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What is your shoulder width?

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Please state your gender, shoulder width and height


I am around 5'7, and my shoulder width seems to be 18 maybe a bit more (I hope not i just don't know where the measuring tape should stop) My bustline was 40

I feel very self conscious about my shoulders ever since my mother made a remark about them being so long when I was younger, she said thats why she used to buy me large shirts.

I feel so unfeminine and I feel like a monster especially next to smaller, and more narrow framed petite women. I find myself noticing and observing the size of women's shoulders a lot

I remember once a guy said my friend and I were the same size except I was a bit "wider" at the top. I felt so humiliated. I act like it didn't bother me because I am embarassed that I find this to be a problem. No one has ever teased me about my shoulders per se at least to my face.

Now that I am heavier they look a lot broader probably due to the weight gain. I am hoping once I lose weight they'll look smaller. I am going to try to lose A LOT of weight. I just don't feel normal, I feel like a freak when I go out



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Ah parents can be so cruel!  They know not what they do.  But forgive errant comments on your shoulders.  Wider shoulders balance wider hips.  Seriously - shoulders are nothing to be concerned about. 

Back to parents for a moment - my mom always calls me "suzy fat foot".  I am over 40 years old and I do not have wide feet in the least.  But she has insisted all of my life that I have wide feet and is always commenting on it and shoving wide shoes my way.  But I actually have a very ordinary c width foot. 

You see parents get stuck in some sort of memory loop.  At one point in our lives, due to the awkward way bodies change as they grow, these comments might have been accurate for 10 minutes.  But parents think that once they see it, it must be true forever. 

I happen to have broad shoulders too.  But I see this as a good thing.  I look slimmer than I am always because the rest of me falls in a column under them. 

I am 5 feet tall and (i just measured) my shoulders are 19 inches!  And yeah - I wear a large shirt.  No one calls me a line backer though.  So I wonder if your friends comment isnt about how wide your shoulders are - but how narrow his are!

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Audrey Hepburn had lovely wide shoulders and I only think t helped show her slimness.  I like wide shoulders an slim people, it really flatters the shape after all a lot of models shoulders are wide.  They truly do make the hips look more narrow!

EDITED 12/28:  Go look at the skinny website,  Anna kournakova and Renee Zellwegar where on there yesterday, they are thin and have wide shoulders, it looks good.

Good Luck with your weight loss.  I see the wide shoulder bone as a good thing though.

I had no idea my shoulders were "broad" until my mother pointed it out to me. Now that is all I see, and I try my best to try to hide it. Even though in some outfits its kinda hard. Wearing my hair very very long helps to conceal it

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i am a shoulders are around 16 inches and i am 5'4''...i never really thought about my shoulders until one day i was wearing a skirt and a tank top and the guy i was like was like " got some wide makes you look bigger" and i was like "..oh  :(" and now my bf talks about my shoulders a lot and tries to squeeze them to see what if look like if they were smaller..i dont know, it doesnt seem like that big of a deal to me, but will they get smaller with weight loss?

bumpity bump

bumpity bump

are you kidding...wide shoulders are sexy...and the wider your shoulders, the narrower your waist will look :)

Don't be afraid to wear fitted tops or halter-neck tops, girls with strong shoulders look hot in those! And yeah, once you slim down, your shoulders will look even more awesome...remember to maintain a good posture when you're sitting or standing...don't hunch your shoulders, I see alot of women do this probably because they are self-concious about the size of their shoulders/chest...that might actually make you seem larger. I'm sure you look awesome with your shoulders and I'm jealous.

I have sloping, weak shoulders (14"), and I look like a lollipop on top with my round face lol (pear shaped girl here)...they're probably the weakest parts of my body and shoulder presses hurt like a b*tch...I'm actually trying to strengthen them and build them up.

You know what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, some women think their shoulders are too wide, others think their hips are too wide...both are beautiful really, you just gotta work with what you got.

Your shoulders aren't going to change with diet.  It's part of your frame. 

I have wide shoulders but like other peeps say it makes my waist look narrow, and my hips flare out, so I have a slight hour glass shape.  I just need to get rid of my belly fat.

Don't worry what other people think.  Get your weight to a weight you're comfortable with.  I'm technically suppose to be 135/140 based on my BMI, but I'll never be that skinny nor will I ever want to be.  Right now I'm 185 and I want to be comfortable at 170.

Don't idolize skinny petite woman.  I don't.  I like woman who have curves anyways. 

Also some types of clothes can make your shoulders look wider.  So avoid those.  But I'm not huge with fashion so I can't give you any pointers. 

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I don't know exactly what my shoulder length is, but trust me, it is LARGE!

I am a swimmer so I have forever had the curse of the "swimmer's shoulders"..... broad, maybe semi-masculine :) shoulders. At times I hate them, especially when attempting to find tops or dresses that fit my broad shoulders and back.

 But then I look at the super skinny petite girls annd think, "hmmm... actually I love my shoulders. They look strong and beautiful, rather than looking breakable!"  And although I have to force myself to love them at times,(especially when I realize that I can probably lift more weight and have broader shoulders than the guys I am around), big shoulders are a part of who I am and have helped me acheive what I have wanted in swimming...

So I don't know if that helps but that is my two cents on broad shoulders! :)

Don't worry about your shoulders.  I'm only 15, very petite (5'4" and 106 pounds) and I have massive muscular arms and shoulders.  My shoulder width is 17 inches.  I never really noticed this, until everyone started complimenting me on my nice, broad "statuesque" shoulders.  I'm a swimmer, and I work out a lot, but, being  a girl, I was very anxious and offended even after people started saying these things.  But now, I try to focus on the positive:  I am strong.  My shoulders help me swim.  It makes the rest of me look slimmer =P

So try to be proud of your body.  I have major self-esteem issues, so this is hard, but just take it step by step.

Having wide shoulders is a good thing!  If you look at fashion models, they tend to have wide shoulders, plus wide shoulders give you kind of an hourglass shape because they make your torso look narrower in comparison.  Why do you think people wear shoulderpads? ;)

For what it's worth, I just measured mine and they are around 18" - I'm about 5'9".

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Well, I realize noone has really posted in a while, because I found this while looking up ways to help shoulder injuries.  I guess that's what happens from swimming 10 + years! 

I'm a female, 5'10", and my shoulder width is a little over 21"!  I thought posting would make some of the other females blessed with big ole shoulders feel a little bit better haha!  I swam on a club team, high school, and eventually in college.  I heard from other older ex swimmers that our shoulders will never get smaller; so I'm basically S.O.L.!

be happy for your shoulders, really! I'm 5'6.5" and my shoulders are 15 inches across. I look really ...dumpy bahaha

I am 18" across too, at 5'1/5'2. My friends are sort of petite and look beautiful and fragile and guys seem to want to fall over themselves to help "Protect" them. I'm short, fat and broad shouldered, guess who runs to help me. :P

I've always disliked my broad shoulders, but I know that when I start to lose this weight and get some sort of shape back, other than round, I'll start to see good points about them. As I'm losing weight and starting to see the shape I was meant to be I'm loving myself more and more. My neck might not be as skinny as my best friends, but it still looks great.

The trick is to work out what flatters/disguises your less-than-best features and then show off what you do like. Maybe your hair is lush and soft? Make it shine. Maybe your boobs are to-die-for accentuate them. When you next see your friends have a look at what they're wearing. Are they hiding their stomach and showing off their legs? Everyone dislikes something about their body, and everyone likes something about your body. So you have broad shoulders? Like Sfredbull said, Audrey Hepburn had wide shoulders. Do you ever hear anyone scorn those? :)

Original Post by michelle_janice:

I am 18" across too, at 5'1/5'2. My friends are sort of petite and look beautiful and fragile and guys seem to want to fall over themselves to help "Protect" them. I'm short, fat and broad shouldered, guess who runs to help me. :P

Good thing you're capable of protecting yourself. Wink

I'm 5'9 and my shoulders are 21" measured in front and 23" measured in back. I LOVE THEM. I'm always so sad to hear young women lament broad shoulders or a muscular physique. Strong women are beautiful, and strong men love strong women. Who cares what boys think?

:D I used to care way too much. Then I realised, who got tackled and play-fighted with (in a friendly play way, plus included in the "boy's group"), instead of being a bored breakable wallflower sipping drinks? One guess.

im 5.11 tall and 157 lbs..and im a man...i allways been abit unsure if i have small shoulders or normal..but i would like them to be abit broader after i read that you had 23 inch wide just 16 inches...what do you think, if i can ask..:)?

Original Post by selton:

im 5.11 tall and 157 lbs..and im a man...i allways been abit unsure if i have small shoulders or normal..but i would like them to be abit broader after i read that you had 23 inch wide just 16 inches...what do you think, if i can ask..:)?

 Heh. You put this into the search engine and the earliest thread you came back with was from 2009? [RIP, shoulder-thread]

To answer your question, though, my ex-BF was an inch taller, about twenty pounds heavier, and his shoulders were about 16-inches (maybe a bit wider), too. Looked fine on him.

Original Post by michelle_janice:

I am 18" across too, at 5'1/5'2. My friends are sort of petite and look beautiful and fragile and guys seem to want to fall over themselves to help "Protect" them. I'm short, fat and broad shouldered, guess who runs to help me. :P

I know where you are coming from. I'm female, 5'4.5", and my shoulders are anywhere from 18-20 inches-- I HATE it! My mom and sister have lovely narrow shoulders and pear-shaped figures but I had to get THIS of all things.

My shoulders make me so self-conscious because men in the past have commented on how they make my torso look very short. I feel like an overstuffed sausage with a ruler lying on its side on top walking on legs. I so envy the slim, curvy, and narrow-shaped women out there. Sigh. If there was a surgical process that would allow me to get rid of 5 inches of shoulder bone, I would so do it.

I'm female, 5'4", 20" shoulders. I also have a 40 inch rib cage and I can see my ribs at this point. I have defined abs at a 35 inch waist, so I'm short but have a thick core that makes me look fat. I hate it. :(



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