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Weight Loss
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Getting on shape for the summer

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Hi guys, I'm a 20 year old male, weigh 235 pounds and I'm 5'10. I was weighing 260 last summer and decided to start working out every day. I've always been a big guy and in high school I played football and did tae kwondo and worked out and was never really fat. I've talked to my doctor and he said ideally I should be weighing around 200-210 pounds since I'm pretty muscular. I'm starting to run 2 miles a day at a pace of 8 minutes to help my cardio. I was wondering if anyone has tips for eating or workouts such as cardio or circuit training? I want to run a 10k during the summer as well.

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For eating, I recommend a balanced diet, lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, dairy-if you are so inclined.  I find that its easier to change the type of food I eat than it is to eat the junk that I got fat on and try to eat less of it.  

Losing weight is mostly diet, exercise helps keeps you in shape, but its hard to out-exercise your mouth.

I don't know that much about running, but there are plenty of sites/books that would be a good place to start when it comes to training.  I would get in some strength training.  It should help minimize your risk of injury.  Good luck.


Thanks for the advice. I've been eating a more balanced diet now that I'm more serious about this weight loss. Working out is not my main issue, it's eating so I will keep what you said in mind. I just think its funny that this website has me at a goal weight of 153 pounds because my doctor said he couldn't physically picture me below 185.

CC doesn't know your lean body mass, so it just takes the median healthy BMI for your height.  My initial goal was 136, which was a problem because my lean LBM mass is 136.

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