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Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+)

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Hey everyone,

I'm 5'0" and I currently weigh 175. I know there is another short girls thread, but most of them seem to already weigh 120.

So anyway, I need some big time motivation. Weekly weigh ins, advice, encouragement, etc....and I'm betting that some of you out there could do the same.

So how about it?

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Hello lovelies!  I'm 5' 2" and about 167 at my heaviest.  I think I'm at like 162 right now.  Goal weight is 108 :/  Been on this website for about 2 weeks now, and I really think counting all my calories, keeping a food and activity log, is helping.  I haven't really got into the whole online support community yet, so I suppose this is me dipping my toe in.

Good luck to you all!

Hi sweetobsolete.  I'm 5'2" and weigh 164 today.  My weight was 173 in January.  My goal is 120 and then we will see how that feels.  Lynners posted that the usual weigh-in is Wednesdays but that the weigh-in had fallen off lately.  So sweetobsolete, let's hope that we can get the ball rolling again and I will weigh in this week on Wednesday.  Thank you Lynners for starting this forum.  Best wishes to you and all the 5'4"'s and under.

Hi! I am 42 years old, 5'1" and weigh 176 pounds.  Calorie Count's goal wants me to weigh 116 pounds, but my realistic goal is 140.  I started CC January 9, 2012.

I have date goals for each 10 pounds I want to lose: 

February 27th:  -12 pounds to date

April 27th: -10 pounds for a family visit

June 19th: -10 pound for a summer party where I have seen people since last year. 

(I will add more goals as time moves on)

Having these goals help me to keep on track realistically and give myself a reward of a new outfit for each event, but only if I can fit into a smaller size.

I stay very dedicated and honest by entering everything I eat on the food log even down to the butter I use on vegies.  Since I cook almost all my meals, I love the recipe analyzer CC has.  I can input all my recipes and it calculates the calories and grade. 

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I found some good recipes at www.losefatcenter.com

I'm short too. 5'1". I started at 166 a few years ago and I'm almost to 150. It's hard because we don't get very many calories to play with...so unfair.

Count me in....I'm 5'4" and weigh 170 lbs today.  I've been fighting to keep the scales from going over that.  I am 45 yrs old.  My husband 2 weeks ago got mad at me and said....You are fat and unattractive.  OUCH!! Surprised That hurt my feelings.  I started the Brazil Butt Lift work out today and the first thing they tell you to do is take pictures of yourself in a bikini...the more skin you show the better.  Holy Cow, seriously the bikini I wore 2 years ago look like I had put it on a cow.  I can't believe how bad I looked from how I looked 2 yrs ago.   My husband was right I have become fat & unattractive.  So in doing my profile for "TeamBeachBody" it ask for my calorie intake....I had no idea.  So I googled calorie counter & found this site.  I put in my calories for today....OMG!!!  I totally blew the 60 min work out I did today.  Basically I've been eating twice the amount of calories that I have needed to be eating.  Even when I do my Zumba workout....I have been just over-eating and gaining weight because of it.  No wonder these workouts don't work, I out eat the workouts that I do. EmbarassedNow if I can just stick with the Calorie Count & stop before I over eat my calorie intake.  Help me friends.....I need support, encouragement & down right somebody to chain me away from the kitchen.  Somebody remind me to leave food on the plate & push away from the table.  

I am 5'4" I weigh184 and I have just started. I work a shift schedule and have 2kids not school age. also have had multiple knee surgeries so I have come up with many excuses to be where I am with my weight but I too am looking for support to help change.
I'm down to help ya stay motivated! I'm 5'3 151lbs. I started mid January @ 160 my goal weight is 124lbs. What kind of things r u doing to help w/the weight loss?

Hi all!

I'm a repeat CCer. I am "just about" 5'2", shy of it by about 1/8" at least a few years ago. I am hoping I am holding onto my height for now (osteoporosis runs in my family). I'm 41, a mother of two and working full time in a desk job.

I started with CC back in 2008, I think at what I thought would be my highest weight of 212. I got down to about 192 when I became overwhelmed. The constant logging was getting to me and I slacked off. The weight crept back up in two years and kept going.

I am back again starting at about 230, although I think I am considering it official as of Feb 1 and 226.9. Ouch!

I have heard that women with eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia see themselves different than they are. I know I do not have an ED, and having had friends with it, I am not belittling their issues, please believe me, but I almost can't believe this is my body. I feel like I should be a LOT thinner - I think of my self in smaller terms. I'd LOVE to be 170 and muscular again. 130 would be like my high school weight! Right now, I just feel kind of frumpy.

So, my goal is slow and steady with add ins of exercise where I can. (Oh the drop out time was also when I was training for a sprint tri - just getting tired all the time with not quite enough food and rest - impossible to gain lots of muscle AND lose weight.) 

So that's me - hoping to keep connected this time!

Height:  5'2"

Start Weight February 1, 2012:  169.6

Goal Weight by February 29, 2012:   166.4

  • February 1:     169.6
  • February 08:   168.2
  • February 15:   168.4
  • February 22:   169.4
  • February 29:   167.4Smile

Total Weight Loss:  2.2 lbs. for the month.  I did not make my goal but I am happy to lose this month.  6.4 lbs since January 11 with new scale.  Good luck everyone, can't wait to see how you did this month.

Thank you lynners for starting this Forum.

SW(2008): 212 SW(2/1/2012): 226.9

GW: 130-140 Mini GWs: 210/199/185/170....?

CW: 225.1(2/29/2012) WLtd: 1.8 WtL: 85.1

I do choose to weigh daily as I mentioned before, liking to see the numbers go up And down, with an eventual downward trend, but even still, I am happy to say that yesterday I saw my "low" number of the week at 223.9. It's those dips that keep me going!
Well, I guess I'm home, lol. I am 5' 4" and weigh 205. I gained about forty FAT filled pounds with my fourth baby, she's seven months now, and was 180 before I got preggers. When I got preggers, I was doing awesome working out five days a week, running five to six miles a morning. Then a bun in the oven and I felt like it was my new right to eat EVERYTHING that I wanted. So, here I am again, doing it slowly but surely and I'm not "dieting" this is my life and I want to really live life awesomely with my kids.
I'm 30 yrs old and 5' tall and weighed 170 lbs. yesterday. I didn't weigh today, because I got pretty carried away with my hunger cravings yesterday and today. I keep decently-healthy snacks around, but when my appetite feels so strong, I eat way too many servings and defeat the purpose of buying the more expensive and semi-healthy foods. It is so frustrating that my discipline is really crappy some times. I joined a gym in November and my high weight then was 196. I've been feeling better, fitting into smaller clothes and all, but I have a much more important motivation now. My husband and I would like to conceive (our first) hopefully in the next few months. I have battled the bulge since high school. I wish it was easier. I want to live a full life and being overweight holds me back and affects my family too. God help us all! Good luck, ladies! I just joined CC and I think that this awareness of my daily intake and activity (plus the accountability) will really help!

Congratulations NellaReside on your 26 pound loss since November.  Good work!  Good luck to all who posted their weigh-ins yesterday.  See you next Wednesday and I am routing for you 5'4" and under.

Hello Everyone

I just joined this site literally 5 minutes ago...It's nice to see a lot of short people like me trying to lose weight. That's why I joined >.>

I'm 18 years old. 5 ft 1 and weigh 165 pounds, I want to lose 40 pounds :) The reason being I want to join the military in maybe the next year or two. Possiby make some friends on here that will motivate me and I can motivate them. I have a goal set for myself and hopefully I will not fail...by the 30th I want to weigh 160 pounds, we'll see what happens!

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I'm in! I'm ready to lose this extra 30lbs on my small frame!

Hi all! MY name is Debra! At the moment I'm trying to lose 40-50 lbs. I'm around 180, and I would like to get back to around 130, which I think looks good on my 5'2" frame.

I just turned 21 last week, and I'm so frustrated with this weight gain! I started gaining weight when I was 18. I stopped dancing, which I had been doing since I was 3 :(

I'm trying to go to the gym more often and watch my food intake, because I have a tendency to binge. I used to binge a lot when I was in my dorm at school. Right now I'm at home, but  still have school 3 days a week, and I work 2-3 every week, not on the same days I have school.

I'm sorry for this rant, just trying to get some frustrations out of my system ;)

Im 5'3" and are 168-170lbs. I was at one point working out 2hrs a day, and looked awesome, then I hit a desk job and wasnt able to continue my extreme workout. over the years I have yo-yo'd. My largest previous to this weight was 160 and that was when I 9 months prego! Otherwise my largest was 140. im older now and it seems I must eat like a rabbit in order to lose anything. Its really frustrating and a massive let down each time I indulge slightly into something. I indulge small portions so as to not binge then purge. I have not purged in almost a year now, which is a bonus. I do not want to go back. I eat healthy but I cant expect my family to eat like I do. I do limit the amounts and kinds of food in my house but kids are kids and hubby`s are hubby`s.

I think this will help me in staying with it this time. After I plateau I quit and the circle begins.

I hope to hear from you all... ttyl

Hey guys, I am 5'1 and weigh 194 pounds. My starting weight was 238 pounds. This is the first time in my life that I have ever stuck to a diet long term. I'm looking for support because I want this to work out so badly for myself and for all of you. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope we can really keep each other on track.

Hello I am 5"4. Weighted 150 last year but now I weight 194lbs. School and stress at home weren't helping me loose any weight and each time I am upset I just sink myself in chocolate or junk... Have I mentioned I am junkaholic ??? Yup... Count me in. My goal is to hit 130! I know I can do it but the problem is keeping it offffff!!! Here it go....
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