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Weight Loss
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Hey, thanks for reading!

I am at the third-highest weight I've ever consistantly been and it is time for a change. Here is one of my many problems-- shoes. I have not bought a new pair of shoes in at least two years and prefer to wear flip flops or nothing at all. Unfortunately, i have to wear something to the gym and to work, so I need some assistance.

A little background-- I used to really love buying clothing, but since putting on this weight (again) I have near panic attacks when i even get near a clothing section. I get anxious being in the small space around so many people, and the dressing room rejection (something not fitting that would have fit BEFORE) murders my spirit. My girlfriend took me shoe shopping a few weeks ago and even offered to buy me a pair just so i would have something on my feet other than the $12 pair of 2 or 3- year old athletic shoes from Target that I wear literally every day. I tried on a few pair and completely froze and needed to leave the store. I really don't know what it is. I just can't bring myself to shop.

Anyway--- I need to buy a pair of athletic shoes that i can do a variety of activities in. My exercise routine includes walking, elliptical, weightlifting, Zumba, and Body Attack. I don't mind if they are men's or women's shoes. I would prefer to keep the price under $100 (but will make exceptions if they are really great shoes that will last a while).


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Honestly to do Zumba and keep your knees and ankles in check you need to get a dance sneaker. I put it off for a year and a half and did the best I could. However when I got my dance sneakers I was really amazed! I'd worn them before when I danced but forgot just how much better they are than athletic shoes. My knees don't jolt when I turn or slide and everything is distributed correctly. I'm 294 and can hang with the best of them and have even been able to up my intensity. I highly recommend the Bloch Wave shoe for Zumba. As for eveything else I do, I prefer New Balance. I do my cardio and lifting in those plus I wear them when I'm out and about. I had my ACL revonstructed a few years ago from a sports injury and have lymphadema in one leg from cancer surgery so I have to wear good shoes that last. So my two cents: Bloch Waves for Zumba and New Balance for everything else. The Waves are around $60 and you can get New Balance for between $40-60. Good shoes are worth the money and worth keeping your joints safe and allowing you to maximize your workout. Good luck!

I second the you need different shoes for different activities. It prevents foot fatigue and lessens the chance of injury. The right shoes also help with maintaing the proper form in all activities. Yes it's expensive but you will feel the benefit immediately.

If you hate shopping that much, you can buy shoes online and avoid the stores.  I am partial to Zappos or FootSmart myself.  However, not knowing your size can create problems there.  Zappos has a free return policy if you don't like the shoes or they don't fit.  Online prices are a bit high though.

If you like the barefoot feel try vibram five fingers...they are really comfy...I like the Bikila LS...order from REI and you can even exchange if you need another size...

This is my second pair I also have the KSO's but the Bikila has a bit better cushion for trail hiking...I also like the LS (for laces) better then the velcro...more of a custom fit...

Or for all around shoes I like the new balance light weight models...

I am not a big shopper either...finally for heavy impact or running I found Brooks to be good as well before I changed to VFF's


4 Replies