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Short and needing to loose over 150 pounds

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Hi, so I have seen all these shorty groups and they are great but they don't suit my type. I am hoping that other women out there who have the same height/ weight issue a I do would like to join me on this adventure in weight loss.

I am 5'3" on a good day, weighed in this morning at 301.5. I need to get the weight off. It's not an option. I have a hard time exercising on treadmills and elipticals due to water forming on my knee, probably because of my weight, so i am starting out using resistance bands to start. I am staying at 1600-1700 calories a day.

If you would like to join me on this adventure in weight loss I would love to support you an have the support.

My plan is to weight in on every Friday morning, no judging, no worrying about going over in calories. Everyday is a fresh start!

Good luck to all!
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I'm not in the same weight category or anything, but I'm here with stories and support. I'm really glad that you have realized that you need to change asap. I absolutely love your attitude, and with this towards a healthy regime, you can accomplish this!

It doesn't take much to make a positive change. Do you have access to a pool? It's a wonderful way to exercise without the strain on your body. I run a pool, and there are SO many success stories from here! One guy last week hit his 260 pound weight loss mark. About two years ago he was 420, now about 160, and started swimming (and by swimming I mean sloooow dog paddle and awkward swimming) 30 mins several days a week. He still cannot swim well, technique wise, but the weight is gone and his smile is permanent. Some of the classes I teach are directed at the extremely obese and facilitating weight loss, or transitioning into other routines.

I can get to the pool but my problem is my children, not that they are a problem, but our pool has no daycare and my husband works nights. Once they start having classes in the am, summer time, I am hoping to start there. Thanks again!
Something I forgot to add. My doctor thinks 123 pounds is where I should be... Haha. At my lightest weight I was 185 pounds. So my first goal is to be at the weight I was when I first got pregnant, 275 pounds.

Baby steps right?

Hello zainylady! Congratulations on taking your first steps!  I would love to join you.

I'm 5'3'' and 200 lbs. 

By the way, I don't know if this will help you, but at your height, you don't need to get all the way down to 123.  If you can make it to 140 lbs, you will be at a healthy weight.  I don't know if that helps, but I know it made me feel better.  :D

Congratulations on taking the first step! I'd like to join this group too.. I'm 5 ft, SW-200,CW-170, GW-150, short term goal for Mar 15th is 160 lbs. Small changes I've made 1.drinking 10 glasses of H2O- 2 glass of water at top of the hour for 5 hrs 2. Walking in the house in intervals of 10 mins at slow pace at the top of 2 hrs- at 10am,12pm,2pm,4pm and 6pm and 8pm-total 60 mins 3. Try to eat in moderation and sticking to a timetable- bfast at 8, snack at 10, lunch @12:30, snack @ 3, supper @ 6:30 and fruit at 8 - finish dinner by8 and no solids after 8- if hungry have a few nuts and/ or yogurt, milk etc Small changes come a long way- the above worked for me and are my tips. Feel free to make your own- just a jumpstart...good luck on this journey..
I would like to join this group too. I started this latest journey on Nov. 15th and have lost 41 lbs. That being said I have about 90 lbs. more to lose. My ultimate goal is 175 lbs. I am 5' 2". I know that goal sounds high, but I am 59 years old with a bunch of health problems. I would be thrilled to get to that goal. Anyway, I look forward to talking with others.
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I would love to join this. I am 5'3 and weigh 258. SW: 276 GW: 140
Today's been good so far...I'd like to have Monday's as weigh in day/ that'll keep me motivated not to binge and eat less/ sensibly over the weekend- I can't seem to reduce my coffee intake and that's making me a little depresses- I still consume 2-3 medium French vinella lattes while at work- r u guys addicted to a particular food? And how have u worked to get over them? Any tips pls

Take baby steps.  Sit in a chair and do stretches.  March in place while sitting.  Just get your body moving.  I am 5'10".  I started my lifestyle change Jan 9, 2012 and I weighed 304.4.  Today I weigh 268.4.  I have had alot of stress in my life lately which is having alot to do with the rapid weight loss, which isn't good because once I get over this hump, and am able to keep the food in me...I will put some back on until I am back on my regular routine.  I know what you mean about working out.  When I started it was all I could to walk across the fitness room at my work without aching and feet hurting.  I can now do the treadmill.  The last I did was 3 miles in an hour.  To some that isn't wonderful, but to me it was a hill climbed.  I started by walking for 5 minutes....that killed me.  The next day I would add minutes to it, some days even seconds.  My knees also swell, my ankles, they disappeared from the fluid.  I don't have that anymore.  I ice them when I am sedentary.  This works for me.

They say I should weigh 176 for my bone structure and height.  R U kidding me....I weighed more than that when I was born.  I weighed 232 when I was 16 and went for my permit.  I was thin and that is my goal now.

Make realistic goals.  Once you hit them, go to your next goal.  It makes you feel like you have accomplished something.  I do 25 lb. increments.

Let me know if I can help you.   I was a fast food junkie and have given it all up.  Shoot me an email if you need support. I will help you.

Hey zainylady My stats are similar, I'm 5'4" on a good day and am right under 330. Lost about 30lbs last year but workout partner bailed and my motivation bailed with her. Now I'm back at it . I have lupus and so very rigorous exercises are out, but I've been doing curves for about a week now. Would love to support and be supported by those who know how it is.
Oh, and 123... Balderdash. At least for now. Small steps chickadee , I'm shooting for dropping below 300 as a first goal , and then 250. Was 130 in high school and have no interest in being that low regardless of what statistics say.

I'd like to join this group, too. I'm 68 years old and 5' tall. I weigh 196 pounds as of yesterday when I weighed in at the doctor's office. According to this site I should weigh 102 pounds. I felt good at that weight when I was younger, but I'd be happy to be at 125 pounds now, so I think I'll make that my goal. I've been going to Curves for the last couple of weeks, 3 times a week. I walk on the beach a couple of times a week with a friend to add more activity. I'm hoping with the help of this website and the encouragement of all of you, I will be able to lose weight this time. I have tried in the past, but found that I have to count calories to be successful rather than just "eat this and don't eat that." I've given up soft drinks and increased my activity. I'm in good health and want to stay that way when I'm older. That's why I decided to lose the weight. Also, I hate to look in the mirror or have my picture taken with all this weight. And I don't like not being able to do things I would like to do because I'm afraid I won't be able to walk that far because I'm out of shape. The doctor says if I lose the weight I can probably get off of the blood pressure medicine and then I would be medicine free and that's unusual for someone my age. I hope I can be an encouragement to all of you to stick to our diets as I know you will be to me.

Hello all! I would love to havr everyone in this group! My goal weight, what I was at my lightest, is 185 pounds. I was a 12/14 and happy.

I don't believe in the doctors weight suggestion, they don't have my families jeens nor do yet take into account 8 generations of booty dumped into my behind.

That being said! Baby steps are my cup of tea. For all of those who have lost weight... CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh my gosh you should be so proud of yourself! That is such a success and an inspiration to me.

I have started, yesterday, using resistance bands. There is no weight involved but a a strengthen of what I do have. My first goal is to get to 295lbs.

All of your suggestions are excellent and there are some that I will have to try and see how it works out.

I am very excited about this group. Weighing in is which ever day you would like. I choose Fridays because I am better during the week than I am on the weekends and this way I can go into the weekend on a positive note.

My biggest thing is that everyday is a new day fresh for a beginning.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Good morning! My weigh on today put me at 300.5. I have lost 1 pound. That's good, that puts me at 5 pounds to my first goal. I hope everyone out there is staying positive about what they are doing.

Have a great day!

hey there...i am not exactly short, but i am not tall either, and i have a similar goal...to lose 140 lbs...and i plan to do it in a year...i am just getting started (the first step out the door is the hardest)...wanna race? :P

on a more serious note, i think it is wonderful that you have found alternative workouts that suit your needs instead of moping and giving up...all the best...i hope you achieve your dream figure sooner than you planned *hugs*

So im new at this.. for the second or third time around. I keep giving up because i dont lose and i get discouraged. I need some serious help.. I am only 5'3 or so and weighed in this morning at 265. 

I have gained about 115 pounds in 10 years.. This is the most depressing thing to ever admit. I am only 22, about to graduate college and I am so unhappy with myself. It is affecting my relationship, my happiness and my general quality of life. I am tired of giving up, I am tired of having no results no matter what I do. 

This time, I want to stay committed to weight loss, and I think joining a group where I can talk to people who are going through a similar process will help. 

Oh, and I want to mention that when I was at my lightest, the number was not very low, but i wore a size 4 or so.. But i really struggled with anorexia. I would go a week or so without eating, hiding uneaten food in napkins and things. But I never got professional help for it, and now I am an emotional eater. I just eat and eat and eat, and I cant stop... Resulting in my giant weight gain.

I would really like to be a part of this group, and hopefully find the inner strength to get my eating under control, get my weight down, become healthier and get my happiness back.  

Worked out at curves this morning , 30 minutes of the circuit and 10 stretching. Weigh in was at 328. I like the Friday weigh in. I do really well eating til mid month and we have a full 2 weeks in between pay checks. We all know that eating very healthy is a bit more expensive than throwing together something cheap and fast. Especially when you have family to feed. Lucky for them, my kids are very active and have high metabolisms. All that said, I think I'm doin pretty well. Have discovered a new favorite breakfast, eggo low fat nutri grain waffle with a TBSP peanut butter wrapped like a taco around a banana. Love love love it. At least until I get sick of it . Lol. Anyway , hope everyone is having a good day!!!!
Hello everyone, Hope y'all are having a good weekend so far! No curves today so I'm about to try my Zumba DVD "exhilarate" for the first time. Wish me luck. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger... Right?!!?!?
Correction , not Zumba exhilarate... Zumba activate, as in for beginners...lol, only did 20 mins out if the 45.um... Well let's just say that at over 300 lbs my body just doesn't move like theirs or move as fast as theirs . So I was forced to keep my own pace. While I tried to keep up, my body would start to move one way but it took a while for my butt to catch up!!! Bit of a whiplash effect!!! But on a positive note , I moved constantly for 20 mins. And the music is ├╝ber fun. So.... Lookin forward to seeing how others are faring this weekend. Gonna go have some peppermint tea... No sugar, no nuthin , ugh... Still waiting for the taste to be aquired. Ciao !
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You can do this. Well correction we can do this. On nov 29th I weighed in at 316 as of this morning I weigh 273 that's 43lbs lost. I find it easier if I break my weight lose goal up into smaller goals like my first goal is to hit 250. We can do this together. If you need support contact me on Facebook my name is Jess Chauvin and my pic is of a beautiful little girl in a white and real dress. Just send me a friend request saying cc buddy
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