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Short and stocky group

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Would anyone like to join me in complaining about being short and chubby?

Always been short, always been chubby. My lightest was probably 130 when I was 15 years old. I'm 5'1 and 24 now. And... I weigh 165! Many people are SHOCKED when they hear my weight (I think I hide it well).

But the best way to deal with people finding out my weight? Writing about it in the newspaper. Last year as a reporter, I did a fitness and weight loss column and published my weight every week. I looked good after three months, but once the column was over, so were my weight loss skills! Anyway, now that the whole city knows how much I weigh, it doesn't matter to me if others know my weight now.

I'm at my heaviest NOW. I was in a relationship where my boyfriend thought I was beautiful the way I was and indulged my temptations etc. That didn't help and I gained 15-20 lbs. in 10 months of being with him. Now that we're broken up I'm trying to get back to where I was, and lower.

Anyway, the point of the group is for us shorter people. Anyone find it's more difficult to lose weight than your taller counterparts? I actually find, at least right now, that I'm doing amazingly well. I've lost 5 lbs in two weeks (I just started two weeks ago). I think my body is probably used to consuming 2500+ cals a day and this drastic change has shocked it.

I totally went off topic didn't I?

Oh well. Anyone interested in discussing weight loss and being tiny, join in please!

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I get that too, many people don't think I weigh as much as I do. I'm 5'2", and I currently weigh 149lbs. I'm 24. About 5 years ago I got down to 130, mainly because I started smoking, and when I quit I gained it all back. I don't think that it is harder for me to lose weight becuz I'm short, but I think it's harder for me to look good because I have a short torso and sorta big hips, so I can't ever get that slim "look", I'll always look stocky. Anyway....good luck to you!!!

It is hard finding that right look, isn't it?

I have "athletic" legs so I know I can never wear a certain type of pant, etc. Also, I look funny in dresses that come just halfway down my calf.

ha ha, this is perfect for me. I'm 5'2, 24 years old, and 180, arg, I hate that number. However, I am extremely top heavy (large chest, which runs in my family.) So, I am actually hoping that the weight starts falling off the chest first!

I understand the dress thing completely! I love them, but even when I buy pants and skirts in the petite section, they are still too long. If I can even find similar styles in the petite section!! Ever notice how most of the pants (actually all of the clothes) in petites are aimed at older women, you know the pants with the elastic waist bands and such, lots of floral prints?

Not to mention the fact that  I can't wear any type of low cut shirt or I look stripper-esque. Oh well, here's to the short and stocky (and anyone else who is top-heavy!)

I can completely relate.  I'm 5' 1'' and according to the sight small framed. BUT, I have muscle, chest, hips and a bum.  I always said my shape would be perfect if I was just three inches taller. :)   At my lowest weight I was 130 pounds, size 6 and people would always say I looked tiny even though it was on the outer edge of the healthy BMI for my height.  This is why I have little faith in BMI charts.

I also relate to the pants and skirts issue.  Too hippy and busty for petite clothing, too short for regular sizes. (And yes, the Petite section always looked like a nice place for my grandmother to shop.)  When I was a kid I always had to roll the bottom of my jeans or my Mom would have to have them hemmed to be the right length.  Thank goodness some stores (Gap, Express) sell short sized pants that only shorten the length of the pants while still allowing a girl her hips.

Buying pants I always have to incorporate the $12+ hemming cost. I don't sew so I have to pay someone else to. So a pair of pants on sale for $30, will end up costing me $45!

I'm not very busty. B-cup. Large, wide hips, huge thighs but not extremely pear-shaped.

It was so sad — my (ex)boyfriend brought a pair of pants over that I had left behind at his place when I moved out and I couldn't get them over my thighs. I don't know when I wore them before, but I was horrified that I couldn't even get them up to my waist.

I love/hate being short! I'm 5'2", 219lbs.

Love - I like having small feet/hands, I like being petite at least in one demension, I like being smaller than my boyfriend, all my friends think I don't weigh as much as I do, we all guessed eachother's weight and they were really accurate (within 10lbs) on everybody else in the room from 120-260lbs, when they got to me they guessed 170 (I weighed 235 at the time), I'm naturally curvy even when I was thin, and I seem to have put the weight on evenly throughout my body

Hate - I hate not being able to reach the healthy cereals in my grocery store, I hate shopping for clothes, nothing is built for me.  I hate flare jeans (that are finally out of style thank god!) that give me an hour glass shape with the narrow point at my knees, thick part at ankles and hips.  I hate not being able to be comfortable in public (airplane seats, turn styles, crowded hallways, elevators) I'm with you Cafil, I'm quite top heavy (and was when I was thin, I looked really weird) I have 3 very nice pairs of work pants that are still in the back of my closet because I buy them with the intent of getting them hemmed and then never do, hopefully they're too big now... what else? ... thick ankles suck.

Anyway, yeah, short and stocky, some good some bad, I'm looking forward to being short and trim... that will be nice.

5' 2" and (gasp) 198 lbs. I don't know how I got this way, but it's been a long time coming! My lowest was 115, in high school, but I starved everyday. It was horrible. I have about 75 lbs to lose. But lose I will!

Short and trim. I second that.

According to this site, I should be there in less than a year. Well, a year less 10 days.

Do you guys think we put on fat easier than the tall people?

In my family my sister was tall and slim (we're adopted — she is 5'11). I was always short and fat. She would make fun of my occasionally. But today she's very, very overweight and isn't doing anything to help herself which is disappointing. Maybe I can keep losing and show her how good this site is.

I got here from a childhood of "clean your plate right off!" and having treats withheld. So when we did have treats, we binged and overate them. Have been "dieting" off and on since age 15 — almost 10 years now! — and mainly worked with Weight Watchers. This works way better I think though.

I said this in another forum, but haven't gotten any answers yet:


Has anyone looked back at pictures of themselves from times that they THOUGHT they looked overweight and disgusting just to find how wrong they actually were?

This has happened to me repeatedly through the years, and now at my heaviest, I wish for the time I was even 10 lbs lighter!

Yay, a group that I seem to fit into! Can I join?

I'm 20 and 5'2, currently about 132 pounds--down from 150 (highest weight was about 155ish). My goal weight is 125 but it's taking a long time to get there! I find that my goal weight is a lot higher than a lot of other 5'2ers, but like many of you here, I carry my weight well (at 135 my drunken friend claimed there was 'no way you're over 120', and at a dance this weekend a guy offered to give me a piggy back ride because 'you only weigh like, what, 105, 108?' of course that guy was at least a hundred pounds heavier and a foot taller than me, so i guess it's all relative!) and I'm muscular.

Also, according to the wrist test I'm small framed, but I don't think so. I have my mom's hips--wider-set, and she's never been below a size 9 in her life. I just think with my build, lower than 120-125 simply isn't realistic, nor is it desirable.

135 to 130 has been really hard so far! I hit 135-137 around Christmas, and now I'm 131-134...not that much fo a difference in three months!

I completely agree! Even when I was in college, a mere 3 years ago and only about 15 lbs lighter (always been a chub) I looked pretty fabulous.

I too have a little less than a year to "meet" my cc goal. But I started about a 2 months ago and already lost around 15-16 lbs. 

I really wanted to get down to 175 by next Thursday cause I am going to Vegas, but I set that goal when I first started and I think I'll only be 3-4 lbs short of it, if I can lose another 1.5 lbs by next week! We'll see...

I also love the fact that I can date pretty much ANY guy and he'll be taller than me!

I love tall men, so even 5'5 is tall for me!! Ha ha.


Oh and Fringe, I started at about 195, so we're in the same boat, you can do it!!

This is my kind of group. I am 4' 11.5" Tongue out and 152, down from 185 and 198 Preggo. I think short and stumpy sounds cuter.

I hope to reach my goal by the end of the year, which is just reaching a healthy weight and then I will go from there.

I have also looked back at older pictures and wished I looked the way I hated then. But looks like I'm on my way. Also I'm 1 week new, so hi and nice to meet you all.

I want to join in! I love being short. I am 5'1 and currently 194lbs (down from 212). I have always been chubby but after starting the pill i blew up.

I have a small frame even though by CC standards I have a medium frame. My hands and feet are tiny (they haven't grown since I was 11) I wear a size 4 1/2 shoe (36 euro) and I wear children's gloves (ages 9/10).

I hope to get down to about 115 in one year but anytime is good, be it 2 or 3 years. I am ready.

As many of you guys people are shocked when I tell them my weight, they all say I look way less (might be why i didn't see the difference at first, do now though) About 3 years ago (before the lovey pill) I weighed about 155, which is over weight but more managable.

Just yesterday I wore my first pair of shorts in years, wanted to show off my new boots :).

BTW, nice to meet other shorties out there.

Well, Here's my bit....

I'm 4'9".....currently 131 lbs which is down from the 140lb I've been carrying it for 18 months now. My highest weight was 165 post pregnancy. I keep telling myself "its just the baby weight it will be okay". My daughter is 3 now! So it's not "baby fat" its "FAT, baby!"

I'm 25 and I want to be comfortable this summer so I'm looking to get to 115 or at least 120.

Short and chubby....ALL MY LIFE and don't get me started on pants and undergarments! I've never seen petite sized stockings so, when I wear regular ones, they are usually tucked into my bra.

Pants, oh yes, I must hem even the petite sizes which sucks but at least its only about 1/2 an inch rather then 2-4 inches off the garment. I can sew a small hand bag with the cloth that use to be left over from a hem!

I thought everything on your body went "south" as you aged? Why is my weight going north?

Well, thats why I'm here..... to make IT go south too and maybe keep my breast in the process (love my C's so much). I'm doing well so far and my goal is another 8lbs before May 10th so hopefully I can make that happen. 2lbs a week is going to be rough but I'm going to put in the work.

Glad to have a place to rant about my chubby-ness

By the way short people hold onto fat like its our last life line....What's up with that!

Glad to see I'm not the only one! I'm 5ft1 and currently about 172lb, which to me is disgusting. I think I'm a classic hourglass shape, big boobs (36DD), curve right in at the waist and out at the hips. Horrible chunky legs. I do like my body type....I don't think I'd like to be a pear shape or an apple shape, I just want my hourglass shape to be alot smaller. My lowest weight was when I was 17/18 and I was at 96lb but I was bordering on anorexic. I thought I was hugely fat at the time but now I really know what fat feels like! The main problem with being short is you can't carry an ounce of fat on your body without looking like a blob. I like being short when I'm slim cos you can get away with murder just by looking all small and cute lol. Sometimes I feel a bit claustrophic in a busy bar though when everyone else is tall and I feel closed in my a sea of chests. I think given the choice I wouldn't mind being a couple of inches taller  but I don't think I'd want to be tall

I'm so glad there are others like me!

I'm 5'1" and I hate being small because I have really short legs, not only does this mean that I have to hunt high and low for shops that stock nice-fitting short length jeans but I also have huge calf muscles and really thick ankles, my thighs are also really big. I have an hourglass shape but quite a small chest (B cup), oh how I'd love to carry more of my weight there! I also have much bigger arms than most people because they're so short so I dislike wearing t-shirts, tank tops etc. In fact I don't much like wearing shorts/skirts either because I think my legs look so stumpy. Being short does make me feel cute in a way (especially because my boyfriend is a whole foot taller than me!) but I wouldn't mind growing one or two more inches.

I agree with the comment that short people hold onto fat like it's a last lifeline. Although when I am trying it comes off relatively easy.

What does everyone think of Lulu Lemons (if you're not Canadian do you know what they are?) the stretchy, comfortable black yoga pants. I love mine, but am guessing they probably make me look bad. I haven't seen a picture of myself in them.

I also hate when I look in the mirror, I think I look OK in what I'm wearing, but when I get out in the real world and see my reflection, realize I made a big mistake. Anyone else deal with that?

Yeah I have that sometimes, walking by a window and seeing myself looking different then in the mirror. I'm happy parka's are in at the moment (atleast were I am) and they cover most of your upper body. Mine is baggy and goes down to my knees (should be mid thigh). So I am covered in the winter when I am insolating ;).

Spring is coming though and I am working towards becoming more comfy in my body while out side.

I'm 22, 188lbs...and about 40 has come in the last 3 years.  I have a boyfriend and have terrible living habits with him.  He's too lazy to shop and eats everything in sight it seem sometimes.  But he's pretty supportative when I get on weight loss kicks (was on one last year, when from 199 to 175).  Unfortunately, when I'm not watching what I eat, I'm eating all the pizza and fried foods he orders.



I've been pretty heavy my whole life and have never agreed with the healthy "idle weight."  It usually puts me under 100lbs.  I don't think I'd look healthy at 87lbs.  But I would like to get down to 140lbs so I don't feel so terribly overweight around my tiny friends and it'll take me out of the obesely overweight on my BMI.

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