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What does a skinny apple shape woman look like?

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I'm a cross between an apple and a hourglass. I was wondering if the smaller you get the less of an apple you look like. Do you start to look less top heavy, shoulders look less broad? 

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Thats a tough one.  Its hard to know how your shape will change when you have shed a few pounds.

As for myself - when i was thin I had a nice hour glass shape.  But I always had a distinctively deep chest and broad shoulders.  Even thin I wore a 14/16 shirt - to accomodate my shoulders and bust.

Fast forward 40 lbs and I seemed to hold most of my fat on my stomach.  But this was an illusion because of my deep chest.  I have only lost 6 lbs now, but it all came off my stomach and everyone is commenting on my "dramatic" weight loss.

I think so much is dependant on so many things, frame shape, genetics, even how your activities affect your muscle development.  It is really hard to know what you will look like.

madamq, compared to when you were smaller and now, do you think you look less top heavy?

The more I gain weight, the more top heavy I tend to look. I was surfing on the net trying to see what a very thin apple looks like, and when they are very thin, they don't look top heavy, shoulders aren't as broad.

This is something that I've been insecure about, and figured if I lose weight it would help. No one has commented or ever teased me about being top heavy,(my mother made a remark about my shoulders being broad) at least to my face, but I notice it very much and tend to wear jackets (even in the summer) when I get to a certain weight because nothing looks good at all. I feel that I would look slimmer if I had a smaller upper half.


Well I dont have really big breasts.  But having a deep rib cage makes my bust appear more prominent.

Loseing weight probably will help.  Breasts are a fat storage system after all.

But, more importantly is is confidence in yourself.  I know for me if I am down and depressed I am treated less respectfully than when I have confidence.

Look at Dolly Parton.  What a woman!  Sure - everyone notices her breasts - like a big nose, you cant miss them.  But Dolly is so confident and engaging no one spends much time staring at her boobs. 

If you have a promient feature - stand up straight.  Look people in the eye so they have some where to look besides your breasts.  Smile as much as you can.  If some jerk is staring - pick up his chin, look him in the eye and say "out of your league buddy"

Have heart!  Remember women spend thousands to have what you have naturally. 

I was a complete apple.  Now that I have lost weight I look more like an hour glass.  I lost most of my weight from stomach and  breast... I would still like to lose some in the butt.  I am the weight J Lo.

I am also a slim apple/ hour glass shape!

Hey, being an apple aint so bad! We can play down our top halves by wearing dark colors up top, wear deeper V necked tops to flatter our bust and never wear high neck tops as it makes us look top heavy, and we can wear most types of jeans because we do not store a lot of weight on our legs!

My butt, stomach, and breasts carry my weight.. My dad has skinny legs compared to his rounded stomach, and my mother is a typical hour glass shape so I am stuck in between!


I am about 115 lbs and 5 ‘ 5 ( or 65 inches tall) and my BMI is 19.

I am slim, but not skinny, and despite being slim I still have D cup breasts and a curvy bubble shaped butt.

No matter how much weight you lose you will still end up a smaller version of what you are like now.

The only exception to this is recovering anorexics, as their initial weight gain tends to go to their stomach to protect their organs and insides , despite what shape they were before anorexia but it evens out once they gain enough weight.

I had a friend who was thin, she was a endomorph, and I felt that I looked so fat and wide standing next to her. I thought I looked less normal. I am very curvy, and one guy asked me if she was my daughter. Yikes! And he had only seen the both of us from behind.  I am in my early 20s and have a babyface, I don't know why he would think that.It's like ppl think you are younger than what you are when you have a very petite frame

double post

I am 5'7 and weigh around 175 lbs, what would I look like at 125? I've never been smaller than 145lbs

More input please.

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I found this link claiming Anjelina Joli is an apple shape:

http://www.skinnyvscurvy.com/angelina-jolie/a ngelinas-super-skinny-apple-shape-tight-dress .html


I am built a lot like her (minus the rack) and, while most people say I am a pear-shape I consider myself a thin apple (maybe apple/pear).  I measure 30-28-36 and am 5' 4" and weigh 120 lb.  What I mean is that I am thin, but my waist is not that small for how thin I am; especially my tiny shoulders, and thin arms and legs (pears tend to have thigh fat), and clothes tend to fit tight in the waist on me.

Anyways, I think most apple shaped bodies become straight as they get thin.



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From what I've gathered from fitting clothing, someone with broad shoulders and a full bust in comparison to everything below would be an inverted triangle.  I think of apples as tending to be larger in the middle--that's me.  My waist is porportionately larger than everything else, even when I weigh less.  When I'm in my supposed "ideal" weight range (which hasn't happened in quite a while) my arms and legs are thin, my shoulders are narrow, and fitting my waist in clothing while fitting everything else is difficult--I just don't curve in that much in the middle.  I do have a high, round behind at any weight--that's my one genetic advantage.  *g*  But I tend to gain first in the belly, and I seem to lose it there last.  It's always an issue, especially since belly fat is the most dangerous to one's health, apparently.

Take a look at my before and after pictures. I thought I was an apple.. And I'm a complete hour glass.+

Before (I'm in the pink shirt)


Yes, the girls shrink THAT much. :)

Holy cow, x17star17x, you looked AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS! I'm totally impressed... I'd love to have your body... very shapely and feminine while still being very fit. Kudos to you!

I don't remember my measurements exactly... my breast size is 32 or 34B and waist is 27.  Don't remember hips.  Anyhow, my waist is almost non-extistant, which I believe makes me an apple?  I think apples are also possibly called columns or boy-shape at lesser weights-- straight up and down.

To All you beautifully and well made women with apple figures...there is a Clothing Designer "Sev Shak" who's designs are made especially for women with these figure types...her design style de-emphasizes the upper body, with a longer torso and eye-drawing lower body detail....check her out...or look out for her clothing line...i believe her website is still under construction...but keep checking...

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