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Weight Loss
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Slim Fast

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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone is taking slim-fast or has any opinions regarding it? I'm trying to lose - the last 10 pounds - punn intended - and someone suggested trying slimfast?  I'm not sure its a good idea, and I know that especially being a women its hard to lose the weight.  Ideally I need to lose 15.  Any suggestions?

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i tried it last year and no joke..i was starving!!! Those shakes and bars have so much sugar in them that i think they were spiking my blood sugar and in turn making me more hungry!

I did lose weight but i gained it all back plus another 10 pounds :-(
Slim fast is nothing but sugary milk with vitamins. Not worth the money, and not calorically worth it for me. I tried it for a few months before wising up.

I recall them being around 230 calories- and lots of sugar!

For 230 calories, you could do a cup of any one of a variety of soups (100) , a lo-fat cheese stick (60), and a medium apple (72) - 232 calories total. Much better lunch choice, in my experience.
I use Slim Fast Optima shakes / drinks for my breakfast on most week day mornings.  I'm one of those people that doesn't like to eat first thing in the morning.  So I have an Optima shake; then when I get to work I have a healthy snack.  I eat a regular healthy lunch and dinner.  All total is about 1500 cals per day.  Slim Fast Optima shakes work great for me.  You'd have to try it to decide what works with your body and metabolism.
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Thats what I was thinking.  Of trying it out in the mornings first, and then eating healthy throughout the day. 

My problem is just trying to find the right snacks to keep me full, I get hungry at work like every few hours!!

Slim Fast Optima shakes / drinks are between 180 and 190 cals for a 12 oz can (I think the size is 12oz).  The calorie range depends on the flavor you chose.  The Cappucino Delight is 180 cals; the Milk Chocolate or Royal Chocolate are both 190 cals.  As for the cost, 6 cans is approximately $5.00.  I purchased them on sale at WalMart and received 2 cans free.  So, 8 cans for $5.00 = $0.625 per can.
If you'd rather not go the SlimFast route, I'm sure you could make your own breakfast shakes.  Frozen raspberries in a blender with a bit of protein powder and skim milk is yummy.  I also add a splash of home-made coffee syrup, which is surprisingly yummy.

That way if SlimFast breaks the bank and have yucky flavours, you've got another option. =)
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I buy the Target brand of Slim Fast (the Rich Chocolate Royale has 170 calories, a little less than the name brand stuff, is cheeper, and I think it tastes just as good [the Walmart brand is gross]).

For work, I'll mix a can with two bananas and about a cup of frozen strawberries; this makes two 16 oz breakfast drinks at about 230 calories each.  I'll freeze the slimfast mix and it's almost like eating chocolate-strawberry-banana icecream for breakfast the next morning.  I've also added blueberries and raspberries too.

I especially like this cause it takes a while to eat; I can't just drink the whole frozen thing at once.  Between this breakfast and lunch I'll also eat an apple to help tide me over.

Like another poster said, if you're interested in trying Slim Fast, try it.  If it doesn't work for you or you don't like it, look into something else.

Good luck.

The only ready-made "shake" I drink are Worldwide Protein Shakes. The vanilla creme is 100 calories, the chocolate is 110 calories, they have 21 grams of protein, and only 2 net carbs!!!  I would never eat them alone as a meal .... I get 300 calories for breakfast and 400 calories for lunch ... but they are a fabulous snack! Sometimes I will add them to a blender with 12 ice cubes .... YUM!

(I buy them at Trader Joes, by the way!)

** some flavors are 160-170 calories each, read the label carefully!

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I tried it about 10 years ago and got some pretty severe diarrhea.  Probably would have helped me lose weight if I could stand that side effect - but x-lax is cheaper.

I don't mind the Slim Fast Optima shakes, the Chocolate Royale is actually kind of tasty.  I wouldn't do the "2 shakes and a sensible dinner" version, just a breakfast drink like others suggested.   Since it has fiber, it actually keeps you full for several hours.

Other snacks that I like that keep me satisfied are cup of broth, a banana, BIG glass of water or some popcorn.  Good luck!

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I'm doing the SlimFast plan, and it's working well for me--I'm losing a couple of lbs a week.  I'm diabetic, so I only use the low-carb version, which is a little harder to find but, at 2 net carbs per can, is definitely worth it.  (I also think it tastes a lot better than Optima, which I find too sweet and a little gritty.)  I find it at my local Wal-Mart.  I drink one for breakfast, one for lunch and I have a complete dinner, but I also add two pieces of fruit, an oz of nuts, a fat-free/low-carb yogurt, 8 oz of skim milk, a vegetable snack (V8 or baby carrots, etc.) and a snack of soy crisps.  My daily intake is about 1600 calories, and I'm better nourished than I've ever been in my life, I think.  I have some chronic health issues that used to include frequent illness--colds, bronchitis, etc.  I started drinking one SlimFast a day for breakfast as a way to increase nutrition, then increased it to two a day, and I've gone nearly a year without a single cold, which is remarkable for me.  I'm sure it has to do with the readily available nutrition in the shakes--much easier for me to digest than vitamin pills.  And it really is working for me as far as losing weight, too.  Look for the low-carb version, though; I agree with everyone else that the regular version has way too much sugar in it. 
Slim fast optima shakes are nasty as hell. Better off just eating good, and changing your workout routine, make it a little harder and add some weights or something. That seems to work for a lot of people.
Slim fast optima shakes are nasty as hell. Better off just eating good, and changing your workout routine, make it a little harder and add some weights or something. That seems to work for a lot of people.
I drink the Kroger SlimRite Ultimate Chocolate is 20 calories less than SlimFast Optima and has less sugar and more protien.  I'm not much of a morning eater, either, so I usually drink one can after my morning workout or on my way to work.  I tried to do that 2 cans a day, one healthy meal thing, but that did not work out for me.  I'd rather just incorporate this into one of my 'healthy' snacks.
For snacks that will keep you full, a handful of whole  almonds (about 12-15) works GREAT.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but it gives you protein and stays with you longer than most snacks do.  I don't remember off-hand how many calories it adds up to.
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Why don't you try Nutrilite?

I just started back on Slim-Fast this morning (actually the Target brand - but whatever) because I am having the hardest time losing weight right now (it's been 2 years).  It has always worked for me, because I get my chocolate fix, and it has more vitamins then I eat normally.  I usually do the shake for breakfast and lunch, along with veggies or fruit as a morning and afternoon snack, and then a sensible dinner.

I know many people don't like the system, but I love it, and it keeps me in control of what I am eating.  Plus, I normally don't eat breakfast at all, so this keeps me in check, and if I have a lunch meeting I just drink my shake for dinner.

I guess you have to see if it works for you...

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I don't use the 'system' but I have a Slimfast low carb shake for breakfast nearly every day. It has loads of protein and keeps me full. I eat 5 times a day 200-400 calories a time for a total for 1200-1440 calories a day. I love the low carb. I wouldn't touch the regular ones though.
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