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5'4, 127, size 12 in women's; 11- 13 in Juniors

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Anybody else have similar stats??? I feel like I'm abnormally shaped....

What is your height, weight, and pants size?


ETA: I am from the U.S. and I'm talking about women's sizes.  In Juniors, I take a 11 or 13.  I'm 20 years old.


ETA again: My waist is about 34 inches, and my hips at the widest point (kinda around my butt?) is 37 inches.


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Interesting.  I guess you're a pear.  I'm 5'1", 147 lbs, and I wear a size 10-12 pants.  Some 12s fit fine.  Some are falling off.  Some 10s are tight, and some are fine.  And I have a couple of size 8 skirts that fit great, but I'm assuming they're just cut big.


I am 5'2", 121 - 122 pounds and a size 5

your at a great weight, you cant possibly be trying to lose weight??

This is weird. Are you sure you are size 12? I am 5'5, 140 pounds and size 6-8...

could they possible be 12 in little girls?? I am 5'5'' 130 but when I was in the mid 120s i could wear little girls clothing.

Are you in the UK, by any chance?  A UK size 12 is equivalent to a US size 6-8.

"Normal" is only an average.  Statisically, average means half of all measurments are above while half are below, so average/normal doesn't really exist!  Measurements are only a part of the picture.  Are you healthy? Do you get enough exercise?  Do have enough muscle mass to burn the calories you consume?  Do you eat right?  Is your shape common in your family?  Do you think people will like/love you any more or less depending on what shape you are?

Depending on the manufacturer, I range between 14 and 8; pants size does not determine how I see myself.  One day, I will be back down to 127!!!

Some things we don't have control over, so concentrate on changing those things you can.  And remember, "abnormal" is only relative...many cultures (including western culture just a few decades ago) hold a woman's curves in the highest regard, ie. something to be celebrated, not anguished over.  Good luck along your path!

ETA: I am from the U.S. and I'm talking about women's sizes.  In Juniors, I take a 11 or 13.

I am 5'3" and 125 -- a healthy BMI, right in the middle (22.1 or something).  BUT, I did this very simple (maybe not very accurate) body fat calculation that only uses measurements, and it came back that I was borderline obese because my body fat % was close to 30.  I'm guessing that's why I can't wear as small sizes as some people at the same height and weight.  Nevertheless, I usually take size 6 at stores like Gap, Jacob, Club Monaco.  H&M pants, I need a size 10 sometimes.  Some stores' sizes run really big, some run closer to the true size of years ago. 

Sometimes I sew clothes - when I do I take a 14 in the  patterns.


lol i'm 5'10", 178lbs, and size 10-11

I'm wondering what your measurments are?  I'm 4'10/ 140lbs and I wear a nine...

what is juniors? i'm from the UK and had never heard of this until i bought a dress imported from america (i guess) the other day - it is a 'junior' size 3. the make is 'teeze me'.

(i'm a UK size 8).

juniors is like the step between kids and womens (so for teens).  Older people can still wear the clothes, but the styles are geared towards teenagers

5'4'', 121 lbs, 20 years old.  I usually wear a size 4.  I live in Canada, but I believe we use US sizes.  My measurements are 34-27-36.

5'4" 121 pounds, 19 years old. I also wear a size four. Sometimes a six and sometimes a two but not usually. It really depends on the manufacturer. I have a friend who is tall and thin but also wears a bigger size because of her shape. Are you pear shaped? that might be it. Don't stress, you are at a healthy weight so I wouldn't worry about the fashion industry's numbers.

I'm 5'7", and at my thinnest I was 155 and mostly a size 10. Occasionally an 8 would fit better, but never anything much bigger or smaller than 10.

I'm 5'3 or 4" and weigh 129. I wear size 6... are you muscular? when I used to lift weights a lot I wore a larger size cuz my thighs were  big!

I am right there with you! I am 5'0 129 lbs and wear a size 12 as well..

At my lowest weight i was 128 and wearing a size 11/12.  Now i'm wearing a 12/13 and at 155, and i'm pretty sure with how i've been losing i'll be a 9/10 when i get to 130 again.  The difference i've found is the exercise, replacing fat with muscle makes you smaller.  Still, i feel like even if i am a 10 when i get to be 130 that will be much larger then normal.  What matters though is it doesn't look it, and that i very much like how i look at that weight.  If you want to look a bit smaller and wear a smaller size, exercise.  If not, don't worry, there are others with similar proportions.

I'm 5'4" by the way.

I'm 5'4", 133 pounds and wear a size 4 or 6. 

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