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How many pounds in a "size"?

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I always wondered how many pounds it takes to go down a "size." I'm a female and a size 30 (10 American) pants and I would like to be a 27 (size 4), and so that's 3 sizes down to go.. How many pounds would that be? Anyone know?
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Honestly, that is different for every person. People that have the same weight and height and be in two completely different sizes. I actually went down another size in jeans without losing any more pounds.
i once heard it was 8.
I think it is different for everyone.. I've lost approx 30lbs and Ive gone down 3 sizes.. 13 to 10
an average of 10 lbs is probably the best...  so you probably need to loose about 30 lbs  (from 10 to 8, 8 to 6, ans then 6 to 4). But it's only an average, you will see as you loose the weight (because you can do it!)
i had lost 10 and went from a 13 to 10......the other person lost 30 and went from a 13 to 10 too...i guess theres no way of saying.
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It really all depends on the clothing manufacturer.  I can wear a Size 10 in Levis, yet in Hilifiger or Express, I am a 12.  In Lee jeans, I can wear a *very* tight 8.  So I don't really focus all that much on the sizes and I guessI am not a lot of help to you either! :)
I'd say we're all different, I lost 52 lbs and 10 sizes.... it just depends I'd say.
For me it's 25 pounds.
I lost 30lbs after my freshman year in college and went from a 10/12 to a 4/6
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I recently went from a ten to a four after losing approximately thirty pounds, but it really does depend on your body type.
Totally depends on how you carry your weight. I've lost 20 lbs so far and have yet to drop a pants size...yet my bras are too big now.

Not really the results I was going for!
I lost 95 lbs. (weighed 210 down to 115 lbs.) and went from size 22 to size 2 or 4.
ha, thats funny michellej3, cuz i lost 95 lbs and went from a size 20 to a size 6. (230 down to 135). theres not scientific way to answer that question, i guess, its all about how each person's body works. :D
I have found that almost ALL pant sizes are completly different. I bought a pair at Winners and they were a 4, I go to Bryans and I need a 12, I went to some other store and im a 6 there... for Jeans Im about an 8 or a 6... Its all really confuzing. I dont hold pant sizes for anything too sparatic.
This depends on how you carry your weight, how toned/fit you are etc etc.  I lost a grand total of 42 pounds from my heaviest weight to today and went from a size 14 pants to a 3/4.  I believe this is because I did a lot of toning and stuff also.  I was a 5/6 just a month or so ago but have been working really hard on the strength training and even though my weight is still the same at 123/124 I have lost another size so for people with muscle you may actually weigh more on teh scale and wear a smaller size and vice versa. 
For me it's 5lbs.  I'm really short- just under 5 ft tall.
"Totally depends on how you carry your weight. I've lost 20 lbs so far and have yet to drop a pants size...yet my bras are too big now.

Not really the results I was going for!"

See for me I lost 9lbs and dropped a pant size. But my bras are just the same.
55 pounds, from a 16 to a 6 or 8 so roughly the 10 pounds per size... i think when you have mroe to lose the 10 pounds is more accurate than with those involved in the toning part of their plan.
two liters of pure fat weighs five pounds...a little trivia fact for ya
It really depends on where you gain and lose from. If you have a long waist, you probably gain most in the outer thigh area, and stay pretty slim in the middle. If you have a short waist, you probably have thin legs and gain the most in your upper body. If you are like me, and fall in the middle, you gain all over the place somewhat evenly. Those of us who gain all over, it takes a lot of lbs to drop a pant size. For those who gain mostly in the legs, most of your lbs will come from your legs when you start losing, so it takes fewer pounds to drop a  pant size. 
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