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5'4, 127, size 12 in women's; 11- 13 in Juniors

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Anybody else have similar stats??? I feel like I'm abnormally shaped....

What is your height, weight, and pants size?


ETA: I am from the U.S. and I'm talking about women's sizes.  In Juniors, I take a 11 or 13.  I'm 20 years old.


ETA again: My waist is about 34 inches, and my hips at the widest point (kinda around my butt?) is 37 inches.


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I am 5' 4",  weigh about 150 and wear size 8- size 10 pants, up to size 12 or 14 top.  I cannot ever buy clothing without trying it on, and it just goes to show that size charts vary widely between manufacturers and don't mean much anymore.  Only you know if you are comfortable in your own skin, regardless of what the tags say.

Original Post by sarah_ch:

5'4'', 121 lbs, 20 years old.  I usually wear a size 4.  I live in Canada, but I believe we use US sizes.  My measurements are 34-27-36.

 My goodness, isn't that weird. I'm also 5'4", with similar measurements: 37-28-36. Yet, I weigh 138 lbs and I wear a size 8. Sometimes a 6, if the store's sizes are really kind :D That's 17 lbs more than you weigh, and yet our measurements are so alike! Someone explain that to me, please...

I'm 5'4"ish and 135. I have some 6's and 7's but I usually wear size 8 or 9 pants.

whatever07, what is your measurement? 


Not to blame you or anybody, but I do get tired of comparing shirt/pants/dress sizes when the sizes all differ to great extent depending on brands...

Im 5'1 132lbs and generally wear a 7 or 9. My Jeans that go by waist are 28-29.

My waist is about 34 inches, and my hips at the widest point (kinda around my butt?) is 37 inches.



5 feet 6 inches tall, 150 lbs and wear a size 10 (in most brands) in pants and a size small or medium in tops.  Teeny on top and bigger on bottom, a classic "pear shape".  My wedding dress was a size 6 and I weighed the same on my wedding day (2 years ago) as I do now.  Sizing is weird, don't beat yourself up over it too much.  Wear what looks good on you and don't pay attention to the number on the tag. 

in this case knowing body fat % would explain it. if OP has those stats she must have a high body fat %

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5'3 137 size 6 ?

everyone has a different body shape. you are perfectly healthy at your height and weight! i am 5'4" and i fluctuate around the 130 area (give or take a few lbs if ive had a bad weekend!) and i wear an 8. but thats just my body shape!

Hey...I'm 5'4" as well and have the same pants sizes, but I weigh 170. It's odd. It makes me wonder what I would look like if I were down in the 120's or 130's. Hmm...


It's so odd how everyone's bodies are soo different. Tongue out

Many times I've found juniors sizes are cut quite differently, to be very slim in the hip and thigh. So when I wore an 8 in many women's sizes, I still wore a minimum of 13-15 in juniors (i gots me some hips and thighs)

I'm also 5'4, but I can wear a size 12 at 160+ lbs. That being said, I distribute my weight evenly throughout my body and have a rather stocky/muscular build. Due to the hips, I have to be much closer to 130-140 to wear a 13 in juniors.

I'm 5''4, 112 lbs, size one jeans.

I'm 19

body fat really does make a difference.  I am 5'4" 151lbs and wear a size 8.  Go muscles!!

I'm also 5'4 and I weigh 171lbs and wear a sz 10 in misses and a 13 in juniors, I'm a bit top heavy though 36DDD

Hi im 15 and im 133 lbs and 5'4" . I wear a medium in shirts and i wear 7s and sometimes 8s in pants. My bust is my biggest part i wear a C and can wear a D sometimes. My hips are 37" and my butt is 36" and my waist is 33".


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