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Weight Loss
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I did a search in the forums on this topic, and it was generally agreed that getting enough sleep is important for weight loss and every other part of your health, but what about those days when I sleep in up to four hours past when I would usually wake up? If I'm awake for a considerably shorter period of time (this is ignoring how much longer it would take to get to sleep that night) should I be eating fewer calories?

The way I understand it, the metabolism slows down to a few calories per hour while asleep, so should I not allow for these extra hours on days I sleep in? I just got up yesterday and saw that CC had decided that I had already burned nearly a thousand calories that day, and I realized there was simply no way that was accurate. The day had just started, even if it was technically afternoon.


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your metabolism doesn't "slow down" like you think it does.

Plus, your body is burning those calories keeping you alive--that's what your BMR is--it's your heart beating, brain working, respiration, etc.  These functions are, on average, actually burning twice as many calories as the exercise of most who are lightly active. 

If you feel like you've been a slug, take a walk in the afternoon, but no need to recalculate your calorie allowance based on having a lie-in.

i think you ought to forget the calorie question and figure out why you're sleeping that much. are you in a serious sleep deficit? depressed? malnourished? avoiding something?

it's not normal to stay in bed an extra 4 hours when you're not sick.

I'm talking about one day a week, after a week of 7- 7.5 hour nights when I really prefer 8 or 9. It's a sleep deficit, for sure, but I wouldn't call it serious and definitely not abnormal. I'm a college student and I do much better at getting enough sleep than most (all?) people I know, but maybe I need a bit more, too. 

Thanks for the thoughts. Good to know life doesn't stop when I'm asleep. ;)

ah. adolescence. well, that's different.

Yeah, the few calories per hour thing is a little ridiculous... your body is definitely still working while asleep. If you do any kind of exercise, it also uses that time to repair its tissues, which requires calories.

I'm also a college student and get 7-8 h of sleep during the week and 10-11 h on the weekends. I have not observed that variation in sleep hours having any influence on my weight (or weight loss, when I was doing that). If anything, waking up later on the weekend means I get to have a big brunch!

I'd take your BMR for those hours, but don't discount that you're also staying up later.  On the days that you get only 7-7.5, don't you think you burn a bit more by your logic?

Huh, yeah, I guess that logic should carry over. 

I guess I'm just looking for an excuse to eat less/lose more. 

Never thought I'd see the day. ;-)

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