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Being short sucks!!!

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Does anyone else feel this way too? I'm 5'1, and it's sometimes just plain frustrating to remember that normal portion sizes will make me baloon, and most reasonable calorie-controlled meals are very likely WAY too much for me (you know, like "Introducing our new _enter weight watch food item here_, only 600 calories!"). What's more, it's way harder for us to burn those calories! AND even though we're smaller, our organs are still much the same size as those of a basketball player and require the same amount of minerals, and it makes it so that we need to keep the fat level around our midsections lower to not appear fatter because our organs are taking up a higher percent of the space!
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yes, being short sucks.  I'm only 4'11.  Everything you said is absolutely right.

But we do have one distinct advantage.  When we fall flat on our faces, it doesn't take us as long to hit the ground.  <grin>
I agree.

I'm 5'3" (well, 5'2.5" really..) and although that's not horribly short, it is still under average height.  And yes, I weigh 129 right now and could easily lose another 10 b/c I'm so short! lol

However, one advantage as my boyfriend has always pointed out is: when we lose 2 lbs, at least on me, it definitely starts to show :)  Works both ways ya know
Agreed!  I am 5'1" and my fiance is 6'1", so needs to eat about 1,000 more calories a day than me. 

This is tough for me because we've been eating all our meals together for the past few years (grad students with strange schedules).  Good thing he eats really fast so I don't end up just watching him continuing to eat long after I am done.

Since I've started paying attention to our diets, I realized how much we have influenced each other negatively -- before I started keeping track of things, he was eating about 300-400 calories less than he needed and I was eating about 300-400 calories more than I needed. 
Amadeus - When we go to restaurants, I just have my hubby finish the second half of my meal. Works great. :-)

Jazz- I *wish* I had an extra 3 inches.. then I wouldn't have to hem my petite pants! LOL!
I'm 5"10' and I have to admit that I enjoy being able to eat more.  Didn't keep me from gaining tons of weight, but I guess it would have been even worse if I were shorter.  So I fee for you all.

But, I wear a size 12 shoe and tall clothing.  Think of me when you buy your cute shoes and off the rack clothing.  In plus sizes most clothing is long enough for me, but once I get back down to misses I'll have to go back to talls which are not available generally in regular stores.
There are pros and cons!  I could think of negatives to being short, but I am an eternal optimist, so even though I am 5'1", like you are, I choose to see the positives.  Being 'petite' is a good thing.  We can shop in the petite and regular sections (more choices even though you might have to hem the regular stuff), being 'too short' is better than being 'too tall', short people don't have to eat so much which means lower restaurant bills, lower grocery bills, less cooking or more leftovers!  See, it just depends on your point of view and attitude!
Thank you for this thread... my height, although just below average at 5'3, is something that has always bothered me. I feel like no matter how much weight I lose (and I have lost way too much weight in the past) my legs are so short that I feel like they never look thin. It's frustrating. But... I am learning to accept my height, short little legs and all. I do like having size 6 feet and I love wearing giant platforms and still being shorter than most people I know.

Plain and simple, there is nothing we can do to change our height... so in my opinion, the best thing to do is start loving ourselves as is. I used to never wear flats ever, but now I actually like wearing them (so comfy!). Everyone's different, that's what keep things interesting.
For perspective- Being tall sucks too.

I'm 5'8", and sometimes it drives me crazy. My mom was short, only 5'2", and I distinctly remember this one time when I was young, I asked her what a good weight for a woman would be (I was always a chubby kid and was worried that I would be overweight as an adult). Based on her own body, the answer she gave me was "130". Unfortunately, she passed away when I was 12 and never got to see me sprout up like a bean. I know she only had good intentions, but my entire adult life I've felt the need to weigh less than 130 (Despite the fact that its a really low BMI for my height).

Also, I become sooo self-conscious whenever I hear women talking about their weight. So many of my friends are in the 110s or 120s, which makes me feel enormous at 138.

To add to my point, thing that suck about being tall: 90% of my pants are "high-waters". I have a greater likelihood of being taller than my date. I can't wear heels without looking like a freak. I constantly get told, "You should play basketball/volleyball" despite the fact that I hate both!

You get the idea. And I'm not even *that* tall.
I am totally with Polirica... I am 5'10 with long legs and size 10 shoes. When I were heels I am almost 6'0, and I am often as tall or taller than my dates. We don't get the same cute clothes and shoes that shorter people get. 

On the plus side, most people do underestimate my weight because of the height. A lot of people didn't believe I am as heavy as I am.

Another plus, when I lose the weight, due to my proportionally long legs and short torso, I will have legs up to my armpits and a nice rack. *grin*
Haha! Thanks to everyone with a positive outlook on shortness! I too am aware of the perks of being the height of most shrubs, including the small feet and cute clothes thing.

And to all the tall people with long legs/torso/arms: you have such potential to look like supermodels! Keep up with the healthy lifestyle and rock on! :)
But short people are so dainty. Sometimes it would be nice to be dainty.... I think this is one of those, "the grass is always greener on the side" sorts of conundrums.
I am so with you on this! I am 5'0 on a good day LOL. I have not worn pants off the rack EVER and have to hem everything! Also,even if you are a reasonable weight,you potentially can still LOOK heavy because we have less body to distribute the weight o ver. My husband is 6'4 so we are praying that our 5 year old twin girls turn out "average"size! :) . And to Rebecca,I WISH I could call myself dainty,that would be fantastic! Maybe in a year or so I will be! We are cute though!
Politica, I hear you.  I had the same problem in high school.  My friends were all short and I was 5"10' and I was always so embarrased that I weighed 20 or 30 pounds more than they did, which I now know is completely normal.  I looked fine.  You sound very thin at 138, just FYI.  I haven't weighed that since I was 14, but of course I thought I was fat.  
Well I'm 5' 7 1/2" (being not quite 5'8" is better than actually being that height) and I can definitly say I wish i was about 5'2".

When your short; clothes come in smaller sizes... even if you are alittle bit chubby you're still smaller in stature than a taller 'chubby' person.  You dont feel like an amazon when in a crowd. 

When your tall...your always a size  medium...monkey arms often come with height ( I can atest to this fact).  Heel make you feel ridiculous....etc etc. 

Point being, the grass is always greener on the other side and I know where your coming from.
It would be really nice to be able to eat like a normal size person. I mean my maintence calories are maybe 1600 at the most, that is what? Two meals for a normal person? And everyone thinks I should eat more!!! I am not growing anymore I am 5'2" and 25.. I am not going to get any taller.

Most fashions are made for people 5'6-5'10" and the petites section is a synomym for short and fat so nothing fits me there either. I have to hem everything and I never look as glamourous as tall girls. The size "small" for me means that I will have to hem the skirt or the pants and take in the sleeves. Really, fashion is not for the short! I can;t wear any jeans with designs or detailing on the bottom because I have to cut it off when I hem it or it will be four inches too long....
I'm 5'9" and I would like to say that most fashions are not made for people 5'9". If you're over 5'7 you are constantly having to buy 'tall' sizes, you can't wear heels, and everytime you wear a skirt people think you're showing too much leg. Well maybe I just have more leg! Also, I think that tall people, and short people are equally screwed on the weight thing. Shorter people think they have to be doubly small to make up for the fact that their shorter, and taller people feel that they have to be the same size as shorter people or else the look big. Or at least that's my feeling anyway.

I would like to be 5'5"; all clothes are made for you and you have small feet (unlike my size 13s [my projected height was 6'1", apparently gymnastics and other sports ruined that]).
Girlies, you could always all move to England where as a Nation we are shorter. I am 5 foot 2 and admittedly always wear heels, but I don't ever feel really short as you Guys say you do. I have never had a partner shorter than 6 foot either, so for me it's not been a disadvantage with men.
I geuss I just feel it more because the Czech girls here on average are VERY tall. I remember walking into the locker room here in Prague after an Aerobics class and being absolutly stunned.... It looked like a Playboy shoot. They were ALL over 5'7", most were Blonde, and slim with big boobs.

I don't think I ever got changed so fast.... I felt so embarassed because I was so short.

Thankfully, my sweetheart is also about 5'2" or 5'3", but he is german not Czech. So when he is around I just feel perfect and like everyone else is too tall.

But really the world here is geared toward tall girls, and yes, they all wear heels.
I'm 4'11"..man, I would kill to be 5'1".

i'm 5'3' and 15 yrs old.......i know you'll say there's hope for me yet but god i don't think so! my parents are both reasonably short and my sis hoo is 2 and a half yrs younger is taller than me, and my other sis hoo is 5 yrs younger is almost my height!!!! i'm about 4th shortest in my grade.....it's so annoying. and it's true - it's harder for us to get thinner coz we have the same amount of fat as everyone else it's just squashed!
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