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Short girls here - around 5 feet!

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Well I seem to have no one to talk to since I'm one of the few out there. I'm around 5'1". Currently I weigh about 126 - 127 (except for right now because I'm ready to start). Anyway, how does everyone handle food intake, calories consumed and the weight charts we are supposed to go by? I feel like we constantly get the short end of the stick. Now this website gives me a decent amount of calories to maintain my weight but I'm obviously trying to lose 11 pounds (when I'm at the weight of 126) so I will be at 115. I know they say not to drop below 1200 pounds but do you think that applies to us short people? How hard is it for you to drop the pounds?

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hey, i am short too, just under 5 feet (aka 4'11" but in denial!). i have been "dieting" for the over past two months and i have lost about 7 pounds.. about 8 more to go til i get to my goal weight of 100.  i am not sure what to do about the whole "minimum calorie" idea because i am so short.  i can tell you one thing, the past three weeks i thought it'd be okay if i ate 800 cals and worked out like a monster.. i hardly lost any weight.  i dont know how this new regime will work out but i have researched a lot and they say 1200 is the minimum needed to survive. i guess i will see

Well I have been sticking to about 1200 calories a day. I noticed that the patches of time where I forget to eat and I consume less than 1000 calories a day I seem to not lose as much weight. I guess its because the body thinks it is starving?? I don't know.

I've been working out & eating healthier since the end of May and lost about 7 lbs so far. I'm 5'2" and currently 123 lbs with a goal weight of 110-115.

The 1200 cals per day for female adults definitely still applies to us short peeps. It's the minimal that we need to help us function. If we go below this, our body would go into starvation mode and hold on to every calorie ending up with not loosing weight. I used to ask the same question when I started to diet too because I always associated calories with gaining weight. It's actually good to change up your calorie intake once in a while so your body doesn't get used to one set number. For example, I switch around between 1200 - 1400 so I can continue loosing weight and avoid hitting a plateau. You want to have a deficit of about 500 (up to 1,000) calories a day. (Deficit meaning [the amount you burn in a day] - [how many calories you eat that day] = [your deficit]. You can see the amount you burn on a typical day with 'Total Estimate' number on top of your burn meter. Add this with the calories you burn during any exercise that day.) In a week, I usually aim for about 3500 cal deficit because it equals to a 1 pound loss for that week. (You might want to read around on the site about deficits because I still can't explain it very well lol)

My top tip that I could give you that has helped me is to drink lots of water (8 glasses per day as most people say). It's good for you and also help keep you full in between meals. Also be patient. Try not to expect a bunch of weight loss every week or you'll get discouraged. Between .5-2 lbs lost a week is a healthy pace to lose it.

I know how you feel....I'm 4'9" and weigh 145. I have a history of ED but have been doing MUCH better lately.  My goal weight is 110 but I'll settle for 125 for my wedding (next summer).

How do I handle my calories?  I make sure I'm eating healthy and I feel content.  I use a scale of 1-10.  1 meaning I havn't eaten in days and 10 meaning I feel like someone needs to roll me out of the buffet because I over ate ...again...

I'll start to eat when I'm between 2-4 and I eat slowly.  My meals usually consist of a carb, a veg, a fruit, and a meat.  I'm very picky about this because otherwise I'm worried about relapsing.  I always eat funny too...my fiencee' makes fun of me for it all the time.  I take a few bits of the fruit, few bites of the veg, few bites of the carb, and a few bites of the meat.  If I'm still hungry after my first go around I go again.  This way i'm eating pretty balanced (maybe not perfectly healthy, but balanced)  Because I eat slowly my body has time to regester when I'm full.  Using my scale I stop eating when i'm at a 7-8.  THis way I don't OVER eat.

Counting calories I find somedays I only consume 900-1200 and other days I eat around 1500.  As long as I'm full I'm happy.  I'm working on losing weight so I do a pretty heavy workout every other day (usually my bigger appitite days)

THis is how I do it.  My dr. hasn't complained about it..yet and I'm losing about 1-3 pounds a week.

Hope this helps

I am also 5`1", and was also wondering the same thing , because it seems like its always said to eat at least 1200 calories and it seems acceptable for taller people to eat at least 1200...so i think it might be reasonable to think that some shorter people could need a little less than that much if they have a slow metabolism and dont exercise very much. However i think that it would be hard to stay healthy  and maintain less than 1200 for a long time


Hey there! I am on the underside of 5'2" (but with my shoes on, I just may reach it!)

I agree with you that the weight charts cannot always be perfectly accurate for everyone because they don't take muscle into account. I would advocate resistance training as a way to build muscle; this way, you burn more calories even when you're not moving around as much (as long as you maintain the muscle). 1200 calories is the absolute minimum amount of calories your body needs to maintain the essential functions - any less, and some of the peripheral functions will get shut down because there's no energy for them, which is extemely harmful long term.

I don't "count" calories necessarily, but I do have a good estimate for what I eat and it helps me to know the nutrition content of my food.

I'm another 5'2''er and I'm, so far, the only "big" girl out of the bunch that's responded to this so far. I currently weigh 209lbs, and while I could get away with eating 1200 to lose weight (if I remained sedentary all day every day), I just feel that's far too few calories. The only time I ate less than that amount was two years ago, during my first attempt at weight loss. The weight came off (30lbs--from 245 to 215), and very quickly (in 3 months), but it was rather unhealthy and I went back to my old eating habits not too long after I lost the initial thirty pounds.

Needless to say, I gained 20lbs of it back, and I started to lose weight again back in March, and have lost 26lbs so far. I have another 10 to go to get to my first goal weight (199). I'm currently at the lowest weight I remember being at in years. I keep my calories around 1500-1800, but I think I'm going to start a rotating calorie schedule (1500 one week, 1800 the next, 1600 after that, 1700 next, back to 1500). I'm never right on the money (I overeat by a tiny amount of calories), but 1500 is livable off of, and I don't think I ever want to go lower than that, even if I could lose faster at 1200. That's what added exercise is for--to create that deficit I'm unwilling to create through lowering my food intake. =)

Hi. I'm just under 5'2" (every time I go to the Dr they say its 5' 1 1/2"!). Right now I weigh about 175. I don't feel like I look obese (overweight, yes), but according to my BMI I am. The lightest I've ever been since I've been an adult was probably 125-130. I felt like I was in my best shape when I was about 130-135 (about 3 years ago), so that's my goal now, even tho the charts will probably say its too heavy for my height, but I really can't imagine being any lighter. I haven't seen less than 120 since probably before I was 15. Last week I started counting calories and I'm trying to stay around 1200-1400. Hopefully I can keep that up, and coupled with my new gym routine, lose some weight!

Wow, I'm starting to feel like I'm not alone here! The 1200 now sounds accurate. Thanks for explained it the way you did holsfisher! Laughing Makes a lot more sense now!

You know, I'm between 5' - 5'1" depending on who measures me. I think I looked the absolute best at 115. I don't understand those weight charts. I think each person needs to be their own judge on where they feel the best. No matter how skinny I get I'm always towards the upper part of the "normal" BMI.

Do any of you have a desk job? What do you bring to work to help you with a proper diet? Like what kinds of foods? I'm trying not to have too many processed foods. I am allergic to soy which is in EVERYTHING that's processed. I just have stomach "issues" from it so my weight can fluxuate about 5 pounds in 1 day due to the food that I eat and sometimes I just can't avoid it.

So what fun things does everyone do to exercise? Right now all I do is workout on the Wii Fit with my son which is really fun. Who has a gym membership? What do you usually do there to keep it interesting?

I bought TurboJam DVD's theire actually fun for me.  They combine some kick boxing, dancing and areboics.  They usually last between 20 and 45 minutes depending on the intensity you chose.  I really enjoy them alot, and I've been doing them for about 1 1/2 weeks now (use to do them about 4 months ago and quit..big mistake!)  I already see results!  I focus on my abs because that's my "problem area"  Incredible that theres already results!

Can't help you with foods though..sorry
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I'm 5'1 as well and around 101 lbs.  I have a desk job, although I usually am constantly running around all crazy.  Today I brought with me:  cantaloupe for a morning snack, turkey on a flatbread "wrap" with lettuce, tomatos, onions, cucumbers, laughing cow cheese and some cottage cheese for lunch, and watermelon for an afternoon snack.  I also have some kashi bars, balance bars, sunflower seeds, and green tea on-the-go packets in my drawer.  For exercise, I really like running outside, but I do have a gym membership as well.  I am one of those crazy people that you can see there at 5am :)  I lift weights for about 45 minutes 3x a week, and either go running, play tennis, do kickboxing (some kind of cardio) about 4-5x a week.

Nice to meet another shorty :)

I would LOVE to go to the gym at 5am but my husband works nights and I work days so someone is always home with our son. He doesn't get home until 7 to 7:30am and I leave for work at 8am aso I have to go after work which is really hard. I would much rather do it first thing in the morning so I can use the energy throughout the day.

Well you guys are giving me motivation to get back into the gym so I will start tonight. I love going to the gym. I just use that time to build muscle since I have a treadmill at home. I also bought the Hip Hop Abs which is a lot of fun. Laura, that's for the info on Turbo Jam because I really have wanted to buy it. Oh and thank you Misty for the suggestion on what foods to bring to lunch. I need to start taking the time to put a well balanced lunch together. Yours sounds great!

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  I am 5'1 and although the charts say 126 is my max weight, I am going for 136 which is what I consider a healthy weight.  I have been overweight since college and around 155 for several years.  Right now I am up to 168 and my short term goal weight is 150.  After that I'll work down to 136.

I eat about 10 calories per pound daily and average between 1550 - 1700 calories a day.  I normally burn about 2100 calories a day and used to consume 2600 (according to my personal food journal).  I did go through a phase of eating around 1600 an then burning about 500 for a net of 1100 and I gained weight because my body thought it was starving, so  I think everyone should eat their BMR (what the body needs to survive at the current weight) and if the BMR is below 1200 calories, then eat 1200.  And that is NET calories.

That makes sense. I notice if I eat 1200 - 1500 calories per day I seem to lose weight quicker. What I've started to drink is Oolong Tea which is a natural way to speed up your motabolism. See this article http://www.oolongtea.org/e/health/04.html. It is very interesting! I found it at the store for $1.99 so  figured I would try it. I guess you're supposed to drink 3-4 cups a day.

Heya 4foot 9 here!

Don't really need to lose weight...(am at the high end of BMI but still within) 115lbs..

But everyone has been telling me how I seem to need too..(including the Doc who said I looked bloated) I dropped 4 lbs 2 weeks ago because of trekking in the mountains, now I'm trying to do it with my lifestyle:)

Main prob is I can't seem to reach 1500 cal a day with my lifestyle, unless I add "junky" foods or a nice dessert (Iced coffee, manggo and fresh cream etc)

Like today I reached 1200 because of 2 helping of the cream stuff :P

As for the chart stuff, yeah we don't have a big margin on the charts..but I find losing weight it actually not that hard with my metabolism..this is the first time I've ever counted calories (last diet 3 years ago, I just cut out junk and ate very healthy, letting myself have 1 treat a week, be it a cookie or ice cream)

This time with counting I can let myself have a treat at any time :D


Don't have any eatig disorders, more lkike Ijust get full very very fast, I enjoy eating, and due to a certain medical issue need to eat every 2-3 hours, which means I tend to have a piece of fruit, cookie, milk, sandwich through the day and so I'm just used to not eating much at a time, would you guys suggest upping my cal intake with high density stuff?

I am 5'1"

About 10 years ago, I was exercising about 2 hours a day and have no idea how many calories I ate, but was down to 115 pounds, with very little body fat and wore a size 0-2.

I am back to the gym.  I lift pretty heavy weights for 45 minutes, then do cardio for 30 minutes.  I eat 1550 calories per day.  I eat about 310 calories 5 times a day (7,10,1,4,7:00). 

I think if I ate any less, I would be too tired, because of the exercise I do.

I just started back to this routine a week ago starting at 170 pounds and size 14 pants.  I have lost 3 pounds overall.  I have been lifting heavy for a long time, but just recently added the cardio back.  I lost a lot at first and bounced back up and I think I am on track at this point.

I know that last time I lost all the weight I was probably eating about the same, but I know I ate more beans, rice and vegetables than I am now.  I gained 50 pounds with each of my two children and had not gotten the weight off.

I will let you know how I do.

Good luck losing the extra weight!

You all have made me realize that my body is way out of wack.

I am 4'11 and weigh 105-107 pounds.  The thing is, I gain weight to 107 the moment I intake more than 1200 calories in a day...

I have been a vegetarian for over a year and generally eat healthy (besides the days I decide I want Ice cream or candy or various processed food).  The thing is that I find that I only reach 1200 calories in a day if I overeat in one sitting or just generally eat very unhealthy that day (a lot of processed food).  Otherwise, when I am eating a lot of fruit/veggie/soy/whole grain foods it is very easy for me to eat 1000 calories or under, since all the fiber fills you up very easily. 

That is where the problem lies:  it is so easy for me to eat under 1000 calories in a day that I have been doing this for much too long.  I think now my body is used to eating a lot less than it should be so it retains anything I eat.  I have been trying to go back to my old weight of 98 pounds (which was my happy weight before holidays/vacationing) for about 5 months now, only to find myself constantly fluctuating in wieght (never losing more than 2 permanent pounds).  The only way I lose weight is if I eat less than 1000 calories.  If I eat more than 1000 calories I gain weight.  I am trying to get help for what I should do, but don't let this be you!!

Can relate to you there as I do have a lot of trouble reaching even 1500 cals and that WITH junk, is my metabolism running slower? Would it be better to get upto a higher cal amount? In order to stabilise when losing weight rather than yoyo?


And how do you do that if you already eat super healthy? I mean..does it mean eating nuts, dried fruit and more milk?:O

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