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what size at what weight?

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this may seem like a weird question...but what sizes have you all been at what weights? for example.. 160 at size 12...or something (I have no idea, it's why I'm asking :)
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Hello wetdogsmell, I am 5 even and i started this site at 197 but i started my diet before this site at 215 pounds on jan2,06.. My jeans size was a size 20 I was a size 38-40 in men jeans and my wasit size was a 40. I am now a 16-18 giving myself room. I got into a pair of 14s but jeans are all kinds of cuts. That was at 192 pounds when i got into the 14-16 but i wear 18 for more room.. My wasit size now is a 35 in men jeans.

I am 190 yo yoing from 189 from time to time. That is water weight gain. My weight all range from my hips. I have a wide back side and i don't like it.. Most of my weight loss has came from my wasit and some of my thighs and hips.. But as of now it is still not enough. I want to be 140 and in 14s that move good with me not cutting into my tummy.. But it did feel good to get into them size 14 that late sunday night. That was the best feeling i ever had in a long time. I haven't been in 14's in over 11 years.. Now that is a good feeling. Working out 6 days a week really helps too. And making sure i stay with in 1100-1300 calories a day.. This was not a weird question. I think it was a good one.

Good luck to you----

i'm 180 lbs and wear a size 16 loosly. i have one pair of strech 12s that i can wear now. when i was 220 i wore a size 22. a few years back at 135-140 i wore a size 8. i was always pretty hippy before with a big butt...this time around the butt is coming around but after two kids it's all in the GUT!
I am only 5'1", which is why my weight and size will seem so weird :-P .  Currently my scale says I'm 128 (it's said so two days in a row, so maybe I'm losing!  *crosses fingers*) and I'm kinda-sorta in between 12 and 14.
Definitley depends on size and cut. I am in mostly 10's at 140. I know I was in 8's at 130-135 before. I am just aiming to fit into a bunch of 6's i have in my closet and that is more important to me then what the scale says!
5'2" and 180 lbs. Wearing size 14 in Lee Riders relaxed fit at the moment. But it's a cotton spandex blend and I haven't tried on any other brands of jeans. I can't wear "blue" jeans because I'm allergic to the blue dye so I have to stick to black, white or khaki colored jeans. Got a real pretty khaki colored called Desert Sand... but I'm just rattling a bit off topic now.

Most people are surprised I weigh as much as I do but I figure I'm carrying about ten pounds in my bust and maybe another 10 in muscle weight so when you figure all that in my weight isn't so bad. I guess I'm more of a pear shape because I do seem to carry more fat below my belly button. However, after I lose it I'll end up with more of an hourglass figure like I'm supposed to be.
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almost 5'10" wearing 16's now, at 168 lb.  hoping to go down another 10 lb, to 14's.  that will be my maintenance size.   i hope.
Also depends on what dept. you are shopping in the store, juniors, misses, womans.  A size 13 juniors I would imagine be a 9 in misses??
I'm 5'4, 146lbs and I'm a size 10 in jeans, pants etc. and a size 8 in tops. I started at 193, and I was a size 18.
Bettyjean, I think JR's run in odd numbers and Misses run in even.

Yup... I was right.

http://fashion.about.com/od/stylebasics/a/Mis sesSizes.htm

  • The Misses range is designated by even sizes, such as 0-20, 4-14, etc. Find your misses size
  • Juniors are for younger women and are designated by uneven sizes such as 1-13. The sizes for juniors are usually slimmer in the hips and bust than misses sizes. Find your junior size
  • Plus sizes are for larger sized women, often designated by a W after the number such as 14W-24W. zSB(3,3);if(!z336){var zIsb=gEI("adsb");if(zIsb){zIsb.style.display= "inline";zIsb.style.height="0px";zIsb.style.w idth="0px";}var zIss=gEI("adss");if(zIss){zIss.style.display= "inline";zIss.style.height="0px";zIss.style.w idth="0px";}} Some junior lines also come in plus sizes. Find your plus size
  • Petites are sizes in the misses range for women under 5' 4". Find your petite size
  • Tall sizes are also in the misses range for women 5' 9" and over. Find your tall size
  • this is a good question! although of course it does depend on bodyshape a lot, for example in some shirts i have to get bigger sizes because i have big boobs, even though the rest of my torso is smaller. anyway, at the moment i weigh 138 and am about a size 10. this is uk sizes though, i think us sizes are about a size smaller, not too sure about that though.
    5'7" 138 pounds...size 6/8  edited:  I'm truly pear-shaped!

    kmsfastrack...you're 102 at 5'6"  Be careful you're not too thin.  Just a concern.
    I'm 5'5", 182 lbs, and a size 16.  I'm pretty curvy, I guess.
    5'6" 255-280 26W or 2X I'm very round. :)
    I am 5'7 ½ and weigh 248.6 as of today:) I wear a size 18/20. When I weighed 170 I wore a size 11/12. I have a ruler body...very little in the back side, but a lot in the chest area.
    I'm 5' 6 1/2" and weigh 158.  I'm a size 8 or 10 depending on the store and have a 28 inch waist...so it's very, very difficult to find pants!!!  Anyone else have that problem and how the heck do you deal with the "butt-gap!"  My background is Dutch and we have what is known as DBD - Dutch Bum Disease.  Dutch girls are known to be strong and have small waists and big hips and butts!  I'm no exception!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrr... ;)
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    Hi, I'm 5"3 and currently weight 128 lbs. I wear size 2-4 pants, and size 4 jeans.
    5'8" 143 lbs, size 10
    ismile, oh my GAWD how much muscle are you packing????

    Stats (and I kept pretty close track cause I wnet through most of these in a year)

    I'm 5'6" and pretty muscular between martial arts and running.

    at 175 lb I wear a 14 (won't try jr sizes on, it just made me depressed)

    at 165 lb I wear a 12, or a 13-15 jrs

    at 150-155 I wear all 10's, some generous 8's, and 11 jr's.

    I'm a pretty solid 8 at 145.

    I'm hoping to find out what I fit in at 130, though!
    Sarful - ok you made me smile.   My husband keeps telling me I am all muscle.  I don't see it.   I store my extra weight in my arms, legs and bottom.  So the weight is pretty well distributed.  The smallest pant size I recall wearing was a 9/10 and at that time I weighed 140 - 145 that was about 15 years ago.  I never want to go that low again, I looked awful.  I will be happy at 150 - 160.
    5'4" - 129 pounds and about a size 5-6 depending on what store I am in!
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