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what size at what weight?

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this may seem like a weird question...but what sizes have you all been at what weights? for example.. 160 at size 12...or something (I have no idea, it's why I'm asking :)
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i'm at 283 right now.. and i'm in a 22 (some big 20's fit me now).. maybe others can post what they weigh and what size they are in.. :) 
I'm 178 and in a loose fitting 12. But keep in mind your BMI has a lot to do with the way clothes fit.
What an interesting question.....m3lody is right, however, it really depends on how your bodyweight is distributed.  My friend has this tiny little waist.....and killer hips and thighs.  Me, on the other hand, don't really have a waist - I'm sort of straight - with small hips and thighs.  We are both the same height - close to the same weight - and wear different sizes of slacks/jeans/skirts.  We both wear the same size tops. 
totally depends on the brand and cut.  Im in some 8's and some 10's and Im at 140.  Mostly 8's but I have 2 pairs of old navy jeans that are 10's.  one pair is low rise and they fit fine, the other fit at the waist and I can barely zip them.  But I have polo jeans that are 8's! 
I started at 204 and 14's, just tried on 12's and they fit at 185.  I only wear Gloria Van's for the most part.  I have a couple of Lee Kahki's that are 14 and are saggy in the but and leg area, getting loose in the waist.  Not ready to try then in 12's just yet.
204 and size 14?!! how tall are you?
well...Im 140 pounds and a size 7...
Well at my heaviest I was wearing 12' and I was 155-160 -- I have killer thighs.

Now I am down to 145 and I am just fitting into an  8.  (still have the killer thighs)
Wetdogsmell - 204 and size 14 - I am only 5 foot 3 and half inches.  Most folks say they can't believe I weighed what I did (or even do now).
I should add that I am 5'7"... also makes a difference in the weight/size variable. Before I gained this weight I was 150 and a size 7... JR
I am 5'6" 168 and a size 17, with killer hips, thighs and junk in my trunk lol! But I am working my way down.  My waist is 35.5.
Im 134 and size 9-10


size 12 to 14
I'm 5'8", 171lbs, and a size 12.

I'm pretty straight up and down too-I've never had a small waist, even before I gained weight.
I'm 5'2 131lbs and wear a size 6 in Gap pants and 8 in others.

5'6" and 194. im size 15. at 218 i was a size 19. at 151 i was a 9.
Great post! I have always noticed I wear  bigger size pants than all my friends who weigh more than I do.  It does seem to be how we all carry weight different. They say your body type has alot to do with this. I am a straight up and down ruler shape lol they say these body types when they gain weight it is more seen than say a pear shape figure who gains the same amount. My weight goes right to my stomach waist is 32 right now! , then breast.  I am 5ft7 used to be 135 size 9 now I am 150 size 13 which are tight !  A girlfriend who weighed the same as me and she wore a size 6.  
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Hey! 5'3"


Size 2-4 ... sometimes 5... depending on where I buy my jeans.
5'6'' 102 size 0-1
5'6'' and 191 pounds - size 14, at 205 I was a 16, at 160-165 I was a 11-12, but that was before I had kids...I dont know what I will look like now...I am afraid my hips and butt will never be the same!!
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