Weight Loss
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It depends on the clothing manufacturer too.

In one type of jeans I wear a 7, in another, an 11.

Gotta love US sizing!

I am 5'1", 143 lbs, 24 years old.

In shirts, I wear anything from a small (NY & Co.) to a large (Aero, Abercrombie, etc).

Undies- at Victoria Secret, I wear a small. (not complaining).

Dress pants - anywhere between a 7 and 11.  Depending on the type.  However...there is 1 pair of jeans I own that are a 5 that I fit into.  Weird, huh?


I'm 5"2 at 108.  In jeans I wear anything from a five to an eight, depending on the brand.  Shirts are usually a small, unless it's a brand name that caters to women who are built like eight year old boys-then its a medium.

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heeeeey...im 5ft4 too and 142 lbs. i want to be more like 125.  Im a uk 12-14 which is like an 8-10.  are you trying to loose too? xxx

I'm 5'2" at 148 lbs. I've had two kids. I wear the average 5 - 8 in jeans really depending on who makes them.  I wear a large in shirts, but that has nothing to do with the waist size it's the bust size.  I would like to be around 125 pounds, but definitely need some help getting there.  I just started counting calories this week and have worked hard on watching what I'm eating.  I am also starting to work out. So hopefully soon will see some pounds coming off.

I'm about 5"5 and 142 also. I weighed about 125 when I was your age and wore a size 6 in juniors. Now I can sometimes fit into the largest juniors sizes, I guess it's just about brand and about body shape. I have to wear a larger jean size because I cant close the buttons over my stomach =( .... I'm hoping to get down to 130 or even 135 so that I can wear the clothes in my closet that are just ever too tight for me right now. I guess I wear a 6 in womens sizes right now from some stores.


In conclusion, if you can fit into a size 7/8 in juniors, you are probably thin and fine! =)


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I'm 23, 5'5, and 142, so we are very similar. I also wear between a 6 and an 8. I don't think I look bad either, but the number on the scale still bothers me

:( Booo for the scale

i'm 5'4.5 133lbs, 22 years old.  I usually wear 6/8 pants, medium-large shirts (some mediums just don't fit my C chest)  Dresses i'm usually an 8 (again with the chest)  I do have a dress from white house black market that is a size 4 though! 

I am 5'4 and weight 148 and wear similar sizes to you.  I do not consider myself overweight but according to my height I should weigh a little less.  I wear a 6-8 for pants and medium shirts/dresses, depending on the store.  Because of my body frame though I do not feel that I am overweight and think I am at a normal size. 

You must definitely be in great shape and have a lot of lean muscle! And I would not agree with you that some of the CC community would say you are at a bad weight for your height - a lot needs to be taken into consideration: frame size, muscle mass versus body fat, ect. So I think you are fine.

For me, 23yrs old at 5'3" - when I was at 145lbs I wore a size 8/10 skirt or dress, medium/large shirt, and 8/10/12 pants depending on the brand.

Now at 132.5lbs I wear a size 6/8 skirt, small/medium shirt and 6/8 pants - size 10 are baggy but comfy for lounging around. With my hips being as wide as they are I doubt I will ever get to a size 4.

For your age and your height you are within the limits of your healthy weight.  For a female age 20 that is 5'4" your healthy weight averages are between 108 and 145.5.   So as long as you are happy with the way you are then you should be fine.

Please note these are averages and dont always apply to everyone.  You could have certain circumstances that would allow you to be under or over the Healthy weight for your height that would make the averages not pertain to you.

My view point is as long as you are healthy and happy about how you look then you are fine.  Live a long life and enjoy!

i am 5'5" and 148. i am in a size 4/6 now. a size 9/11 in juniors. but, i noticed the difference and that is as i aged (i'm 43), my weight shifted to the top more than the bottom. i have the dreaded "muffin top" i am trying to get rid ofUndecided so normally this size sounds great and i would be happy with it but now? not so much. so not going for a "size" now as much as a look. no fat draping over my pants would be great at any sizeLaughing

need to get motivated again!


Hey, I'm 5'4", 141 lbs, 22 years old. Pretty comparable! I wear 8/10 in pants, but closer to a 10, 8 is still kind of tight on me. I carry a lot of weight in the booty-area, though. As for tops and dresses, I go size 8 or medium pretty consistently, sometimes a 6, sometimes a 10, depending what's on the clearance rack and how much I like the shirt. Ha! I can't do a small size shirt yet, unless it's running big, quiiite yet. Still too tight.

I bet you are pretty lean if you can fit into a 7/8 and small shirt at 145 lbs! Just remember, "correct weight" is all relative. If you're super fit and you like what you see in the mirror, who cares what the scale says.

I am 5'4" 145 lbs, 31 years old and I wear around an Australian size 10/12 which is like a US size 8/10.  I am more on the 10 side of things atm (just had a fun shopping spree in the states a few weeks ago), but that has to do with my baby belly (which is shrinking), and my big italian booty (never really goes away, no matter how small I get).  When I was in my 20's and weighed 132, I was a 6/8 and sometimes even a 4... vanity sizing!  Tops, I am currently a medium, sometimes a large, but used to be a solid medium at 132. 

You are mostly likely in great shape at your weight if you wear a 7/8 and small shirt as someone else has pointed out. 

You sound just perfect. I USED to be that size back in the day, a few galaxies ago....Cry

Enjoy it and take care of it!Smile

Im 5´4 and 145 ilb and a US size 8 and a uk size 12 or 14 (depends on fit!) you sound like your in really good shape!

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5'4" and 143 myself. You probably have a lot of lean muscle mass, too, since you work out a lot. Small shirts just look trashy on me since my bra seems to be my only part not losing any weight. I personally think I'm a bit squishy and would like to tone certain parts more than lose weight, but the weight loss is a good place for me to start.

I've been lifting weights big time and doing cardio for almost 18 years. I work out more than anyone I know. So at 5' 3 1/2" and 129 (my highest weight) I was a size 4/small or extra small because of all the muscle. If I had ever been at 145, I likely would have worn, like you, about a 7/small or medium. If you can pull that off, I know from experience that you are pretty lean at 145.

Personally, though, I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror at 129. I'm a C cup, but a 32 C: I'm very slender on top. I was larger on the bottom at 129. At 113 I am a size 0 or 00/extra small, but much more important to me, an hourglass. That is where I am happiest. It's about what works best for you. I have a very small frame, so I had to slim down a bit to really look my best. If your weight distribution is different, if your frame is different, etc., then you will look better at a different weight than I. It's all relative.

im pretty much the same as you. im 21 and 5'4 and weight from 145 (on a good day) to 150.
and yeah it depends where you buy the pants and stuff. i can range from a size 5-9, but usally im a 7... i feel so sad when i have to buy the 9... lol. and shirts... usually medium as well.
you dont look overweight at all! dont even worry about it haha.
and i saw youre studying japanese too! haha im not stalking or anything. good luck with that! it was my favorite language to learn!
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