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Weight Loss
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Self Esteem and spelling lessons 8)

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 I just turned 40..ugh...and I am about 80lbs overweight.I'd like to tell you how much I weigh but I will not be going near my scale till the end of April. I have always been a good weight until I had my last daughter when I was 28.( I weighed 150lbs) I gained 60lbs and only lost 20 and I stayed that weight untill I quit my job last June. (which was 187lbs)I also quit smoking(which I did for 20+ years) in Jan.2011. Last time I weighed myself I was 221lbs. I feel like a bag of poop....I don't wanna leave my house and I absolutely don't want my husband touching me. For me I think it just about eating....cuz I don't or didn't. I only ate supper. Now for the last 2 week I have been eating breakfast lunch and supper and I have been walking for 1 hour down a little counrty road every second day for 2 weeks as well. I feel better but I guess I wanna do more.I have a stepper/eliptcal in my basement and I do go on it but I can only go for 10 min as my knees hurt like crazy.But I still try....people keep telling me that once I find an excercise that I like I will be well on my way....I like walking....Is walking an adiquate excercise and is 1 hour every second day good or should I go everyday? Please ignore all of my spelling errors as I just found spell check.8)

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Any exercise that you can do is great.  I would walk as often as you can, especially if you can find an incline.  I would also reach out to your husband and let him know what you're going through. Losing weight is hard and suffering with your self esteem is really hard, and I'm sure it would help to have your husband support you, but he can't unless you reach out to him.

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I am there with you. I am 35 and 194.4, down from 221. I can only walk as I have steel rods and plates in my legs. I walk 50 minutes a day. When I started in January I could only do 2 miles an hour every 3rd day and now I am up to 3.1 mph 6 days a week. Some days though, I can only do 2 as my arthritis is really bad.

I think you are on the right track and have a great attitude.

You should tell your hubby how you feel as he may think he has done something and if he knew what is up, he could help. I unfortunately do not have a supportive SO but that is a whole other story.

Let me know if I can help in any way because I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!


Walking is good exercise, better to walk out in the fresh air than exercise in a dingy basement. Exercise is a great anti-depressant too, as I think you've noticed, try to go every day if you can.

Well done for quitting smoking! It's one of the hardest things to do, people who have never smoked often don't understand what an achievement it can be to quit.

Talk to your husband, give him the chance to give you the support you need.

Walking is an excellent exercise! It was the main thing I did to lose 40 lbs. I started at 199 lbs. in jan. 2010 and could only go a little over 1/2 mile to start and built up to about 4 miles 1 1/2 years later. Start slowly but keep challenging yourself along the way.

The elliptical/stepper will get easier (and knees will hurt less) as you get stronger. In recent months I've added running to my walking and have become more consistent with strength training and am really surprising myself with what I can do and the rapid changes in my body! Who knew MY legs would ever have any muscle definition?!?!?! Yay!

Keep up the good work!! You can do this :)

I have a few things to add.... first of all a big thank you goes out to the comments... sometimes a person just needs a bit of a nudge and a "good job" to keep going.

I forgot to add that I am 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Also maybe I should not have put in how I feel when my husband touches me..... I just wanted to get across how I feel inside. I have gone to him with my short commings and he doesn't seem to give a rats bum. And that is fine. It is another whole bag of worms and will be more focused on when the time is right....I just wanna focus on me as I have never been a priority as I have 2 beautiful daughters and now with only one left at home I figured it was time for me. I am a giver and not a very good taker. But now..... I am saying screw it.!!!! I am 40 and I wanna be me and being over weight is not me...I don't feel like me.I am an angry bitter chick who wants to be herself again.

Ok enough ranting....THANK YOU for your input...I am going to walk everyday starting TODAY and I know things will work out.

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