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Slim Fast!

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I just started this past week, I like it a lot, but I'm still not eating at least 1,200 cals a day, I'm eating around 900-1,000 but that's not my main point of making this! Has anyone else tried slim fast? How much did you lose & how fast did you lose it? I weigh about 158 and I'm 5'7, so I'm technically overweight.. =/ I've put on probably about 20 pds since September when something really tragic happened to me. So did Slim Fast work for you, and did you like it?

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I use slimfast for my breakfast every morning, and that combined with my 1300-cal a day diet is working great.  A lot of people would/ do get bored, but I love the fact that I don't have to think or work to make sure I have a decent breakfast in the morning.

Now that I've addressed your main point...don't survive on just the shakes.  I realize that they say "a shake for breakfast, another for lunch, and a sensible dinner" but if you actually look at the plan, they also recommend snacks throughout the day.  

FYI, I'm about your weight but 2 inches shorter.  And I eat about 1300 cals a day (more on days I work out). 

Hi Em Anne,

     I tried it about 3 years ago and it did "work" for me at the time.  However, it did not stay off and I put on more than I lost in the long run.  I'll admit that it was convient to have the shake powder, snack & meal bars and that I could do it online for free (I had not discovered cc).  However, I like the freedom of not being "on" a particular "diet" but in learning to eat real food and still lose.  I'm now on maintenence and I think that because I was eating real food sensibly while losing; it is now easier to maintain because of the lessons I learned while eating a balance of calories, nutrients, and portions. 

     I would get more familiar with this site and wean yourself onto a balanced diet and positive excersise program with the support of the people here and not replace the diet crutches when they are gone.  Best of luck....

Grandma Patsu

i agree, use real food... and real solid food suppresses hunger better than liquid, so it better

Yeah, I think I'm going to try replacing two meals for a while, and then just cutting down to replacing one meal, probably lunch or breakfast because I'm so busy during the day. I usually do have snacks throughout the day, sometimes one of their brownie bars & a piece of fruit. Thank you for your input, you really helped me out :)

I agree with you, it makes sense the 'diet' won't last forever. I plan on losing a few pounds with Slim Fast until I can get time to go to a Weight Watchers meeting, and try that out. It seems more sensible to eat real food,  but in just lesser portions. Thank you, thank you! :)

Thank you!

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I used to use slimfast (I likewise am 5'7", started at 159 lbs) and I decided they didn't keep me full for hour hours like they say... THEN I started mixing a scoop of GNC Pro-Performance 100% Whey Protein in with 1.5 cups of milk to replace those slimfasts... I find they keep me fuller longer and help me get the right amount of protein :-) you might try that!

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I liked the Slim Fast approach, but it made me very bloated and gassy. I found I have a lactose intolerance. I was told to switch to protien shakes from GNC - no more tummy problems!

Like the others said, you have to eat "real" food but in a time crunch - a shake is better than nothing!!!


My experience is pretty much the same as everyone else's - I like the shakes for a good breakfast with a yogurt, or as lunch with an apple or something, but I also eat "regular" food every day. I like to have them on hand because if there's ever a situation when I don't have time to make a full-on lunch or I slept in late, etc etc, then I know I can grab a shake and get some good calories in my system.

For breakfast, I'll usually either do a shake or Carnation Instant Breakfast with milk - it's more calories than a Slim Fast shake, but I do find that it keeps me full longer.

Good luck! :)

Slim fast really upset my stomach and gave me horrible acid reflux (heartburn). I would be hungry also a little while after drinking a shake.

This website makes it really easy to count calories. I started trying to lose weight 6 weeks ago and have lost 21.6 pounds so far. I found this website March 14th. It is encouraging because I am finding foods that I like that are health and are low calorie plus I can see in a graph of what everything is.

Right now my goal is 1700 calories a day. If I need to adjust it and my exercising I will do it when I need to. To give you an idea: 1st week: 6 pounds 2nd week: 10 pounds 3rd week: 2 pounds 4th week: 3 pounds 5th week: cheated (stupid me gained back 5 pounds) 6th week: 5 pounds

Keep in mind that you will not lose as fast as I am since I weigh alot more than you do but you can lose it without starving yourself or drinking nasty food replacement drinks.

Good Luck to you!
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Iused Slim Fast a few years ago.  Their Optima shakes claim to stave off hunger for up to four hours.  That never happened with me.  I was usually hungry within the hour after drinking an entire can.  I find myself happier these days by substituting a Kashi bar and Propel Energy Water.  Then I head off to the gym at 6 every morning for varying exercises and weights, depending on the day, capping off the workout with a very small helping (2 ounces) of protein - like leftover fish or lean steak from the previous night.  With Slim Fast I could never make it through the workout with enough energy and sometimes it even made me throw up.  To each their own, though.  Everyone needs different amounts of food in the AM.  But breakfast is the most important meal.  I found that I lost more weight in a week that I ate every breakfast than weeks that I skipped a few.  Now I'm down from 150lbs to 125 lbs (at a height of 5'3").  Besides that, Slim Fast (bars and shakes) tasted horrible to me.

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Hello . I have  been using the slimfast as part of my diet for the past 4 weeks and I have lost 23 pds. I usually replace two meals with a shake and eat a sensible dinner.  I like the shakes and the bars. Now if I can make it 12 more weeks. Good Luck.


My best advice to you is to finish what you have of the Slim Fast, go to GNC and buy lean body from Labrada -- they have shakes (I recommend Vanilla Ice Cream), powder, and bars.  2 a day and 1 light meal (grilled chicken breast, tuna with a little light mayo, 1 chopped carrot and 1 chopped celery stalk, grilled salmon). I guarentee you will lose more weight.

Im 5'8 and 125 now. (i was about 150ish when i started.)  i go to the gym every other day, elliptical for 30 and a half hour of arms or legs. Dont drink alcohol (sooo hard, i know, but the weight will peel off once you stop- you will also lose a taste for it. Promise!), no soda - even diet! Also a trainer tip - dont drink anything that has bubbles, it bloats you and makes you look puffy (that tip cost me $80 lol). Drink water with a little lemon or orange in it.

I try to eat 1,000 calories a day. It's hard though. But as long as you eat healthy, pop a multivitiman, CoQ-10 vitiman every other day (makes your skin look FAB, and supports healthy metabolism).

Thats it! Good Luck!

I tried it several times, and while some weight did come off, it always came back.  I wound up getting bored with the shakes, and even the Optimum ones did not keep me full for four hours.  Besides, there's only so many times I can have a sugary tasting shake for breakfast and lunch (or those snack bars) before getting very bored with it, so I wound up craving real food - something to chew on.

For me, eating real food is preferable - Slimfast is easy, and good if I don't have time for anything else and I need to get out the door, but I won't go back to it.

But if it works for you, then great!

I have been on the Slim Fast optima shakes for 34 days and I have lost 25 lbs so far. Believe it or not, without any form of excercise. A friend of mine did a certain regimen to lose weight for a formal dance at school for a period of two weeks and she lost 14 lbs so I decided to give her regimen a try. Here it is:

Two words: Alternate days

First day:

Slim Fast for morning meal

Slim Fast for Lunch

Slim Fast for Dinner

Second day:

Slim Fast for morning meal

Slim FAst for Lunch

A large dinner (of whatever you would like to eat, and of how ever much you would like to eat), but you must eat it all within a span of 20 minutes.

THEN REPEAT-Alternate day 1 and day 2 until you reach your desired weight. Excercise if you like, but it will only increase the hunger.

If you are a coffee drinker, drink coffee only in the morning and only one cup a day. Also, only drink water throughout the day.

Warning: The first 6 days were hard...im talking tough..but once you get past that hump, things go smoothly..

If you crave something, or want to go out to eat, save it for the day that you can have the big dinner, just make sure to always fast every other day.

P.S. I don't know how healthy this plan is, it might not be healthy at all..BUT IT WORKS..the pounds started coming off pretty fast and my energy increased after a week. It was great..I feel amazing and I look pretty damn good too. I hope this helps you guys. Just remember, nothing but 3 slim fasts and water every other day.

This site is not meant to promote unhealthy ways of losing weight- ie crash diets.

I'm not sure how healthy slimfast is when you eat regular food alongside it, but definitely don't make it the only thing you eat all day. Gelababe13, that is a really unhealthy diet, and probably nowhere near enough calories for you if you're a teenager. Ginam1029, 1000 calories for a 5'8" woman is too low.

Your diet shouldn't leave you with too little energy to exercise. If it is, you need to make better choices. If drinking slimfast leaves you with enough energy to get through the day and work out- great. I don't want to be negative, almost anything is okay in moderation, but be smart and be careful.

I have not tried the actual slimfast plan, though I love having a box of the meal bars in my car, desk, purse... It helps to have something that tastes alright at my fingertips all the time. Especially having it in the car - nothing worse than cruising the fast food district on an empty stomach ("I have 2 minutes to spare to go through the drive thru...").
JMO anyway. They seem to make a relatively balanced snack/meal.

I keep the Slim Fast powder shake mix on hand for a quick breakfast if I don't have time to make something else. It works well for me because I am rarely hungry in the AM, so this fills me up pretty well. I've never really followed the Slim Fast plan, because it just doesn't seem healthy at all, but I think that replacing a few meals here and there with the Slim Fast products is ok. 

I've been drinking slim fast for breakfast and lunch since April 13. So far I lost 17 pounds. I also only have 1200 calories per day and workout 3-4 times a week. I do 30-40 mins of cardio. The shakes keep me very full for 3 hours. Then it starts to taper off. Then I have my other shake for lunch. I love knowing what i'm having for breakfast and lunch. It's "no thinking" food. I grab my shake for breakfast and i'm done. I grab another one for lunch and i'm done. No hard choices on what to eat. No adding calories at various fast food places. I know what i'm having and I know the calorie content. Then I move on with my day. I let food control my life for too long. I'm very happy to have that control back. Laughing

Oh, I love it! the chocolate ones especially. I've used them before as a meal replacement or something to have after a trip to the gym, but their real value is only that they are low calorie while giving some nutrients. Sadly, they're also loaded with sugar and dairy, so that's not always what you're aiming for.

If you're not worried about sugar and all that, then..awesome, they can be a great tool. Personally, I prefer Silk chocolate soy milk because it's got protein and calcium with actually fewer calories than slim fast per serving.

I just like it, and also find it's a lot cheaper to buy 1 carton of Silk than to keep buying all those little six packs of Slim.

At the end of the day, anything that makes it easier to track calories is probably a good thing.


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