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Weight Loss
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Every night my family always eats dinner together. Good but bad. We seem to be eating later and later each night because my mom does not get home from work until 7 or 7:30. The problem is that I will be starting school soon and eating dinner at nine and then going to bed at ten is not going to work. Not only do I dislike going to bed on a full stomach, but it also contributes to weight gain. But my options are to either go to bed on a full stomach, miss out on some much-needed hours of sleep, or to eat without my family earlier in the evening, missing out on my major and pretty much only family interaction throughout the day with the exception of a 5-min mid-afternoon phone-call. What should I DO?
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this might take some will power but you could eat without your family. then you could sit with your family when they eat and still talk. I hope that helps. 
Going to bed after eating doesn't cause weight gain.  There isn't any scientific evidence that says this.  I think people often say "don't eat after x o'clock" because people tend to snack the most during that time period, but just eating normally won't matter :)

Maybe you can help her out by starting dinner, so that it'll be ready or almost ready by the time she gets home? That way you can eat earlier if you prefer (plus, she'd probably really appreciate it!) :)
Babalu, I really appreciate your suggestion, but I don't have a whole lot fo will power. If I did that, I would probably just end up having two dinners then. That would really help to develop my willpower skills though. Sashabee, thank you for the fact about how eating late does not cause weight gain. I was really convinced that it did, but that makes sense about the snacking thing. I realized that eating late may actually work to my advantage, because it leaves no time for snacking or dessert. I liked your suggestion too. I am going to try doing that. Thanks!
I would love to start eating later, lol.  I always get hungry right before bed, which makes it hard to sleep.  But yeah, it's all about the total number of calories you eat in one day, not when you eat them.
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 like sashabee says, eating late doesn't necessarily lead to weight gain. in fact, my roommate, who's very slim, eats dinner at 9pm (wow~), but she eats in moderation. just enough so that she doesn't feel hungry. it's all about moderation, and as long as you stay within in your daily caloric limit, you should be fine! ^___^
Yep, I agree with sashabee and Hummus86, eating late definitely doesn't making you gain weight.  In fact it makes no difference when you or night.  On the end of the day its the caloric intake you've taken in and whether you have created a deficit thats most important for weightloss.

Same as eating smaller portions during the day, it really doensn't matter if you eat 3 meals or break them up into 5-6 meals a day.  The fact remains is that you are staying within your caloric limit and creating a deficit!!

Good luck

I can understand why you wouldn't want to miss out on eating with your family. But I also understand your concern about eating late.

I also eat late and to be successful you start redefining what you eat during the day. Dinner isn't my biggest meal, lunch is, and I try not to eat carbs at dinner - I just can't sleep on them I feel too full. My dinner is usually protein and vegetables.

So continue to eat with your family but eat half of what you normally would and save the rest. If you can't wait until 9pm to eat then have a small snack to get you through (maybe the leftover food from last night that you turned down) that way you still get to spend time with your family.

Also talk to your parents about your concern about eating late and why you are only eating half of what you normally would. I had to tell my family that I needed them to be supportive of me trying to be healthy and they were great about it knowing that I needed them to make enough veggies for me and not to question why I wasn't eating as much.



just eat a smaller dinner, still eat with family but in smaller portions
Thanks guys! The smaller portions is a good idea and that should not be a problem for me because I eat SO SLOW!
you gain FAT (not weight) when you eat before you sleep because you burn the lowest amount of calories while you sleep.

^ about the "there's no scientific evidence of bla bla bla..." bullshit.
How about you make dinner occasionally and have it ready for when your mom gets home? You'll get to make what you want to eat and she will probably be very happy not to have to cook every night.
i think the reason why they say people gain when they eat late is because we're more prone to binge at night, at least most of us are.. i DO find however that if i dont eat a few hours nbefore i go to sleep then i weigh a bit less when i wake up. its just because you burn cals while you sleep and if u eat right before then u are just going to burn off what you just ate. and people figure if youre going to eat and just go right to bed, then why not just skip it since yoy wont feel the hunger pains while you sleep.
I'm going to lay it out straight for you. It actually does matter WHEN you eat! You see, at night your body has slowed down, along with all of your metobolic functions...meaning that you are burning calories at a much slower pace. The food that you eat is more likely to be stored as fat since your body doesn't need it for a whole lot of energy. Therefore, it is better to eat the bulk of your calories EARLIER in the day. (Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince, and Dinner like a peasant... Helps me remember!) :)

But of course spending time at dinner with your family is certainly important! So you can shape your meal times to fit your life. For example, perhaps you could help your mom out and get a head start on dinner so it is ready when she comes home at 7:30. ?? You can get other people in your fam to help, too. Or you could split up your dinner by eating most of your meal earlier and then leave a little room when you family eats so that you can just have small portions. That way you won't be so full when you go to bed. Sorry this is long! Good luck! 
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