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NO SCALES ALLOWED! - The Official Monday Measurements Group

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are you tired of being a slave to your scale? of weighing in more than necessary, and having to deal with those dreaded "day-to-day fluctuations"? if you're like most people trying to lose weight, you probably feel that the number on the scale is the ONLY way to track your progress. the truth however, is that scales only tell us our weight.. which includes fat and muscle. so if you're eating right, exercising and making sure you don't cheat too much you may still be gaining weight! why? because muscle weighs way more than fat.. but you don't want to lose it, do you? you don't want to be skinny fat! so what do you? how do you make sure you're still losing when the scale says you're "gaining"!!?? you get yourself a measuring tape Wink 




please post your measurements in the format below.

weight is optional, so you can forget about it if you'd like!













total inches lost so far:


neck - measure around neck at collar level

bicep - measure around the largest part of the arm above the elbow

forearm - measure around the largest part of the arm below the elbow

chest - measure around the chest right at the nipple line, but don't pull the tape too tight

waist - measure your waist at the narrowest point (typically half an inch above the belly button), or at the midway point between the top of your hip bone and the bottom of your rib cage

hips - measure around the largest part of your hips, where the butt is protruding the greatest

thigh - measure around the largest part of your thigh

calf - measure around the largest part of your calf


* for best results, measurements should be taken in the nude, first thing in the morning, after using the bathroom and before eating or drinking anything.

* pull the tape snug, but not so tight that it squeezes your body.

* stand with your feet together when taking measurements, and never flex or tense your body.

* don't suck in your stomach to take waist measurements, or you’ll just get a false measurement.

* and above all, relax! let it all hang loose, because the more honest you are with your first set of measurement, the higher magnitude of change you'll see when you start to lose weight. and there's nothing more motivating than progress!


recommended article: "why the scales lie" by renee cloe

http://primusweb.com/fitnesspartner/library/w eight/scale.htm



measuring-day will be every MONDAY.

* please tag this thread so you can easily update each week.


remember, inches lost are WAY more important than pounds lost.. so forget about losing weight and worry about LOSING FAT! good luck :)

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measuring-day changed to mondays.. starting december 1st.

i hope people join this thread! c'mon guys Embarassed

since when do you have to lose weight, didnt you just regain your health?

Original Post by agruskin:

since when do you have to lose weight, didnt you just regain your health?

this isn't about losing weight, it's about losing fat/inches. i'm toning up and got rid of the scale for a reason.. trying to maintain.

I'm in! This sounds like a great idea! Thank you for making a group =]

ok... so maybe change forums then?

good luck!

Ooooh, I'm in! But I'll get my up to date measurements tomorrow =D

you can count me in too!

Hey, what happened to you guys?  I normally measure on Friday and post in the need to lose 51-100 pounds group, but decided to switch to you guys and do it Monday - this week I measured on Sunday night to get an early start and make the switch.  Can't find you.  Here's my count.

sex:  Female

age:  Not telling

height:  5'7"

weight:  No idea.  Not weighing in.

neck:  15.25 inches - -.25 inches this week.

bicep:  12.75 inches - -.25 inches this week.

forearm:  10.5 inches  (I've never measured this part before)

chest:  47.25 inches --1.5 inches this week.  Great.  (oh please let it all be back fat)

waist:  38 inches - -.75 inches this week.

Stomach: - (I keep track of this) 49.5 inches - -.75 inches this week

hips:  50.25 inches - -1 inch this week

thigh:  30 inches - -1 inch this week

Thigh - just above the knee - (I VERY MUCH keep track of this) - a skosh under 20 inches - not enough change to count this week

calf:  17 inches - no change this week

total inches lost so far: I'm starting counting with last Friday's count, and not counting arms twice or legs twice, to try to keep to your system.  I AM counting stomach and knee (thigh just above the knee), though - those areas are places I need to reduce.

Total Lost then (for these purposes) - 5.5 inches.

I love this thread. I actually JUST bought a measuring tape, and was gonna google the proper ways to measure. Good deal.

Here goes:

weight is optional, so you can forget about it if you'd like!

sex: F

age: 23

height: 5'5.5"

weight: 159

neck: 12.75"

bicep: 11.5"

forearm: 9.75"

chest: 35.5"

waist: 32.0"

hips: 39.75"

thigh: 23.9"

calf: 14.1"

TOTAL: 179.25

total inches lost so far: Not sure, this is the first time I've measured. BUT I have lost 10 lbs since I started my diet


great thread i love this idea because i am not looking to lose any more weight just tone up and hopefully lose a few inches

sex: f

age: 24

height: 5'7

weight: 127

neck: 12

bicep: 10

forearm: 8

chest: 34.5

waist: 27

hips: 33.75

thigh: 18

calf: 13.5

TOTAL: 156.75

total inches lost so far: 35.5

 Hoping to lose a few more inches as i am slightly apple shaped and another inch of the waist is what i am looking for - its such a shame there is no such thing as spot reduction though.

Good thread because i've been avoiding the scale haha. I measured this morning, but did not measure some spots, will follow up next week. Hoping to lose some of my thunder thighs and at least an inch off my waist (at my lowest ever i had a 25.5 inch waist!) :(

sex: f

age: 24

height: 5'4

weight: no clue. last weigh in at the dr. office was a month ago and i was 136 lbs.

neck: did not measure

bicep: did not measure

forearm: did not measure

chest: 35.5

waist: 28.5

hips: 36.5

thigh: 22

calf: did not measure

TOTAL: n/a

total inches lost so far: n/a

hey guys, it's great to see you all! i totally forgot to log my measurements last monday.. sorry! but today is the first day :)

sex: female

age: 18

height: 5'4"

weight: 110-115? don't know, don't care :D

neck: 12"

bicep: 9"

forearm: 8"

chest: 34"

waist: 25"

hips: 34"

thigh: 18"

calf: 12"

total inches lost so far: n/a

Im in! Gonna measure when I get home and post!

sex: F

age: 39

height: 5'5

weight: 193

neck: 14

bicep: 12

forearm: 9

chest: 44

waist: 35

hips: 45

thigh:  27.5

calf: 16.5


I'm in but will enter my measurements tomorrow. I'm about to start with a personal trainer this week so I'm excited to see the results!

OK, here goes:

sex: F

age: 24

height: 5'4"

weight: ??

neck: 13

bicep: 10.25

forearm: 9

chest: 33

waist: 26.25

hips: 35.25

thigh: 21.25

calf: 13.5

total inches lost so far: n/a

happy monday everyone!

sex: female

age: 18

height: 5'4"

weight: 110-115? don't know, don't care :D

neck: 12"

bicep: 9"

forearm: 8"

chest: 34"

waist: 25"

hips: 34"

thigh: 18"

calf: 12"

total inches lost so far: n/a

waist 35    

thigh 27.5      down  .5

calve 16.5

bust 45       & nbsp;  down  .5

hips 44.5       down   2.5

neck 14

bicep 12

forearm  9


neck: 12.8 down .2

bicep: 10 down .25

forearm:  8.8 down .2

chest: 32.75 - down .25

waist: 26.25 no change

hips: 35 down .25

thigh: 21.25 no change

calf: 13.5 no change

total inches lost so far: 1.15

Is anyone still posting here...?


neck: 12.8 no change

bicep: 9.6 down .4

forearm:  8.5 down .3

chest: 32.5  down .25

waist: 25.65 down .6

hips: 34.5 down .5

thigh: 21 down .25

calf: 13.25 down .25

inches lost this week - 2.65

total inches lost so far: 3.8

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