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what does 1 serving mean

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I look at calories of cereal or other things and it lists the calories but it adds 1 serving... What is one serving.....  A bowl?  A small bowl?  
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Up above the (1 serving) in small print is the serving size.  Usually it's 1 cup.

Meaning you need a measuring cup.

Are you looking on CC or the actual box?
i will try to make it simple

 if you are looking at a box of cereal ( i am looking at frosted mini wheats)

 under Nutrition Facts it says

serving size about 24 biscuits  (some may say 3/4 cup, or 1 cup)  serving sizes were very from product to product so always look. 

that is where you get your serving size. 

then it usually says somthing like servings per container. and then it list the calories fat and so on

hope that helps
a serving is the amount of the product you need to eat in order to get all the fat, cals, etc listed on the side of the box. You eat more, you get more of each nutrient. You eat less, you get less.

The percentage daily values are the percent of what nutrient you should be getting daily. This is based on someone who eats 2000 calories per day, so if you eat less or more disregard those numbers.
this is confusing...  So if I eat less then 2000 calories per day what could 1 serving be?  
No matter you calorie intake, their recommended serving size is still the same. They use the 2000 cal example for the nutritional value(percentages of protein, fat, vitamins, etc).
the serving amount is always listed on the box. It is usually listed in terms of a cup, a tablespoon, a teaspoon, or how many individual pieces.

A serving is how much you need to eat to get a specific amount of nutrients, fat, and cals from a product.

Here is an example (i am making this up)

a small bag of chips has 58 small potato chips in it.

on the side nutrition facts panel, it lists that a serving is  2 cups, or about 29 chips.

a serving has 200 calories

10 grams of fat

210 grams sodium

and etc.

so in order to get that exact amount of calories I need to eat 2 cup, or 29 small chips. If the bag says it contains 2 servings, I multiply what I ate by 2 to get the amount I actually ate.

Servings are set by the manufacturer. Sometimes they set the servings small on purpose to make them seem like they are not that bad for you. Like the fact that many 20 oz bottles have 3.5 servings at 160 cals each, and it sounds better than the actual 500 you are drinking.

We use servings to effectively count and track how many calories we get in one day.

does this help?

The Nutrition Label will tell you how much a serving is.  Look at the label below....

http://www.wtv-zone.com/firdarrig/images/labe l.gif
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