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No scoop in my protien? Seving size 33g?!

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So I bought some Whey protein. Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein. I opened it up, and search around for a scoop, which I didn't find (and I had my hand half way in the powder searching around for one.) I decided to use a scoop that was included with my son's baby formula. I weighed the scoop with the protein in it and it seems the scoop holds about 7 grams of protein. The thing is, the serving size for one scoop is supposed to be 33g, and the serving size for 2 scoops is 66g! WTF? So it looks like I need to use 4 scoops of protein just to equal one serving! On top of that, the protein doesn't taste very good, looks like I'll have to switch when I run out of this cheap stuff because this is just ridiculous.

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33g is probably 1/4 cup, if that helps.

No scoop?  I'd actually empty the container into a bowl... I bet there's a scoop in there somewhere.  I think my whey protein (Whey to Go) has a 33g serving size too, which is pretty standard.  Are you mixing it with milk or water?  If you mix it with water it's just plain nasty.  I take one scoop choc. whey, 1 cup milk, and 1 banana, blend it in a blender and it's delicious.

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33g is probably 1/4 cup, if that helps.

Yeah, that sounds about right. And about the pouring into a bowl thing, that may work, but it be orrible trying to pout that crap back into the contaier!

I have the same one as you, the chocolate flavor.  I thought I had been missing my scoop too, but after digging around for quite awhile, I eventually found the bugger.  It's probably waaay at the bottom, lol.  IMO, it doesn't taste too bad... I mix it with a cup of fat free skim milk.  I've tried it with water and it's not so good that way.


I use this site for cooking conversions and it has been pretty accurate in my experience - it has grams to cups (or tablespoons, teaspoons, whatever, and vice versa) but be sure to read how the conversion works since it's going from a weight to a volume... Good luck!

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