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Six small meals - meal plan?

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I've heard a lot of people talk about eating six small meals a day so you don't get hungry. This definitely sounds like something that could work for me.

So my question is, what is a typical day's meal plan like? If someone could just kind of describe what they eat at what time, it would be so helpful in giving me some general guidelines to go by.

Thank you so much for your help!
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I started doing this about 11 years ago and it was THE BEST thing I could have ever done. I started it by accident. For dinner one night I was having a piece of chicken, a baked potato and a vegetable. Rather than eat the whole thing, I got this grand idea to eat just the chicken and vegetable and save the potato for later when I got hungry again. (Probably was trying to "diet" and realized I wouldn't get much more to eat later on.) Anyway, I essentially split my meal in two and the "six meal plan" was born.

I really don't plan anything nowdays. I just eat what I call "baby portions" and count the calories. Probably each "meal" is about 200 calories. I'll eat a salad and then wait a little while and then have a piece of chicken ... etc. I call it grazing actually. You're constantly eating every couple of hours. I prefer that because I like to eat and this way I can! :)
It would be: breakfast - snack - lunch - snack - dinner - snack

You can play with it as you wish, if you take your dinner later, you can take 2 snaks before or one larger or whatever
This is mine, usually some variation of it:

1-Breakfast:Egg Beater Omelete with Veggies/Oatmeal/Fruit
2-Snack:Protein Shake
3-Lunch:Large Salad/Chicken/Fruit
4-Snack:Handful of Nuts/Glass of milk
5-Dinner:Large Salad/6 oz serving of meat/Potato
6-Before-Bed:Cottage Cheese/Peanut butter
I just started at cc recently, but I've done the small meals in the past and am doing it now too.

I try to eat 5-6 times a day.  I consider it 3 meals, and 2 to 3 snacks.  My snacks are not a whole bunch, but something in between.  I snack at about 10:30 and 2:30 and if I have extra calories after dinner, my last snack is around 8:00 or so. 


Breakfast: Whole Wheat english muffin, with 1 serving eggbeaters fried, slice low-fat cheese melted on top (and my morning coffee)

Morning snack: Bunch of red seadless grapes

Lunch: Lean Cuisine frozen entree (for example: a fish and broccoli meal)

Afternoon snack: Low-fat Yogurt w/ 1/4 cup FiberOne mixed in

Dinner:  Pork Tenderloin, small serving of noodles w/tomato sauce, brussel sprouts

Night snack: 1 serving mini-wheats cereal and fat free milk

*Note: (my last snack is always calcium and fiber because I'm nursing a baby and need to make sure I have these, otherwise it could be something different)
I go by pretty much what vivelequebeclibre suggests.

Breakfast:  hard boiled egg, Light 'n Fit yogurt, left over grilled chicken or whatever from the night before OR half cup cottage cheese.

Snack:  piece of fruit

Lunch: either tuna or chicken mixed with onion, green pepper and whatever else with some spinach and romaine lettuce wrapped in a La Tortillla Factory 6" wrap

Snack:  piece of fruit and string cheese

Dinner: grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and corn or peas

Evening Snack: smoothie mixed with light vanilla soy milk and/or protein powder.

This gives me a pretty good ratio of 20% fat, 30% protein, and 50% carb distribution of my calories.
My breakfast lunch and dinner are still larger than my snacks - something like the following:

Breakfast - 400-450 calories
snack - 150-200 calories
lunch- 400-450 calories
snack - 150-200 calories
dinner - 400 calories
snack - 100 calories

Y'all are making me HUNGRY!!! LOL! 
Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm definitely going to give this plan a go, because right now I'm staying to 1200 but get really hungry around 3pm and again around 10pm.

Breakfast - 250 to 300 - oatmeal or cereal or eggs
Am Snack - 130 to 150 - fruit and 1 oz cheese
Lunch - 350-400 -large serving of lean protein, large vegetable salad or soup or whole grain bread, 1 tsp olive or other oil or salad dressing
PM snack - 150 to 200 fruit & yogurt
Dinner 450 to 500 - moderate serving of lean protein, 1 green vegetable, 1 veg of another color, 1/2 starchy vegetable, 1 tablespoon olive or other oil
Evening snack - 50 to 100 - diary product such as milk and a small serving of whole grain crackers

Totals - 1300 to 1700

If I want it a little lower or higher I just make the portions smaller.
Breakfast - 200 to 250 Cal - a fruit with a Tall Nonfat Latte or a fruit with a Fat-Free&Sugar-Free Yogurt

Morning Snack - 100 to 150 Cal - Whatever I feel like that's within that Calorie range

Lunch - ~450 Cal - Lean Cuisine/SmartOne w/ Lots of Vegetables

Afternoon Snack - 150 to 200 Cal - Usually a Low fat & Sugar-Free Ice Cream bar

Dinner - ~450 Cal - Same as Lunch: Lean Cuisine/SmartOne w/ Lots of Vegetables

Evening Snack - 150 to 200 Cal - Same as Afternoon Snack: Low fat Sugar-Free Ice Cream Bar (That way I can get my protein & calcium in a goodie) :)

1500 - 1700 Cal per day.
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