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Really silly and embarassing question...

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Ok, my husband and I has A LOT of sex this morning.  Embarassed Can you gain weight from having a lot of semen ejaculated into you?  How many ounces are in each ejac.?  I weighed myself after our "time" together and I gained like a whole pound where usually i'm losing .3 to .5 a pound each day?? Any thoughts??
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The exact same thing happened to me earlier this week! I swear i SAW myself bloating up as we were "doing it" and when i weighed in later i was up 2lb - and HAVEN'T COME DOWN SINCE. Crazy. I hope i haven't conceived a giant baby.

Lord knows why I know this but here goes...there is approximately one tablespoon of ejaculant per orgasm and approximately 5 calories per ejaculation. Ejaculant is made up of a large number of simple sugars so there you go ...
The amount of calories in semen (if swallowed) would not be enough for anyone to gain weight. More then likely you would be working it off before hand while having sex. Furthermore it would only be if it was swallowed. Plus weighing your self at different times of the day can tell you different numbers. Your bladder can also make a difference. (I tend to have to have pee after having sex a lot) That is more likely the case.
5 calories?!

That's like... 50 calories a day for me. D:

No wonder I'm not losing weight.
I can see it now - women across the globe all saying the same thing.  "not tonight, honey.  It makes me chubby."

Well, I wasnt talking about swallowing it but ok....


Anywho, I researched a little and found that each ejac. is like 1tsp-1tbsp or 3 ml, so it can add up to ounces, therefore pounds if you are having a lot of sex...right?

LMAO... And here I am, on nights I over-indulge and go over my calories, I actually talk my husband into sex as an attempt to BURN calories..  Geez, we cant have chocolate, now we have to give up sex?!?!?!??
OMG, this happened to me too!  I had sex with the bf early this morning, and I was wondering how much his semen would affect my weight.  I was thinking, "how many oz will this add to my morning weigh-in?" Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks about these things!

Ok, 1 tbsp=.5 oz.  So if there is approx. 1 tbsp for every ejac and he lets just say, ejacs 8 times (total session) then thats .25 pound!  But how many cals do you burn during sex??  In order to lose .25 of fat you need to burn 875 cals. 


8 times?!?!? WOW  **Jealous**
You guys really know how to micromanage your diet. Calories in semen? I've heard it all
heres the caloric break down :

The caloric content of an average semen ejaculation is estimated to be approximately 15 calories. The average semen ejaculate contains:

ascorbic acid
blood-group antigens
citric acid
deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
lactic acid
pyruvic acid
uric acid
vitamin B12
I'm a bit confused?  I posted a artical about a week ago.  Titled CC Rocks refering to rock and roll, I was jazzed about losing weight and thought this was a good site.  The pulled it and wrote me a nice letter said it was to vague exct.  Yet you can post your sex life on this site? somethings is wrong here? 
I didn't mean to offend anyone posting my question.  My question was purely regarding weight loss/gain during sexual activity, which this website does refer to under activities.  I did not mean for this thread to be mainly responding to how many calories are in sperm by implying that the semen is swallowed/oral sex.
Well, personally, I think this has been the most interesting topic I've seen on here in months!----and I'm still Jealous
im not! lol i dont do it 8 times but damn ^.^" i dont think i could handle my type of session 8 times *gloat* LOL sorry

Anyway, I think you shouldn't be worrying about the calories in.. semen, it only gets absorbed if you eat it lol. And anyway, its full of Nutrients and i think to be honest.. if u counded it in your daily allowance then you got a bit of a problem lol. U wont gain weight, thats the main thing to say here!! And its calories in v calories out

good sex burns 140 cals
Semon adds 15 cals
Just wont happen!!
I don't know about gaining weight, but I know your entire pelvis region can swell during arousal. :/
I imagine you're taking in a LOT of extra air during this time, so bloating makes complete sense. Of course, there's also the extra blood flow.
Five calories in semen?  No wonder I used to gain weight.  I never logged it.
OMG, I can't stop laughing-how many calories can you burn laughing?  O.K.-maybe I'm a little jealous...
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