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Single Portion Control Tricks?

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Just wondering how everyone else handles the single portion control?

Measure each ingredient out to a single portion as your cooking? Plastic bowls what equal the right portion? A certain size plate perhaps?

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If I'm cooking I just divide it up at the end, making sure to measure the correct amounts going into the meal.

For snacking, I try to measure out a serving in the kitchen.  Then I put the rest of the snack away and eat the food somewhere else!  Usually I won't want to go back into the kitchen to get more after, but if it's all in front of my I'll keep on eating.

Not positive if that's what you're asking but I hope it helps!

Original Post by lisaannamae:

Just wondering how everyone else handles the single portion control?

Measure each ingredient out to a single portion as your cooking? Plastic bowls what equal the right portion? A certain size plate perhaps?



That does help - Thank you :-)


When I get paid again I might go and get a good quality scale...


I got plastic bowls - small sizes that I have been measuring things into. I also started cutting and wrapping the meats I get into individual sizes before I put them into the freezer - that helps... :-)

I'm single, so it's tough to cook a full recipe worth of something and trust myself to intuitively eat the right amount.  I like to cook once of twice a week and then portion out my meals to single-serving tupperware containers.  I stop with a single serving this way, because eating more of what I've just cooked means I'm robbing from a future meal.  Sometimes, though, if that measured bit just wasn't enough, I supplement with extra veggies or a piece of good cheese--hopefully reinforcing to my brain what an appropriate portion size of that particular food is while not denying hunger. 

Weighing, single best tool I bought was a food scale.  I realized what I was eating and could make the changes based on the numbers.  Even if I cook large quantities, I weigh everything and can portion it based on final weight.

I weigh a lot of my food, particularly snacks! I measure out one portion into a cereal bowl or whatever and then put the bag or box back! Then when that's gone, no more!

What if it is an entire meal? Eyeball it? Scale? Pre-measure?

I log in the "recipe" (or if I'm just improvising weigh ingredients like meat, measure cooking fats/condiments) as if it were a whole days worth of food and then divide those figures into the number of portions I intend the recipe to yield. Then make sure you divide the food into that number of portions.  I think CC has a tool in the food logger that makes this easier, but it helps for me to work it out as it might mean I adjust ingredients to get healthier results before I cook. 

A little planning goes a long way.

Pre-portioning meat as I buy it is another way I plan ahead (buy the family pack and then place in 1-2 portion bags and freeze) Then mark the raw weight and cals on the bag if you want.

I use a smaller plate. They say that simply by using a salad plate instead of a dinner plate you will lose weight.

In the past I use to eyeball my portions. A few weeks ago I got a digital food scale.The ones I was able to find in my town, even at Walmart, were all $35 and up. Some of those just looked cheap.  I found a really nice one, new, on E Bay for $16 with free shipping. The one I got is by TFY. It has a tare function, and measures in grams and to tenths of an ounce. I'm really happy with it! If you want I can send you a link for it there.

I do the same thing the meat that I get from the store. By buying it in bulk you save almost 50% so it's well worth the effort. 90% lean ground beef here is $3.79 a lb, but if you wait for the monthly sale you can get it for $1.89 in a 6 lb package. Then I just weight it, make patties and freeze it. The same with chicken.


I also put things in single serving amounts in tupperware.

I also love eating out of bowls or small plates.

Okay, I thought it was my OCD kicking in when I did those things. :-) Maybe not.. You all are making me sound normal now that's scary.

**I would love that link** I live less then a block away from a walmart and your right. I eyeballed the scales for months now and just could not get myself to buy something that looks like it would break easily.

Good idea... Your all so smart. I'm going to do that. On the labels in the freezer, put the calories on each bag. I have recently been wrapping everything (even cheese) into single portions- saran wrap, then put them all into a single baggie. You can lay them flat that way. But I never thought of putting the calories on them.

I've been using measuring cups. Somehow I think I am off. When I have everything cooked, it looks like ALOT of food... :-)

I have learned the #1 rule. More fruits and vegetables. LESS rice and noodles... I think that was my biggest sin so far...


But keep the ideas comming. I use every one of them!!

I use ramikins all the time when at home. Instead of using a big bowl I eat out of a ramikin so that I eat only a small amount and have to consider if I want to go get seconds or not.


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