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What size will I be at 140 pounds?

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I know that all bodies are different but I was hoping that someone could tell me approx. what size I will be when I hit my goal weight of 140.

I'm sure there is someone out there that is a similar shape to me. Stats: 26, medium - large frame, fairly muscular and 5'5".

I am thinking more of a jean size then anything. I have sort of been going by jean sizes to keep me motivated. For instance, I have gone from a size 38 waist to almost 34. I am thinking that it might be a size 30 but I don't know for sure.
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As far as I know every 10 pounds is a size, or is it 2 sizes?

If I lost 10 pounds I would go from a 16 to a 14. So I guess that is 2 sizes.
Ha you shouldnt be a size 2. I'm assuming when I hit 140 I'll be a size 7-9... I'm 5'4...

so with your height you should wear a 5-7. :)
I didn't mean she would be a size 2. I meant for every 10 pounds she loses she will also lose 2 pants sizes.

If she subtracts 140 from her weight now she can get a rough estimate of what size she would be wearing.
i'm not really sure because size really varies. when i lost weight and got down to a 140, i was a size 8. i'm 5'9. everything really depends on where you carry your weight. as i'm getting closer to 140 yet again, i don't think i'll be a size 8 again. my body is shaped a bit different now.
My goal is 140, and I currently fluctuate between 151 & 153.  My size 12's are now starting to loosen up, and some 12's are even too big.  So I can probably now fit comfortably into a 10 - just haven't tried.  I'm thinking that by 140, I should be an 8.  I'm 5'6", medium-large build with a boy-ish (boxie) type figure.
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Thanks all

Chanb73, you look(from your pic) and sound very close to my body type.
It really does depend on your own body. I'm 5'8" and 140, but for some bizzarre reason my body has decided that it absolutely refuses to go below size 10 (and size 12 jeans). Big hips I guess?
My profile pictures are showing me at least 10 pounds heavier than I am now.  Those black shorts I was wearing are size 12's - at around 160-ish, probably 165 when that pic was taken.  Now those size 12's are baggy!!
Hey jenn,

I am 5'6ish (just under) and have an apple-shaped body (broad shoulders, thick middle, narrow hips, no butt) - and am at about 165 right now. I wear a 10 or 12 on top, and a solid 10 on the bottom.  My goal weight is 140 -145 as well (woohoo! almost there!) and I am guess at that weight to be around an 8 on top, and probably and 8 or a 6 on the bottom.*

* Side note, I have never ever been as small as I am now. I've never worn a size 10 before even!! So, this is new territory I am entering - I will check back in with you in another 10 lbs...maybe we'll reach our goals around the same time!

~ Colleen
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Tink, I wish that 10lbs equalled one size lost. But unfortunately for me, my lower body shrinks waaaay slower than the rest of me. I started at a size 12 (tight) at 194.2 and now I"m 169.6 and still in the 12's  - albeit, much looser. Realllllly want to get into those 10's.

Jenna - check my photo to see my body type.
You look amazing Dee- your stomach looks so much more toned. :) I think the 2 sizes was an average and just something I had read on this site long ago.
Double Post.
hey jenn,

I am 5'5, medium frame with an hourglass figure, big butt and hips, small waist, large chest and shoulders, and fairly muscular. At 148 I wear a size eight and am just starting to squeeze into my 6's, I think that as long as I lose wieght in a healthy manner, (ie lose fat not muscle) I think I will be a solid six at 140. ...hope this helps
I weigh 199, i'm 5'4 and can squeeze into a size 14!  Not many can do that so I must carry my weight good or something.  I'm hoping after a loss of 60 more that I can wear a size 7.  Cross your fingers for me!  If not, when that time comes, I'll just continue on my dieting path until I am comfortable with my size.

brokentink: Sorry I miss-read your reply.  My bad.
x17star17x... I am also 5'4" and I have a very small frame, I am currently 133lbs and am still in size 8's. I don't think you'll be able to get into size 7's at 140lbs, unless it's vanity sizing.

When I was 140lbs I was wearing 11/12's.
I am 5'3 210 lbs and wear between a 14/16- when I am 200-210 I wear a 14 solid. :)

I dont understand why I weigh so fricken much. Grrr
This question has me TOTALLY intrigued, so I just made up a survey. It's for women about my height (5'3 - 5'6 ish).

If you'd like to do the survey, I'll post the results. It's not even remotely the first time this question has come up.

Click here to take survey
I drop close to size every 5 pounds (at least, when I went from 125 to 120 I fit my smallest pair very comfortably). That's probably because I'm shorter than some (63.6 inches), and a smaller loss shows up more on me.
Hi cmillington, I think your survey is a great idea... but while the introduction says that it's for women between 110-220, the weights we can select only go up to 180! *sniff*

Even if I can't participate, I'll be very interested in seeing the results. Thanks :-)
*oops* Thanks Perdita!

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