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What size pants do you wear?

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I am 5'7 and 165-ish and I wear like 13/14?

Is anyone 5'7 and 145-ish? If so, what size pants do you wear?

Anyone else can respond too. Ha, just wondering.

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5' 6" 158 lbs I wear a size 10 or 12. I have thicker theighs and big booty. At 180lbs I wore a 14

I am 5'5 and (right now) 142 (i have 17 pounds still to loose and I have been loosing 5 pounds a month now since DEC).  I have a small frame and wear a size 6 in most jeans and a size 5/7 in Jr. I should also say that I am a slender athletic build w hour glass shape.

June of 08 I was 227 pounds in a size 20. I have lost 85 pounds- about 70 pounds of that was lost in the first 6 mth. I should be at my goal weight of 125 by April and in a size 4-one can hope :)


hope this helps.

5'10", medium/large frame, 198-202 pounds and I wear a 14/16.

I've been at least a 14 since 7th grade (still have those pants lol) and started wearing 16's when I turned 15...I've since lost a bit and my 16's are a bit loose now.

But I'm also curvy with a 38F, wide hips and a bit of pudge on my tummy.

heatherket - we sound like size twins! i'm currently (as of Monday) 194 lbs, a size 12/14 and a 38F! I also have wide hips and a pudge on my tummy Smile.

I'm 5'6", weigh 210 pounds, and I wear 14 or 16. 

I'm 5' 3.5" tall, I weigh 210.4 lbs and wear a size 16.  I do have some 15s and 14s that still fit though.

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I wear a size 0-3 depending on the brand.

im 5'3 124..wear a 3 or 4

Im 5'5", 205 lbs and wear a size 16 in US jeans.

I'm 5'8" currently 141 and a size 6 or sometimes 8.  At 170 I was a 14.  I tend to carry all of my weight on my stomach giving the tomato on toothpicks effect.

5'8" 175 lbs and I am comfortably wearing a 12. I have a couple of pairs of new 10s hanging in my closet waiting for another 5 pounds or so to drop.

5'7" and I wore 12's at 175.

now wearing 10's at 140.

Damn my hips.  I saw a girl with my exact stats the other day on this site, and she was in 6's.

I'm 5'10" weigh about 187lbs and i wear a 12 (long or tall size please! haha)

I am 5'3" and right now I am about 162lbs and I fit snuggly into a size 12. At around 155lbs I was pretty comfortable in them so I am trying to go back down, but maybe even more to 145lbs.

I'm 5'7" and at 160lbs I wear a 10... at my thinnest, 135lbs I wore about a 5.

I carry most (actually, it would be fair to say all haha) of my weight around the middle...

I'm 6' at 205lbs and wear 16... My problem is I have a booty...Thanks grandma for the heriditary booty.. I've also had 2 kids. So if I can cut the butt off and bend the hips back in place & lose the muffin top then I'd be set.... LOL

I also have a 34" inseam and envy you shorter girls in the clothing dept...

I'll trade your booty for my belly - I've got a skin apron and a frying pan rump - makes for a real attractive combo   Surprised

I was 145 but I am 5'6.5 i was a perfect size 6

I am 5 feet tall, weigh 121 and wear a size 4.

I am 5'7" and between 165-170 (fluctuate), I am a 10 tall usually.

(I'm top heavy and have narrow hips, long legs, broad shoulders, large "rack".)

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