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Weight Loss
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Shorties 5'1"--how many calories?

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We all know how extra hard it is for us little ladies to lose weight. many calories do you eat to lose? To maintain?

Extra curious if you're under 120-125 lbs...
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I'm 5'1" and 120 lbs.  At my heaviest, I was 133.  I try to shoot for 1200, personally, but I usually end up closer to 1600, give or take. 


Is 1200 to lose? 1600 to maintain?
I'm 5'0", 113 lbs and I eat about 1500 calories a day.  On days I'm working out hard, I try to get closer to 1700, days at work I stick to about 1300.  This is to maintain. 
So you're saying 1500 as an average, yes? So, if you didn't work out, you'd eat 1300 to maintain? (What about to lose?)
I'm 5'2".  I lost most of my weight at 1400-1500 calories per day, but just about a month ago I dropped down to 1250 to lose the last few pounds!
i'm 5'1" and 123. I used to have between 800-1000 a day and for 1 week I did 1200-1300. Results: put on 3 pounds!!!! I exercise a lot (5-6 times a week). My goal is to maintain at around 1500 calories a day even with hard exercise... i don't know it's realistic????
Wow, your stats and (and your history) sounds exactly like me. Same height. Same weight. Same calorie counts.

I don't have an answer--I'm in the same boat--but I'd love it if someone else did for both of us.
To lose a couple of pounds, I dropped my calorie count to about 1200.  That was with exercise, although I wasn't exercising as hard as I currently do.  I know you're not supposed to do that, but I have a really hard time upping my calories to lose weight.   I'm too afraid of erasing progress I've made.  So I guess what I did and what you're supposed to do are two different things.  Play around until you find what works for you, but I really wouldn't try to lose too much in a week.  It will come off in time:)
5'0", 110 pounds, and I workout quite a bit so my calories are high.  For weight loss, I do something like this:
Days with no exercise = 1300-1400
Light exercise (1 hour and under) = 1550-1650
Mod exercise (1.5-2 hours) = 1750-1850
Weekends = don't count, but most likely around 2200

This usually gets me a 300-400 calorie defecit during the week, and no defecit on weekends.  Losing about .5 pounds per week and my goal weight is 108.
Wow, you can eat a lot considering your height and weight. Did you always?
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I'm 5'1", 99 lbs and I eat around 1500 calories PLUS whatever I burn through exercise to maintain.
I'm not sure... I never used to pay attention to what I ate.  My high weight was between 125 and 132 before I started with regular exercise.

But the more I exercise, and the more muscle I put on, the better I get at burning calories.  I never would have considered myself to have a high metabolism until recently.
Im 5'0 and weigh 111 pounds. I eat 1100-1200 calories a day in order to lose aprx .5-1 pound per week. I find if i eat more, i just dont lose. Its hard being this short!
I am 5'1 and i am currently at 1,200 cals average, to lose. I currently weigh 114, and my goal is 100, even.
I'm 5'0 and 107 pounds...I eat 1200 to lose. If I really stick to 1200 everyday then I can lose about a pound a week. But if I go above that I tend to just stay the same weight. Being short is definitely harder in the weight loss world.
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I'm 5'2".. probably more like 5'1 3/4" but whatever.. 18 years old, 108 pounds.  I was eating 1300 to lose, with one free day a week.  Now I'm at about 1400 trying to maintain.
Does anyone else find it really hard to maintain around 105? I have maintained 105, which for me is my ideal size being so short, off and on for the last 4 years, but always seem to go up again, a few times past 120....which is a HUGE difference on a 5'0 small frame. And it doesnt seem to take that much either. Just a few months  of not being super anal about what im putting in my mouth. And being so short i find i truly do have to eat less in order to lose weight, so losing the weight can feel like a depriving process! And a VERY slow one at that!
Hi! I am also 5 '1' and have been having a hard time losing weight being so short.  I've read different numbers on how many calories we should have for our height, but I think if your trying to lose weight it's about 1500-1700 calories a day.  I lost 20 pounds last summer bringing me down to 115.  However, I gained 12 of it back since then because I was unable to run outside and didn't have a gym membership (but should have!).  Plus, I just let myself go over the holidays-bad me.  Anyways, I've been taking a kickboxing class twice a week for the past 4 weeks and am feeling frustrated at only having lost 2 pounds and now being stuck at 127 for the past two weeks.  I'm also confused as to how many fat grams to have.  It hasn't seemed to matter if I starve myself and only eat about 20 or do what the nutrition charts say and eat some 40-50 grams of fat. How about you?  My goal is to get to 110 by the end of June.

I'm 5'2", 118, and trying to get down a few more pounds.

Right now, I shoot for 1300-1400, regardless of exercise. I started at around 125 in January, so it seems to be working out okay. And of course there are those days when I'm closer to 1600-1800 (1800 being a maintenance # from another website, 1590 the maintenance from CC), and those days when I'm just not hungry and barely make it to 1200.

It averages out okay in the end :) And yeah... being little is hard. Less calories. Can't reach the top shelf without a chair. Can't see over people at concerts. The list goes on...


I'm 5.2 and 110 pounds. I am a very active person.

On days that I work out or work a really long shift=2000 calories

Average day=1800 calories

I would like to get down about 1.5 pounds cause that is where I feel my best. I am tweaking my current calories count to figure out how I can do that. I do have to be careful cause if I don't eat enough, I'll binge. Work in progess.

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