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What size will I be at 140 pounds?

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I know that all bodies are different but I was hoping that someone could tell me approx. what size I will be when I hit my goal weight of 140.

I'm sure there is someone out there that is a similar shape to me. Stats: 26, medium - large frame, fairly muscular and 5'5".

I am thinking more of a jean size then anything. I have sort of been going by jean sizes to keep me motivated. For instance, I have gone from a size 38 waist to almost 34. I am thinking that it might be a size 30 but I don't know for sure.
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Hi There!


I have very similar stats! I am 27 yrs old, 5'5" & weigh approximately 140 pounds. I usu. wear about a size 8 dress. Jeans vary, but usu. 27-29 waist jeans.

It really depends on where you bu your jeans though.....many designer brands are cut way smaller (27 inches apparently is not the same everywhere!!??)

Good luck with your progress! 


I am 5'8", but when I weighed 137, I wore a size 7 in women's clothes (barely) and had a 29" waist.


To the person who says 10 pounds in one or two sizes- I had to lose 30 pounds before I went down one pant size (from an 18 to a 16). It varies greatly from person to person.

I'm 5'8". At 140, I hope to be a size 9.


I've lost over 30 pounds and have only gone down one dress size  ... so the every 10 pounds is a dress size isn't always true.  I'm 5'3 started at 184 size 14, now 151 and size 12.





It's tough to tell--considering sizes vary from designer/brand as well. I'm about 165, 5'6, and a size 10/12--so I'm assuming if I lost 25lbs i'd be around a 6/8--but who knows! Don't worry too much about sizes, they aren't really accurate. I would go with what a tape measure says and how you feel in clothes, rather than the size of a pair of jeans

I lost 100 pounds in a year - over 13 years ago on the eyoudiet. At 140 I was a size 6. I am 5'7. I have weighed and measured lots of women over the years and I can tell you that 10 pounds in the upper end does not translate into a size drop but the smaller you get the more difference it makes. For instance, if you lose 10 pounds from 200 to 190 you won't drop a size. But, when you drop from 150 to 140 you can go down from 10 - 6.


Actually, it really does depend on your frame size, and the company. Old navy's jeans run big, as do American Eagle. In my experience I've found aeropostale and levi's to be true to size. I weigh 140 and I'm 5' 4" I wear a 5 in jeans, and depending on the cut of the shirt a small or medium. In high school I played soccer, softball, and volleyball. Now I walk, run, and swim to stay active and in shape. I have a large frame, so really, on my frame people don't think I weight 140. They think more like 125-130. I'm very toned though. (My highest weight was 184, my average through high school was 160. Keep up the good work!)

Jeans are so hard to judge. I'm 24, 5'3" and 150 and I wear a size 10/12. I'm actually wearing jeans now and their a 11 in "LEI", a cheap Wal-Mart brand. Now I have a pair of Levi's that are 10's that also fit me, so I really couldn't give you an approximate estimate. I also have a pair of "7 for All Mankind" and they were size 30" (dunno exactly what "number" size that is), which don't fit anymore because I was 20 pounds less when I wore then constantly.

I think it really depends on the style, cut, and brand. I usually go for flared or belled jeans because I think they compliment my figure. I'm a shorter gal and have always wore flared. I will always stay away from straight legged or skinny. *laughs* I'd look like an ox with skinny jeans on.

I am 5'5 and 160 pounds and I size 10-12 in jeans. I two pairs of different style J. Crew jeans that are size 10, one pair fits perfectly, the other one I sink into, those are HUGE, and I have Banana Republic jeans in size 10 and they are perfect. In tops I anywhere from S to L, because there is no consistency in tops sizes. But I actually love lagenlook style and love loose fitting tunics, so most of my tops are size XXL.

My sizing history

at 107 lbs age 24 size 0

115 lbs age 25 size 4

135 lbs age 25 size 6

150 lbs age 25 size 6-10 varies on store current this range.

walmart size 6(due to vanity sizing there huge still with spandex lol,lee jeans size 6 and small waist but huge butt and hips) size 10 in tj max or pennys.


I been working and stressing and eating so is why can't lose damm weight.but working on it everyday. will get to my goal of 117 by this december::)


I been all my adult life really tiny so,weight never issue only takes me 1 year in half to take weight off if i dont' workout varies up to 2yrs lol.

(i think just measuring yourself and trying on jeans is better then lookin at ur weight it just gets u more mad lol)

i rather be a size healthy then size sick.jajaja...I do miss being a size 4 at 125 lbs and i had curves i don't miss the real skinny me at 107 lbs ppl thought i was sick,and did not eat and i did i just was always the skinny kid growing up n lucky lol.

now not so much gotta workout to lose it..crap.

i think it depends also if your going by womens sizing or misses. the 10-12-14 sizes tend to be more generous in the butt and hips for women than the 5-7-9-11 etc sizes for younger women. I know that at 5'5 with a medium frame i was size 16-18 at 205. i am now size 14 comfortable to loose at 177 and can fit into a tight size 12 for pants. i have a large chest so my shirts still are a large to extra large however i have noticed that the sleeves arent so tight :) Before at 140 i was a 10-12 but i am very curvy so i think i have always had to wear a slightly bigger size than i felt i should even when i was in great shape and worked out a ton. On the other side of that being so curvy people always think i weigh much less than i do i guess i hide weight gain well i think thats more of a curse than a blessing tho hehe.

The present body weight is little high according to your height. Not very threatening but a matter of worry. But the main question is you have to maintain this weight. But if you want to lose it, that is very good. If you maintain a healthy diet plan i hope you will be in size 30 from 34 very soon. Best of luck. Enjoy wearing your favorite clothes.


I'm pretty much the same body type but I'm 5 6" and 155 right now I'm in a size 4/5 from what I've been losing I'll be in a 2/3 when I'm 140 so u should be around 3/4 or so...

At just under 5'9" maintaining 138-142 I can fit a size 8 but am more comfortable in 10/12 or large (I often have to pin or fold over the waist).  I like things very loose.  I know women my height/ weight say they can fit a size 2 or 4, I'm not sure how they manage that???

I am 5'5" and when I weighed 135 I wore a 6 or an 8. When I was 105 pounds I wore a 0 or little girl's sizes ( I don't suggest this AT ALL)...I am happiest at anywhere between 120 and 130.

I'm med build and 5'4" and weigh 144 right now. My size is US 6-8 .. depends on the store but I can fit into 6 sometimes, sometimes 8 

I'm 25 and 5'6".  I started out at 180 and 12 to 14 jeans.  Now I'm at 155 and my size 10s are getting kind of loose.

im really confused but its ok. i dont know if you would call me pear shaped or hour glass shaped. im really trying to shrink down but my body seems to be stuck at this point the last few weeks no matter how much i do. im down a lot of weight. im 5'10 my size 12's are super loose. i have 4 small children my sons are 6, and 4 and my twin daughters are 15months old and been struggling to take the weight off because i couldnt get permission to start dieting until they were more than 8months old due to health difficulties i had with them, yes i was in recovery back and forth until then. my waist is wittling away im down to a 29 1/2 but my hips dont want to go anywhere im still at 35 1/2,  my legs and butt dont want to seem to go anywhere either. i dont know how much more i need to get down in order to get to a size 6. right now im 172 and my 12's are super lose. how much more do i need to lose to reach my goal?

I'm 5'4" and was 140 lbs a few years back. I wore a size 6-8 or 29 in jeans.

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Hi! I am 5'5 and just hit 140! I Have a medium large frame as well, but also have always had larger hips/butt (I swear it's gentics! I can't say that this will be the same for you, because it may be different depending on how you carry your weight, but I just bought a size 28 jeans (silver brand) and could fit into the 27 fine, just nervous they would shrink. I was told that this is comparable to a size 6. So, if you carry weight in your hips and butt as I do, a size 6 or 8 is very reasonable, and this size is a little loose. You may be able to go smaller! :)
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