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*EDITED December 17, 2012*

I'm Sara. I know there's a bunch of "short girls" clubs but I can never seem to find one that fits. It's always "5'4" and under with a lot to lose (40+)" or something too specific, so I decided to create my own group! This is for shorties (like, true, honest, really-freaking-short people... 5'3" and under please) to vent, trade advice, or just chat. Here are my stats:

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 4'11"

SW: 140
HW: 145
CW: 125
GW: 115
It amazes me how people so close in height can have such different goals and plans, so I'd really like to share.

Our weigh-ins are every Wednesday morning, if you would like to participate in that. The scale isn't everything, though!

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@Sally - Mmm hummus and tuna sounds great!

@Burton - I had that problem when I tried to make hummus last semester using a blender haha goodness. I bet it still tastes good though! I had those two interviews to be an admissions counselor for Jacksonville University but I have to wait until July to hear back. I also have a local CPA firm and a local insurance company needing an accountant, but to be honest I'd rather wait and hear from the school before I run off to a job that I would probably not like again... I'm happy your interview went well! I hope it works out! Have fun at DMB!

Excited to get back into the gym tomorrow. I know rest days are beneficial but I like to work out! I feel antsy when I don't. Weighing in tomorrow. I have gained 3 lbs since I started NROLFW and I sure hope it has either stayed the same or gone down a little! The number to beat is 125.2 lbs.  

@Sara: I also made hummus this week, I like using a couple heaping tbsp of tahini (sesame seed butter) but there are a million ways to tweak the basic recipe.

I think I am starting to get the hang of this Kempo.  I test for my belt Sat, and today I actually felt like I would do well for the first time.  I tried to take the bus to the dojo this afternoon for some extra practice beofre class, but I misread the bus route.  Then I got lost.  After walking for an hour in the heat and misty rain, I realized I forgot deodorant.  By the time I finally arrived I was both exhausted and crabby.  It all worked out ok though, and I am feeling really good now, just TIRED.  Because I worked off so many extra calories today, I am treating myself to a small cup of ice cream tonight.

I also hit a new low on the scale today (119), but I have mixed feelings about that.  I do want to lose a bit of my lower belly flab, but I am hoping to tone more than lose.  Hopefully soon I will find an equilibrium between muscle gain and fat loss. I know that when I was at my 'fittest' I weighed about 130.  My weight dropping is just a reminder of how weak I have gotten.

@alkremers - Yeah in another thread someone said I was missing tahini and I was like I've seen that word but it wasn't in this recipe and what the hell is it anyway! Haha but now I know. And I totally know what you mean about having mixed feelings about the scale. Now that I'm lifting heavy weights and upping my calories, I gained 3 lbs in the first couple weeks of the program and I couldn't decide if that was good or bad. I'm just trying to focus on how I feel and how I look in the mirror.

Good news! My body is starting to adjust to this program, apparently, because this morning I was at 124.6! That means I lost 0.6 lbs this week, even with heavy lifting and near-maintenance calories.

Awesome Sara.  I actually forgot to step on the scale this morning.  :) I over slept a little, but over the weekend I was around 167, which is a little water weight, I know.   I've been trying really hard to not actually look at the scale every day.  I've been concentrating on eating clean and lifting heavy and running.  I'll worry about the water weight at another time.  I've got one more week in Stage 3 and then I'm taking a week off before starting Stage 4.  I know last time, the off week was the week that I lost the water weight.  Seems like I always have a little bit when I'm lifting no matter how much water I drink or what I eat.

alkremers, good luck on Saturday! Let us know how it goes. If you want to just tone, then it sounds like Kempo will be good for that. Also, you might want to try New Rules of Lifting for Women. It is a weightlifting book. Sara, Sally, and I are all doing it and we all seem to like it so far.

Sara, that's great your body is adjusting to the program!

Sally, I am the same as you when it comes to lifting and water weight. I always gain a little, but when I take a couple days off, the weight comes right off.

I lifted on Monday. I was really sore yesterday and I am sore again today. My weight has gone up about 4 pounds from Sunday, but that should just be water weight. I like to weigh daily because I know it is water weight and not real weight gain when the scale goes up overnight. I think from now on, I will just list my weight here on Wednesday, but I will record the lowest for the week instead of including extra water weight.

SW: 126

LW: 114.8 (June 4th)

CW: 114.4 (June 10th)

GW: 103-107


nmward, are you in stage 2 or 3?  I'm in stage 3 and in B there's this shoulder set called a YTWL, I only use 5 lbs but my shoulders get so sore from this exercise...

The leg moves in this stage are not quite as hard as that of stage 2, at least to me they aren't.  But my shoulders and chest have been very sore...

nmward, are you in stage 2 or 3?  I'm in stage 3 and in B there's this shoulder set called a YTWL, I only use 5 lbs but my shoulders get so sore from this exercise...

The leg moves in this stage are not quite as hard as that of stage 2, at least to me they aren't.  But my shoulders and chest have been very sore...

I am in Stage 2. I only did about 3 workouts in stage 2 before my family got here for graduation. After that I started slacking and stopped working out, except for an occasional run. I restarted Stage 2 since I hadn't done it in a few weeks. I have done Workouts A and B once now. Today will be my second Workout A. It is my legs that are killing me today. The YTWL sounds difficult. I probably won't get to that until July though.

I couldn't remember if you said you were starting stage 2 again.  A is where the push press is right?  I remember how sore those made me... I think they are back in Stage 4 along with stepups....

@Sally - That's okay haha sometimes we have other stuff going on; weight isn't the most important thing! I keep forgetting that I'm supposed to take a whole week off after Stage 1 haha did you do ANYTHING or do you really just eat well and rest?

@nmward - Yeah I'm excited! Thanks. 

Lift was great today! I can see some progress - here's a picture.

@Sara, wow, look at that bicep... awesome.  I did everything but lift on my off week, so I ran every other day and did step on Thursday PM and Zumba on Sat AM.

Are you doing any other cardio on your off days or just lifting. I'm running on my off days which sometimes ends up being at lunch the day I lift. Since I'm lifting late in the day 7PM, I don't think this is hurting my progress, I try not to do this too often.  I try to make myself take at least one full rest day.  I usually workout 6 days a week.  How are you doing getting the right amount of protein?  I was having trouble getting enough, I could get close, but was usually under, then fat-free cottage cheese was discovered.... 30 g for 180 cal for 1 cup.  That's been my go to snack the last week or so....only down fall, it does have alot of sodium...

Well I just got back from my 3 mile run, did it in about 45 mins with a 5 min warm up and cool down.  I'll lift tonight, stg3 A3.  Had a boca burger for lunch on a whole wheat sandwich thin with 1 wedge laughing cow light queso fresco instead of mayo, lettuce, tomato and some multi-grain pita chips.

Tonight dinner will be a grilled turkey burger with mango salsa and sweet potato fries.  I found a recipe to try in my taste of home healthy cooking magazine. Anyone ever try sweet potato fries?  I've made homemade ones before but the grocery had frozen ones on sale a few weeks ago, so I got some to try.

@Sally, I don't know how you work out so much. I am so sore. I planed on running yesterday since it was a day off from lifting, but I felt like I couldn't move. I guess maybe it is because I haven't been lifting consistently though. Maybe once I actually stick to my plan I won't be so sore all the time. How much protein does the book say you should eat? I only use the book for the workout plan and didn't read the other stuff. I am a vegetarian and a picky eater so I assumed that the food plans would not work well for me and didn't bother reading it. I love sweet potato fries!

@nmward, I'm usually sore the day after the first time I do the new routine, then it sort of levels out.  Sometimes I'll take an extra day if I'm really sore, or I just run till my legs say STOP!

The book actually says 1 g/lb of bw, BUT, with some research I found out the better # is 1.8g/kg of bw.  I shoot for 30% of my calories so I'm around 120 g per day. I try really hard to only use the protein powder for smoothies on the day I lift after workout and try to get the rest from real food. I eat a serving of almonds or dried soyabeans in the am for a snack and now I eat cottage cheese in the PM.  Then I try to get the rest at meal time, what really surprises me how much energy I have since eating more protein and less carbs.   I was always under the misconception that you need the carbs for energy....

@Sally - Good to know. And thanks! I am trying to do 1-2 days of HIIT with my zombie run app and 1 day of yoga. Aiming for 1-2 rest days. I HATE COTTAGE CHEESE I wish I didn't haha but most days I get plenty of protein (~120 g) because I've changed my mindset to focus on eating protein and maybe having something on the side. Example: for dinner I would focus on having rice and veggies, but tonight I focused on having tofu and quinoa and veggies were more of a side/smaller component. And now instead of having two slices of toast and one egg, I have two eggs and one slice of toast. Etc. Yay for the run! I had a boca (Morningstar) burger for lunch, too!

@sally- I agree with nkfromm how are you working out this much?! I have trouble getting myself motivated even when I'm not sore lol. 

@sara- I really need to start changing my eating habits for the better. Enough with the ice cream and sweets. I also need to focus on eating 3 meals a day. I have always been a grazer and it always comes back to bite me in the ass (or stomach lol) because I pick all day and wont eat lunch and end up eating more calorie wise then I would if I had just eaten lunch. 

Went to the gym today and saw a friend and we ended up talking the whole time on the elliptical and I ended up staying on about 10 extra minutes because of it and the air conditioner wasn't on so man was I a sweaty mess. The did normal abs and lifting. It was a good workout overall. I'm going to Newport, RI the weekend after the 4th with friends so I really would love to get down to 122 by then. I'm pushing 126 currently (ouch) but on the last day of my period so idk my real weight.

Big news though, I got the job I interview for yesterday! I'm super excited, its an amazing opportunity and amazing company. I am also really looking forward to having a normal life again being able to have a normal routine of work, eating and going to the gym. Won't miss those odd retail shifts for sure haha

@burton - Oh gosh a grazer haha I can't survive like that! I like to feel full a few times a day with snacks in between. YAY JOBBBB I am so excited for you!

Plan today:
- Call lab to schedule blood work
- Call radiology to schedule neck ultrasound
- HIIT (Zombies, Run! app) ~30 minutes
- Do my laundry
- Clean the conch shell my friend brought me from the Bahamas
- Take the pup on a long walk (unless it rains like it's supposed to) 

@Burton, Awesome news about the job. So happy for you.  I'm with Sara, I like to feel full a couple of time, but I do eat snacks two or three times a day.

@Sara, your day seems to be starting off like mine did. I'm having to switch drs for my daughter, so I had to call to make an appt with the new dr and then to switch records from the old dr and then the ins company.

Well, what do they say about the best laid plans.... Turkey burgers with mango salsa didn't happen last night, but I'm thankful that hubby fixed dinner and it was healthy.  He made turkey tacos, not the best, but better than his choices last week :)

And my lifting didn't happen either. So I'll be lifting at lunch today. 

@Burton-Congrats on the job! I am a grazer too, but I still eat lunch.

@Sara, I still need to try that app. I plan on running today so maybe I will do it today.

Even though I was sore yesterday, I lifted. I am surprisingly less sore today. Might be pretty sore tomorrow though.

Thanks everyone! I am really excited to be working again and to have a normal routine back. 

Woke up really early this morning for no reason, got a lot accomplished but didn't make it to the gym. I've gone the past 3 days in a row and while I'm not too sore (shocker) I plan on going hard tomorrow so figured I could use a break. My weight is up again but I have a feeling its due to the increase in exercise and my muscles are holding onto water. Also came home last night at 930 starved so ate dinner really late. I hope by next week my body will be adapted to working out and the weight will come off

@Sally - Good for you for not being overwhelmed by a change in plans. I remember when I first started counting and exercising if a meal wasn't as planned or I didn't get to go to the gym at a certain time I would freak, I was definitely too-obsessive back in the day. Made all the appointments and they're covered by my insurance so I'm good to go! I'm getting them both over with tomorrow so next week I have zero doctor's appointments!

@nmward - DO IT it's so fun!

@burton - I woke up really early today because MY PUPPY LOVES 5:30AM. Haha seriously I've woken up at 5:30-6 every day for the past two weeks but I love him. Good for you getting to the gym three days in a row!

HIIT was so fun. Great "mission" today. 2.4 miles in 30 minutes, alternating 2 min @ 4mph and 1 min @ 7mph on the treadmill.

Breakfast was protein oatmeal (protein powder, peanut butter, old fashioned oats, almond milk), and lunch was a burrito (whole grain with flax wrap, organic refried beans, 2% mozzarella and a grilled tofu "fillet") with a smoothie (1 cup spinach, 2 strawberries, 1 scoop protein powder and 1/2 cup almond milk).

I AM SO FULL in the best way. 72g protein and it's not even noon! I'm starting to get the hang of this. 

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