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the shorties but wanna be thinnies club!

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Hi!  I'm  hoping to start a shorties club, probably for women because mostly women are 4'11" - Idk maybe 5'4", it could vary a little i guess.  Does anyone want to join?  We shorty women (or I should say "petite") need to stick together, especially women who are older (because our metabolism sucks sometimes), but age could vary also, it doesn't matter.  Just wondering if there is already a thread for this, been searching but haven't found one yet.  Your starting weight could vary also, i'm not picky.  Women just have alot harder time dropping the weight (i.e. monthly cycles, moods, water weight, you know...) 

Me:  Just started this website on 5/30/07

Starting Weight was:  121lbs (stubborn pounds)

My Height is:  5'0"

My age is:  38

My activity level is:  Moderate (Light)

My Calorie Expenditure is:  (around 1700- it varies with exercise)

My goal weight is:  110!

My goal date is:  8/30/07

My current weight:  6/3/07 is:  119!

What else?  Oh and my daily calorie intake is between 1200-1400 (1600 on a bad day)

Anybody else want to join.  I would love support and fellow chat members, kay? thanks!

P.S. I know that it only seems like I have a little to lose, but BELIEVE ME, those are the most stubborn last pounds to go!  
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I'll join (though maybe I'll grow out being short someday... unlikely due to my insomnia... and short genes. :p )  :)

Me:  Started this website on 5/30/07

Starting Weight was:  127lbs (well, on this website it was that, I wanted to lose weight at 134lbs, some time ago. Started getting serious about it recently.)

My Height is:  5'3"

My age is:  15

My activity level is:  Light

My Calorie Expenditure is:  1700- 1900

My goal weight is:  110 (or 105, or something)

My goal date is:  7/19/07 (haha, unrealistic, but hey, I want to be fit for my trip, at least so other countries can see not all Americans are overwieght/obese (I'm not sure if that's what people think, but I want to prove them wrong any way :p ) )

My current weight (June 3, 2007): 122

Daily calorie intake:1000-1400 (sometimes 1500, if I don't pay attention :p )

Good luck on losing the last few pounds :) They are most annoying, I know.

Hi Sara! I will join! There are other shortie threads here and there (one in motivation for sure that I know about) but I figure the more the better!

Here are my detes:

Started this website on 5/5/07. But made a committment to lose weight on 2/14/07 and have been very conscious of my weight loss and really watching the scales since late April when I searched online for how to lose more weight and came across CC. I gained weight through overeating and underexercising. Sadly I am not losing as fast as I would like as I have a really hard time eating only what is recommended by CC (1200ish calories!)

Starting Weight was:  129lbs
My Height is:  5'1"
My age is:  33
My activity level is:  Very light, trying to change that
My Calorie Expenditure is:  1500
My goal weight is:  105 ultimately but  I will take 110 and then see how I feel!
My goal date is:  10/15/07 but earlier would be nice!
My current weight:  114.8 this morning
Daily calorie intake is supposed to be 1200 ish to get to my desired weight but I have been eating more like 1400-1800 lately. BAD!
Good job everybody!  Let's try and keep this thread tagged so it doesn't float away, kay?  I know about those last few pounds.  And when you tell people you are on a diet, they look at you, like why?  But, clothes can hide alot.  But if they saw me, without clothes, then they would understand.  So much to work on......I've even decided that maybe more weight is better as long as it is mostly muscle, it just looks better!  So, 110 might not work for me, Idk........I used to be 105, 100, 95, and even 85 many moons ago. And my highest weight was 155 (but being PG doesn't count does it?  hee hee).  I've have 5 kids also.  Going to be a Gramma real soon too! 

So, let's support each other, to reach our individual goals.

No goal is too small or too insignificant.
god am i just fat or what cuz it seems everyone around my height which is 5' 1 weighs less i started at 126 and am 121 now. and im only 17 i mean do i just have a large frame because i dont consider myself fat i dont have a flat stomach but still. my goal weights 110 which isn't moving fast.
thanks for joining!  you do seem to be making progress.  remember, we all have different weight loss goals.  and if we started out petite and only about 125-maybe 130 and wanted to get to say, 110 or so........it will take longer, darn!  my frame is actually medium, i'm built more like a gymnast, athletic than a ballerina.  i did the wrist test and my fingers touch only.  so..............size of your frame does make a difference.  girl, my stomach is nowhere near flat either, thank you my 5 children, just kidding, but i still have hope.  i just want to look good and be healthy, i try not to focus on the "number" on the scale so much as opposed to how i look and feel.  again, thanks for joining.  go ahead and tag this thread, if you haven't already.  we should all enter our stats and exercise from time to time.  kay?  and the more support we have in each other will help each one of us---especially during times of plateaus.  The dreaded "plateau".  :)
Sublimelife87, you are not fat! I would be happy if I were 120 and had a flat tummy or was in shape. It's not about the number as much as what shape you are in. You are young and probably look great but I also understand if you want to lose weight. Believe me at 115 (with a small frame) I look very overweight right now b/c I am so flabby. Flab city. My tummy is so bloated and chub that people have asked me if I am pregnant, it's very depressing.  I have back fat and love handles, not to mention the saddlebags. In any case, that's why I am working out now to change those pounds to muscle baby! Then I think I will look great!
By the way, how do you "tag a thread"?

EDITED: Nevermind, I figured it out

Hey everyone, I'm in!
I lost 40lbs pretty easily but the last 20 have been impossible! I've been slipping on my diet lately and hurt me knee so have used that as an excuse to not workout as much. After mixing iy up a bit though I hope to see results in the next few weeks.

Starting Weight was:  177lbs!
My Height is:  5'2"
My age is:  27
My activity level is:  Active
My Calorie Expenditure is:  1300
My goal weight is:  115
My goal date is:  before I die! (or in three months)
My current weight:  137

My biggest problem is my diet. For the longest time I wasnt eating enough which led to me eating to much! I'm still trying to find a happy medium. I also really need to work on tonig those problem areas (abs, back, tricepts)

Goals for the week: cardio m/t/th/s/sunday
       &nb sp;               &nb sp;          weights: m/th/s/sunday

Welcome hhollyhal!  those last few pounds are a struggle, huh!  Let's all keep in contact and also post our stats, struggles etc.  I thought maybe Fri, Sat, and Sun could be our posting of stats only (so we could anounce our successes on a weekly basis/or if need be, rally around each other when one member has a low week).  Other than that, post anytime! 


Today, I watched a program on TLC about morbidly obese people in a rehab program.  It was very interesting.  I know that I can't compare to their weight gains but the underlying issue is still the same.  Bad habits are  hard to break.  Keeps me inspired at some of these peoples dedication and struggles.  :) 
Oh, Oh...I'm in!! :)
I started on this website a few months ago, but haven't really been keeping up with it....I'm working to change that :)

Starting Weight was:  147
My Height is:  5'1"
My age is:  25 
My (first) goal weight is:  120
My current weight:  143

I  joined the gym a few weeks ago and have been trying to go a few times a week, in the morning before work.  So far, so good.  I forgot how much I love the gym!  Isn't amazing how easily we forget?
Hi rdgatewood,

Welcome!  and congrats on heading back to the gym.  yeah, i agree, we soon forget alot of things, sometimes it just takes a good adrenaline rush to remind us.  i love that feeling!  i, too, haven't been to the gym in a couple of weeks!  my  hours at work changed and now my baby is sick--can't take her to childcare, so............maybe in a couple of days.  I still keep busy at home, housework, etc., it all counts.  :)
Hi shorties! Great post!  I could really use some help getting rid of these last 10 pounds!

Starting Weight: 141
Goal: 115
Height: 5'3"
Age: 28

I got down to 120 a few weeks ago and then gained four pounds back so I recently started counting calories and becoming more active on this site.

How many calories do you all shoot for an average  day? I am aiming for 1200.

I try and eat 1200 but it rarely to never happens b/c I am only really now learning how to eat foods which fill me up and aren't too caloric. Today I ate 1400 but yesterday I had 1800, the day before I had 1500 ... ooooooph.
Jun 04 2007 04:00
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I'm pretty new at this, but sounds like good motivation since trying to get my winter weight gain off has been sooo frustrating.

Starting Weight was:  117lbs on May 12th

My Height is:  5'2"

My age is:  27

My activity level is:  don't really know how to gauge this, at work/school I'm sedentary, but I usually run 5-6 mi/day, five days/week plus strengthening 3 days/week and other activities like hiking on my days off from running/gym

My Calorie Expenditure is:  1200 - 1400 depending on my activity level

My goal weight is:  110

My goal date is:  end of June would be nice

My current weight:  113.5 two days ago, but 115 this morning :(

I'm just frustrated b/c I've been watching myself carefully for a while and have been keeping up my activity level as always, but nothing seems to budge.   Sometimes I have weight fluctuations, even though I haven't changed anything....  Just keep trudging away I guess!
msh, if you are running 5-6 miles a day even a few days a week you are NOT sedentary. The reason you might have stalled is that you aren't eating enough calories and now your body wants to hold onto what it has already. I would change your activity level from sedentary to moderate activity and check to make sure you are eating back your calories and maintaining a deficit of 300 or so. Also, since you have lost 2+ pounds in the past two weeks I think you are making great progress!!!!
Count me in...

Starting Weight was:  I was 195 at the end of March. A significant problem at work caused depression and I lost 13 pounds without any effort, so I thought I would keep it going. I started on CC on May 25th weighing 182.

My Height is:  5'4"

My age is:  37

My activity level is:  sedentary. I sit at a desk all day. I have been working out with cardio for about 40 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week.

My Calorie Expenditure is:  1200 - 1400 depending on my activity level

My goal weight is:  CC says I would be healthly at 131. I would like to be about 120. I dream about taking a trip to Denali National Park. I want to be in shape to enjoy hiking the park.

My goal date is: CC keeps changing this too. But I would like to be fit and trim by my birthday next year, January 16, 2008.

My current weight:  179

Hi Everyone!

I want to welcome anyone who just showed up:  saelicv, msh, allieharris, i hope i didn't miss any newbies to this thread.  if i did, send me a "slap", just kidding! 

right now, i am struggling a little....night time is the hardest for me.  i've already had my 1400, and now i am having low-carb ice cream with a handful of cornflakes (don't ask), it's my new dessert treat, all while watching that TLC program i was talking about, the one with the morbidly obese people in rehab.  what's wrong with this picture?

I welcome everybody and hope more people post.  does anybody know of any desserts, like ice cream, etc. that is super low in cals? 
Hi it's me again.

before i sign off tonight i just wanted to get this straight.

okay....i'm still new here, and have been reading and reading...is this how the calculations work?

My normal BMR at the start of the day tells me I'm at 1776 for moderate/light activity.

My activity level for today was: household work, childcare, some moderate exercise at home, etc. = 863

My cals for the day was:  1440

So:  1776 + 863 = 2639 - 1440 = 1199 (cal deficit).

Is that right?  That seems like alot of deficit to me. 

So why does my BMR change (get lower) during the day, like today it went from 1776 to 1695?

So then it's: 1695 + 863 = 2558 - 1440 = 1118 (cal deficit)

That's not much better.   hmmmmmm  ........

Do I really need to eat more?

hi everyone,

im became a member few days ago, but its nice to have friends and chatmates who can uplift me when im down and at the same time do the same to anyone in need.

Starting Weight was:  107lbs 

My Height is:  5'2"

My age is:  28

My activity level is:  Light

My Calorie Expenditure is:  (too much) since its very hard for me to aount the calorie of what I eat. I live with 7 roomates and we eat the same food. Daily there is 1 person in-charge for cooking and they cook whatever is convinient..means fried..pasta etc. I hate it but we are having a planned meal that should go on with our budget !!! Plus They are the super slim types so they really really enjoy food and would kill me if I will cook the food they dont like!

My goal weight is:  100!

My goal date is:  8/30/07

My current weight:   107 

I would like to have someone who can give me a "lift" because often, I struggle to diet and exercise because I am the only one exerting effort to be thin. They are all naturally thin and would tell me to eat anything I want because I have to enjoy food. Its really hard to resist them! I have to develop more self control and the virtue of being patient. Good luck to all of us.  
Hi and Welcome mariakellylance,

thank you for joining this thread.  C-C has lots of great info and recipes of great, healthy food.  Maybe, you could go to the store and just purchase snack stuff (non perishable) that is healthy, nuts, dried fruit, etc.  and lots of water, get some bottled water for yourself, (and maybe for the room too!)  Do you have a fridge?  and a freezer?  there are lots of low-cal desserts, fruit bars etc, on the market.  i'm getting ready to head to the market soon to check them out.  Someone pointed out (i can't remember the name of the food) that there are desserts and popsicles with maybe only 25 cals a piece, and that would help with your liquid intake too.  post anytime!  I like to check on this thread from time to time (to keep it from going to thread heaven).  I'm hoping everybody can post their stats and their weakly struggles this weekend (see above).  that way if a member is busy all week and can't get online (they still can post their stats with everybody else.  I'll post a list of our members here.  Hope to see you there.  :)
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