week or two - i buy some slim fast to get me back on track. I usually can't do more then 3 days (i dont know how i did 2 weeks in high school!!!!). But i basically use it for a quick diet fix and then try to get back on my normal healthy eating pattern. Some people dont like them, or dont agree, but you know what - i'm all for it!! 

not for sure if it has splenda. But Im definatly going to change my eating habits for the simple fact I don't want to gain any more weight!

Thanks Sunshine. I heard it on and off good and bad but I know Slim fast has been around for years so this time I wanted to start my diet off with a diet originator. I will definatly use it as a quick fix cause i have the pounds to loose and when i loose it like I said im not going to be one of those people who looses the weight and go back to their old eating habit Y? so I can get right back to where I started?

no im going to loose it and change my eating style.

Thanks Sunshine. I heard it on and off good and bad but I know Slim fast has been around for years so this time I wanted to start my diet off with a diet originator. I will definatly use it as a quick fix cause i have the pounds to loose and when i loose it like I said im not going to be one of those people who looses the weight and go back to their old eating habit Y? so I can get right back to where I started?

no im going to loose it and change my eating style.

tomorrow is my weigh in If I don't post(might be in training) then I will post first thing monday  morning!

I've just started drinking Slim Fast (got it recommended from a friend) and took to it more as a "healthy meal replacement" which it claims to do! I also am keen to know whether it leads to a quicker rate of weight loss? By the way, I started exercising since a week, am eating healthier and drink Slim Fast once a day (as breakfast), followed by salads in lunch. Should I drink it more often?Innocent

I lost 2 pounds in the last week by the way, my goal is to lose 59 pounds and now I've 57 pounds to lose!

If anyone has tasted "success" with Slim Fast, (or not) could they please share? Thanks!

i think the slim fast diet is just a way for the company to make alot of money. You can buy simular non-'diet' products for much much cheaper. Plus, i think i would rather eat a 250 cal sandwhich than a 250 cal shake. Think of the food you could eat with 1350 cals!!




AND TODAY AS PROMISED MY WEIGH IN IS ..........................................193 .0 TOTAL LOSE IN 5DAYS................6LBS!


6 lbs in 1 week!!! whoa!! Never heard such a rapid rate of weight loss!Undecided

 Thanks Sara, for your update! I really want to know whether I'm making the right choices in eating healthy!Smile


thats what i was thinking. I was wondering it could be because i reduced my calorie intake to 1250-1350 and originally i was suppose to set it to 1500. and I have light exercise so I probably do need to update my intake a little bit.

well have a good weekend. Im going to try and "be good this weekend " and write what I eat. and Don't forget the weigh in on friday. ur free to weigh in and show ur success to no matter what diet ur on.


have fun


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Tashak, I've been on slim fast for 8 weeks, and lost a total of 20 lbs so far.  It keeps me full and I still chew my meals in the evenings.  I love the chocolate royale shakes.  You'll find that a lot of people will try to discourage you with it but it truly does work.  Even Oprah's trainer Bob Greene is now promoting slim fast. It's the fastest grab for me in the morning and lunch time, no calorie counting required'. If you need a buddy, sign in on slim, go to community and do a buddy search for "dyingtolose22" and we can keep in touch daily.  It seems like you, Emo79 and I are looking to lose the same weight at this time.  It would be nice to have each other's support.  We should all be proud of ourselves for taking the step to a healthier body and lifestyle.  Have a nice weekend all.Smile

Congratulations to all of you who are losing on slim fast.

I have one small suggestion to make, in order to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle after you reach your goal weight.

As you approach your goal weight, it might be wise to start replacing your slimfast shakes with real food.  Maybe replacing one shake every two weeks.  So that, by the time you reach your goal weight, you are no longer reliant on Slimfast.  Of course, if you want to keep one a day for a healthy snack or a quick breakfast in the morning, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt.  That way, you become accustomed to counting calories, so that you will more easily be able to maintain your goal weight once you get there, without having to drink Slimfast your whole life.

Ive been doing Slim Fasts for a while now. I couldn't say really exactly how long. Started off slow. Buying the mix but hardly ever using it, it has slowly progressed to where I am now, drinking 3 or 4 shakes a day, consuming 1200-1300 calories a day. For me it was hard to get used to just drinking something, so I would end up eating afterwards and definitely going way over on calories because of it. But I have finally gotten very used to it, I can control my hunger very well, can be satisfied with a shake as a meal, and I have lost about 30 pounds in 6 months or so....and the more I get used to the Slim Fast thing, the better I do sticking to my calorie limit a day and the faster the weight comes off, it's like the snowball effect, so i am very optimistic about the future! Im half way there, 30 more to go.
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Tashak, I'm using SlimFast successfully--I've posted about it at length in my journal, a couple of posts back. (It's the one about "regimented diet plans," don't remember the exact title, maybe 4 or 5 posts back.)  I started off at about 1600 calories per day, and I'm at about 1500-1400 on average, now. I started drinking it before I started restricting calories, actually--I used it as a nutrition booster, for immune deficiency, and it worked so well that I thought I'd try the reducing plan, too. That's also working great, and I just met my first 20-lbs-lost goal. I drink only the "low-carb" version, though, not Optima--that still has too much sugar, and I don't like the taste. I can only get the low-carb at WalMart, but it's worth it; I actually enjoy the chocolate flavor. I'm eating many times per day with only one actual "meal" at dinner, but I'm incorporating fruits and veggies and fat-free dairy all day, along with the shakes. I'm healthier than I've been in years, hardly ever sick, now, I'm slowly and steadily losing weight (2-3 lbs per week) and I feel great. My analysis of each day's nutrients shows all my numbers way up above the RDAs, fats and carbs are in balance, for me (I'm also diabetic), and everything looks good. Like I said, above, I talk about it more extensively in my journal, if you want to know more, but I'd certainly recommend it. It's not an eating style that everyone would be comfortable with, but it works for me. (I mean, eating all day--what's not to love? *g*)
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