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Weight Loss
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Ok, so we have a digital scale , and then one of those cheap dial ones, when i step on the dial one my weight is always the same... but on the digital one, I will step on it and it will say one thing (btw it does not match the other scale it reads like 5 pds heavier) and if i step off and then step off again it will say something else, any were from +,- 1 to 2 pds.. i have to step on it like 6 times to get it to say the same weight twice in a row.... Why does my scale do this??

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Digital scales are more sensitive to how you place your weight on them. Basically, the scales measure how much gravity affects you, not necessarily how much you weigh. If you stand on the scale in a slightly different spot, it will give you a slightly different reading. If you place the scale in a different place and weigh yourself, it may weigh you differently because the floor is harder/softer.

If you're going to weigh yourself multiple times with the same scale, record the numbers and find the average of them--this will help eliminate any inaccuracy caused by a fluctuating scale. =)

My answer is because they're made in China.  Nothing like slave labor to produce a quality product. Sad but true tales in this era of the "global economy". 

When you buy a scale, you should look to see if there's some kind of a NIST certiication on it.  They will cost a bit more but be more accurate. 

Okay thanks, I think i am just going to step on it once now and take what i get... As long as the numbers go down steadly, i don't really care...

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i've gone through 4 scales in the past two years because of this...finally i found a digital thinner scale that i keep in the SAME exact spot in my bathroom and step in the SAME exact spot on it, and it gives me the same reading as the doctors scale.

I pretty mich use my scale as an estimate, I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and there was an 8 pound difference, I did have my clothes on and I had eaten earlier, so this was an issue, but I have a regular scale and home and a digital scale, and they both never say the same thing, it's confusing, I have no idea what I TRULY weigh. =P

angey, it sounds like you have a dud.  my digital scale is very consistent (i can't say that it's very accurate because i don't know, but when i went in for a minor surgical procedure in november, the hospital scale read exactly what i expected it to).  it self calibrates periodically (when it's been moved or when there's a temperature change, or when i haven't used it for awhile), but other than that, i can get off and on repeatedly and it reads exactly the same to the tenth of a pound. 

i don't much like what it's telling me lately, but it's telling me the truth.  it's a mic-health body fat scale.
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