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What size pants are u wearing-- 5'6" 120-130 pounds

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I am trying to see what I want my goal to be and it would be helpful if I would get answers. I know that everyones body is different but there must be someone in all the responses that would be similar to me.
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i would guess at that height you'd be wearing a pretty small pant size... between 2-4 jeans long.

i know i used to wear a size 3/4 when i weighed 120 and i'm only 5'3. guess it just depends on how you carry your weight though
Yea you're probably right,thanks

Im at 138 right now and I can fit into a 3 but they are still pretty tight

so i guess to comfortably fit into a 3, my goal should be at 125-130
haha and i love your sn, i love kiwis!
sounds like a good healthy goal. Probably don't want to go any lower than that though for your height
ya kiwi's!!! wish i had one right now. yum
At 5'4"/112, which is probably pretty similar to 5'6"/120, I generally wear misses' 2.
that sounds great. i cant wait to lose the weight!

im gonna keep on working on it, wish me luck =]
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im 5'4 and about 120 and wear 3's a couple more pounds and ill be wearing 2's :)
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I heard somewhere it's 10-15 lbs per pant size depending on how much muscle you are creating. I have been wiithin my BMI and lookin good at 144lbs 5'7.5" and a size 8. If you get too thin you risk osteoperosis.
I'm 5'5" and at 130 I wore 4's and 6's depending on the brand.
Aug 05 2007 14:21
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It really does depend on the way you're built. I'm 5'6", 116, and I wear an 8 (sometimes 10, sometimes 6, depending on the cut).

If they're low-rise, I can wear a smaller size than if they actually go to my waist. My hips are 36", but my waist is about 32.
Oh i see. I guess I'll just have to set my goal as it comes.

I tried on the size 3 jeans I have in my closet today and they are fitting looser than before so i guess I'm getting closer to my goal
I'm 5'6" and 125....i wear a size 4 (sometimes a 2, depending on brand etc). 
I'm amazed by all the posts saying you can fit into a size 4 jeans.  When I was 125 (in high school) I am 5'5 and the smallest size I ever got into was a size 9.  What is sad is I had to starve myself to get to that weight.  Normally (before I expoded after pregnancy) I weighed 140 and was in a size 12 or 14.  I'm very curvy though.  Kudos to those of you who can wear that small of a size!
Okay I've been doing pilates..and although it is progressive exercise

I think that it is really helping to slim my thighs which I know is a problem for many women.Which is probably why im able to snuggly fit into a 3 in my high 130s.

And i think i will def be looking at a goal of 125 now.

I was wondering whether it was hard for all of you to maintain after weightloss as well, there is nothing more annoying then finding out that youor pants dont fit anymore lol
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buy an amazing 300$ pair of jeans when your at your most favourable weight, and you'lll keep it off lol
hahah that should workk
I'm 5' 6" and 130, I wear a 6 at most places.  I store my weight in my thighs though. 
I'm 5'4" and 128-ish, and my Gap size 4s have been getting a little loose on me. :)

There are probably still places where I'd fit into a 6, but I think I'm mostly a 4, so 2-4 would be a good estimate for you, I think.
5'6" and 126 lbs..I fit comfortably in a size 4 (except Old Navy,always go a size down there!)
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